Savage Hippie Episode 35 -Milo Yiannopoulos Vs. Yvette Felarca: Cage Match


Pretty clever name, huh? Bound to get us tons of google hits, right? Some guy from the BBC emailed me a few weeks ago with a message that went something like, “cor blimey, chip chip cheerio, thanks for leaving the crown, ya bloody cunt, but I stumbled upon your bloody blog, and I would like to ask you some questions about the AltRight”, and rather than saying, “okay, shoot me some questions”, I said, “you should check out our podcast first.” He responded with, “fine, ya bloody cunt, I din’t wanna talk to a Paki-bashing racist cunt like you anyway.” And so, I blew my chances at stardom.

HOWEVER, in order to rectify the situation, I deliberately named the episode with the sheer intent of getting google hits, so that Nigel or whatever that Limey’s name is who emailed me, would email me back and see JUST HOW important the Savage Hippies really ARE. I mean, we have fuckin’ Milo Yiannopoulos, Yvette Felarca and Jim Goad as guests ON OUR FUCKIN’ SHOW!!! And, though we don’t get the REAL Milo Yiannopoulos, Yvette Felarca and Jim Goad on the show, we get their LIKENESSES instead. This is far more important in many cases. Like, for instance, if you’re a fan of 70s martial arts films, but were sad that Bruce Lee passed away, you were probably satisfied that you had Bruce Li, Bruce Lai and Lee Bruce to take the place of the deceased actor. Similarly OUR show features special guests Filo Yiannopoulos, Yvette Velarca and Chim Goad.

Then we send all three of them packing at about 27 minutes, and Ann decides to record the rest of the show in an underground catacomb. At this point, we discuss everything from my circumcised dick to Sharon Osbourne’s finding it amusing when a man had his severed dick go down a garbage disposal to something else that probably has to do with someone’s dick to how some fat Nazi kid can’t find a gurl to sleep with him, so he has to play with his dick and stalk and dox Ann. David isn’t on this episode, and I’m SURE it’s because he was sticking his dick in something.

Hey, so can we attend CPAC next year, or do the all the guys in suits have dicks up their asses and thus don’t want people who constantly talk about their dicks at their respectable conservative conference? I PROMISE that I’ve NEVER had a dick – black, white OR Asian – up my ass like that Milo fellow, though I have stuck mine in the buttholes of two lovely ladies, to whom I was monogamously pledged to in my mid-20s.


For this week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh segment we feature Solar Flare recording artists Pigs and their song “Amateur Hour in Dick City”, which not only fits the “dick” theme of this week’s episode, but is from from their second and latest album Wronger, and features guitarist/singer Dave Curran, who also plays bass in the noise-metal band, Unsane, one of my favorite bands of all time. Pigs play a mix of Zeppelin-style heavy rock with a hardcore edge, delivering brutal bloozy and heavy riffs, a killer groove and harsh vocals. Oh, and Curran is a big-time fan of Thomas Sowell, so that gives him about fifty-bajillion points ’round these parts. Check out “Amateur Hour in Dick City” here.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by Yesticles, and I did the art, which is why it sucks.

Savage Hippie Episode 34 – The Swastika Killed the Comedy Star


I was thinking of calling the latest episode of the Savage Hippie podcast “Brokedick Mountain” based upon one of this episode’s conversation pieces, in which I tell Ann about the horrific possibility of a man snapping his boner during sexual intercourse – it’s not THAT common, but it’s certainly possible if a girl is riding you cowboy style, your dick falls out and she lands on it wrong, so there’s more incentive to avoid having sloppy, drunk sex – but then I realized that I just made a JOKE out of something that we VERY BLATANTLY say ISN’T funny.

And bless Ann’s sweet, man loving/anti-misandrist soul, she AGREED that it’s not funny – unlike, say Sharon Osbourne, who laughed uproariously on The Talk at a man getting castrated and have his penis go down the garbage disposal. But doesn’t that make me a hypocrite? I JUST said that broken dicks aren’t funny, and then I go and make a joke about a broken dick utilizing the title from that stupid movie about the fag cowboys, that was directed by some Chink or something? Hint: my use of coarse, insensitive racial language is a teaser for us talking about how the left gets a pass to use this same kind of language because they don’t “mean it”, while people like us allegedly really do. See, you have to know what a comedian, musician or author stands for BEFORE you can enjoy his/her/its work because God forbid you enjoy something by someone who stands for something that you don’t.

