Prog Rock So White, So What?

me_josh_ian_procol_harumThe cultural apparatchiks can’t figure out if it’s worse for white people to “culturally appropriate” the styles, customs, and musics from various racial and ethnic groups or to avoid them. If you do the former, you’re diluting them with your lack of understanding and context, and thus you’re racist. If you do the latter, you’re showing in-group preference, and thus you’re racist.

So, when the very Anglo Saxon sounding James Parker writes for The Atlantic that “prog rock is the whitest music ever”, what is his point, other than he doesn’t like progressive rock very much? He begins by talking about a prog rock themed cruise that’s taking off from the port of Miami.

“We are the most uncool people in Miami.” So begins, promisingly enough, David Weigel’s The Show That Never Ends: The Rise and Fall of Prog Rock. Weigel, along with 3,000 fellow Yes-heads, Rush-oids, Tull freaks, and votaries of King Crimson—cultural underdogs all, twitching and grimacing with revenge-of-the-nerds excitement—is at the port of Miami, about to embark on a five-day progressive-rock-themed cruise: a floating orgy of some of the most despised music ever produced by long-haired white men.

Despised by who exactly? He goes on:

Do you like prog rock, the extravagantly conceptual and wildly technical post-psychedelic subgenre that ruled the world for about 30 seconds in the early 1970s before being torn to pieces by the starving street dogs of punk rock?

Absolutely. Blame Hawkwind, Can, and Van der Graaf Generator for that. I suppose you could also blame Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath if you think they scrape against the progressive rock genre; Sabbath DID hire Rick Wakeman to play keyboards on Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath, and the album has the weird sounding, Moog filled “Who Are You?” on it, while Alice Cooper blatantly said that he and his early band wrote the eight minute, multi-part epic “Halo of Flies” to impress the prog crowd. But you know who you should REALLY blame? Johnny Rotten. That’s right, the former Sex Pistol, who reverted back to John Lydon when he launched Public Image Ltd. in 1978, talked about how his favorite pre-1975 bands were all of the above mentioned. Hawkwind, the band Lemmy was in before he started Motörhead, was my gateway drug into all things nerdy and progressive. Their songs are long and jammy like progressive rock, but driving and aggressive like punk rock or metal; check out “Brainstorm” if you wanna hear thirteen straight minutes of spacey, Stooges-style, proto-punk aggression.

As anyone with a cursory knowledge of rock history knows, John Lydon was spotted in the Summer of 1975 walking down a London street wearing an “I Hate Pink Floyd” t-shirt, which lead to his landing the Pistols gig. But, if he HATED Pink Floyd (in actuality, he doesn’t), and Hawkwind COVERED Pink Floyd – “Cymbaline” – then that’s a bloody contradiction, innit? On top of THAT, Lydon openly and often talks about how he loves the very progressive Van der Graaf Generator. Listen to Peter Hamill’s singing, such as in the song “Killer”, and you know where post-Pistols John Lydon got his caterwauling vocal style from.

And so, I realized it wasn’t 1977 anymore, and my punk/prog tribalism was torpedoed FOREVER!!! There isn’t THAT big of a leap from Sabbath to the King Crimson track “21st Century Schizoid Man”, with its heavy metal riff and bonkers jam out section. And, although Crimson use a saxophone in “Schizoid Man”, Hawkwind, X-Ray Spex, and the Butthole Surfers incorporate saxophone into their sound as well. Pretty soon, I was aurally scarfing down the music of Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Gentle Giant, Gong, Nektar, Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come, Greenslade, Egg, Kayak, Fuzzy Duck, and Atomic Rooster, along with German progressive rock acts like Eloy and Birth Control – which shouldn’t be mistaken for kraut rock bands like Can, Kraftwerk, Neu!, Faust, Amon Duul 2, Cosmic Jokers and Tangerine Dream – Italian bands like Goblin, Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, New Trolls, Area, Maxophone, and Premiata Forneria Marconi, and of course the extremely weird French band Magma. I also really dig the fantasy art of Roger Dean, which decorates the album sleeves of Yes, Uriah Heep, Budgie, and Osibisa. That’s right, James Parker, I listen to Osibisa, an all black group of African expatriates! How’s THAT for virtue signalling?!