Where the fuck was going with this? Oh yeah… while the first half of this episode is about sex, depravity, the godawful Yvette Felarca and broken dicks, the second half revolves around how the left is destroying their flimsy house of cards that they call the entertainment industry by refusing to focus on, ya know, actually entertaining people. Whether it’s Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Patton Oswald or the cast of SNL, these once funny – yes, Amy Schumer had a few zingers under that wide belt of hers – comedians are so paranoid about Trump’s presidency, and in the case of Silverman, actually see swastikas in their sandwiches, that they simply refuse to do anything that doesn’t push their agenda.

The bottom line is that comedy cuts across all lines. I mean, look at us; we’ve had everyone from leftist liberals to Jew-hating neo-Nazis tell us that they find us to be a hoot. Now, what’s more of an accomplishment: playing to your own echo chamber or getting fandom from people who normally would hate yer guts? After all, we all bleed red, right David?

This week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh features Big Business, the two piece, heavy rock combo consisting of bassist/singer Jared Warren and drummer Cody Willis with their song “Father’s Day” from their latest album, Command Your Weather. At one point, both members joined the Melvins for several albums and tours and then later added a guitarist to their lineup, but now they’re back as a power duo, and boy do they rock! Listen to the song here!

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.

Playlist 2/13/2017

Metallica – …And Justice for All
Metallica – Hardwired… to Self-Destruct
The Hidden Hand – Mother * Teacher * Destroyer
The Birthday Party – Live 81-82
Killdozer – Little Baby Buntin’
Killdozer – For Ladies Only
Overkill – Feel the Fire
Fu Manchu – Eatin’ Dust
Fu Manchu – In Search Of…
Place of Skulls – Nailed
The Obsessed – The Church Within
Nile – In the Beginning
Fu Manchu – Daredevil

Savage Hippie Episode 33 – Kathy Shaidle: Get Off the Stage, Hippie!

savage hippie 33 cover.png

This week the Savage Hippie podcast gets even more tokeny (or is it tokenish?) by having Takimag columnist and punk rocker-turned-right wing-political-commentator Kathy Shaidle appear on our show; she’s also a freelancer for other news media outlets and has her own blog, Five Feet of Fury, which she updates regularly. Shaidle is another defector from butthead, average or lower IQ thinking of the punk rock world that ruined scores of thousands of kids worldwide by convincing them that poverty is cool, getting a job sucks and that Western civilization needs to die for no other reason than white people started it, and they like totally suck, man!

Okay, okay, I see your AltRight eyes glazing over – FINE, I should have said (((white))) or huwhite – but, if you’ve been with the Savage Hippies long enough, then you know where we stand on the issues… and YES, Shaidle is a self admitted philo-semite, so don’t expect any JQs. Expect lots of Muslim bashing though.

In addition to all of that, Ann, David, Kathy and I attempt to sound coherent as we discuss the following topics:

– Justin Trudeau’s stupidity
– Trump’s potential (though, I think unlikely) effect on the first amendment
– how bad of an idea going to war with China would be
– some Canadian actors nobody’s ever heard of
– Kathy’s punk rock background
– and, of course, who is the REAL token punk rock right wing gurl; Ann or Kathy.
– a bunch of other shit I forgot
– spitting or swallowing (alcohol and tobacco spittle, you perv!)

Oh, and I do my best to help Kathy Shaidle end up on the Southern Poverty Law Center website, a goal she’s been trying to accomplish since the start of her career.

The band for this week’s installment of Sounds of Marshabaloosh is Premonition 13, the latest band from Scott Weinrich, known to more in the metal and underground rock world as Wino, an ace guitarist who’s been jamming since the late 70s in many a fine bands including the Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, the Hidden Hand, his own solo band Wino and the stoner/doom/sludge super group Shrinebuilder; though the Obsessed are currently working on a new one. In Premonition 13, he continues with his fine Sabbath, 70s heavy rock riffing and characteristic melodic shouting on the song “Hard to say”, which you can listen to here!

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and I did the godawful Dead Kennedys/Crass inspired art.

Playlist 2/9/2017

White Zombie – Psycho-Head Blowout
Rainbow – Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
Rainbow – Down to Earth
Premonition 13 – 13
Saint Vitus – Lillie: F-65
U2 – Boy
Accept – I’m a Rebel
The Exploited – Let’s Start a War… Said Maggie One Day
The Exploited – Horror Epics
Cactus – Cactus
Cactus – One Way… or Another
Superjoint Ritual – Use Once and Destroy
James Gang – Passin’ Thru

Playlist 2/8/2017

Living Colour – Vivid
Heavy Load – Full Speed at High Level
Uriah Heep – Abominog
The Exploited – Troops of Tomorrow
Superjoint Ritual – A Lethal Dose of American Hatred
Fugazi – End Hits
Alice in Chains – Dirt
Meshuggah – Destroy Erase Improve
Megadeth/MD .45 – The Craving (2004 reissue version)
Vanilla Fudge – Vanilla Fudge
James Gang – Thirds

Savage Hippie Episode 32 – Ground Control to Commander Hatonn


Aren’t leftists the worst? I mean, it’s gone past the point of politics with these people. I bet if you posted a phony event on Facebook saying that lightweight, mainstream conservatives like Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro or Gavin McInnes are visiting your local moose lodge, there would be an army of these people ready to burn it down. I could be mistaken, but the majority of the people at the Berkeley riots and now the one that happened in New York this past Thursday were not paid shills, but true believers. I have no evidence that Soros money didn’t go into these riots, but then if someone handed me a few grand to start shit, I REALLY don’t know how much true passion I’d have to just throw bricks at a Starbucks window – I mean, I’m no fan of Starbucks, but I prefer to express this the old fashioned way; by not patronizing them.

Can you imagine what this world would be like if everyone was given carte blanche to physically attack something on the basis that they simply don’t like it? Actually things probably still wouldn’t be so bad because I believe most people would just say, “eh, I don’t like it, but it has a right to exist.” Not the left though! I can imagine what would happen if the Savage Hippies did a spoken engagement at one of these universities; I’m guessing that like me, Ann and David would be flattered that just our presence is enough to cause such a violent reaction in people. But eventually this nonsense gets old because, ya know, in the case of Milo and Gavin, people DID fork over their time – if not their money – to actually be entertained and/or informed for an evening.

Anyway, the trio get together for another evening of shooting the shit. And, FOR ONCE, we don’t talk about Hitler….


We talk about him quite extensively and guess what! He’s not the animal lover you think he is! We also talk about Trump’s Holocaust remembrance statement that got so many Joooz in an uproar – well, mainly two –  Marry Tyler Moore’s recent death, monkeys jerking off, sex, that new judge that Trump picked – Gorbachev or something like that – Ann’s exciting new science fiction novel and some conspiracy oriented shit featuring the mighty Commander Hatonn.

If you’re curious about the video I sent to Ann and David, click here.

The band featured this week is the Cherubs with their song “Fist in the Air.” The Cherubs are actually a quarter of a century old; they were originally signed to Butthole Surfers drummer King Coffey’s label Trance Syndicate and made two albums – Icing and Heroin Man – before leaving for twenty years and then coming back recently and releasing their excellent third studio album 2 Ynfynyty. However the song “Fist in the Air” comes from the double 45 they released after their latest studio album. While typically they play heavy, grungy noise rock in the style of Helmet and Unsane, the a-side of their latest double 7″ single is actually quite poppy and might take you on a mid-90s, alternative rock time warp. Listen to it here!

Next week’s episode will have very special guest Kathy Shaidle, who among other things, wrote for both PJ Media and Taki’s, so now she and Ann can fight about how is the true token, conservative punk rock gurl.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles (who else?), and the artwork was done by Clayton V.