So, to answer your original question, yes, I like prog rock. But go on…

Do you like the proggers, with their terrible pampered proficiency, their priestly robes, and their air—once they get behind their instruments—of an inverted, almost abscessed Englishness? I don’t.

You don’t say…

At least, I think I don’t. I like Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which is a kind of wonderful satirical compression of prog rock, a fast-forward operetta with goofy existentialist trappings and a heavy-metal blowout in the middle; I like the bit of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells that became the theme music for The Exorcist.

Actually, Mr. Parker, the Jethro Tull album Thick as a Brick is a spoof of self-important progressive rock conceits; that’s the album with the newspaper sleeve, which features a phony story about a nine year old boy, who wrote a poem that the Jethro Tull members thought was so brilliant, they used it as the lyrics for their album. In case you couldn’t guess, that was a joke. But you ARE right; “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a very good song, if a bit overplayed, and I like Tubular Bells as well.

Hated, dated, sonically superannuated … One could enjoy prog ironically, I suppose—listen to it with a drooping and decadent ear, getting off on the fabulous obsolescence, etc.

“Hated, dated, sonically superannuated”? What, are you Bob Dylan now?

Prog as a wild chamber of experimentation, a sci-fi trespass across the limits of popular music, driving clear of fashion and orbiting the Earth forever. Awesome. The problem comes, for me, when I actually listen to the stuff. Is it not a form of aesthetic dissipation to praise something for its ambition and its bold idiosyncrasy when that something is, objectively speaking, crap?

Okay, so you don’t like it. Nobody’s forcing you to listen to it, but when exactly did musical taste become “objective”?

Gentle Giant, in 1972, took a poem from Knots, a book by the great heretic psychiatrist R. D. Laing, and turned it into an intricate, multivoice chant: It hurts him to think that she is / hurting her by him being hurt to think / that she thinks he is hurt by making her / feel guilty at hurting him by her thinking / she wants him to want her. The idea is great on paper. But listen to the song, to its scurrying, fidgety instrumentation, its fussy avoidance of anything like a melody. It is not enjoyable. At all. Magma, the French prog band, invented not only its own L. Ron Hubbard–style cosmic origin story but its own language (Kobaïan, which reads like a sequence of Gothic expletives: Nebëhr gudahttKöhntarkösz). Again, very creative. But run, oh run, from the music.

Blah, blah, blah… Gentle Giant is actually VERY enjoyable. In fact Sherman Hemsley LOVES ’em, and you’re not going to argue with George Jefferson, are you?! More on point; Magma IS a very weird band. But their weirdness is fun, jackass. I remember driving around with my friend in our little burg near Detroit, blasting Mëkanïk Dëstruktïẁ Kömmandöh just to annoy people.

Eventually James “so Anglo Saxon it hurts” Parker attempts at cycling the piece away from his personal bias and back to what is allegedly the point of the article.

“We’re a European group,” declared the lead singer of proto-proggers The Nice in 1969, “so we’re improvising on European structures … We’re not American Negros, so we can’t really improvise and feel the way they can.” Indeed. Thus did prog divorce itself from the blues, take flight into the neoclassical, and become the whitest music ever.

Well, ACTUALLY, that’s not entirely true, and even if it was, who cares? Soft Machine (why didn’t I mention them above?) incorporated jazz into their sound, and if Jethro Tull, King Crimson, and Uriah Heep were as metal as they were progressive, then there’s no way in hell they abandoned blues. On top of that, Deep Purple, who I guess also straddles the fence between early heavy metal and progressive rock, started playing goddamn soul music on albums like Burn and Stormbringer. In fact, this musical change annoyed original Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore so much, he quit the band because of it and started Rainbow. Oh, and you have heard “Money” by Pink Floyd, haven’t you?

Parker goes on to complain about Procol Harum incorporating elements of Bach into “A Whiter Shade of Pale” and then spends the rest of the paragraph bitching about Keith Emerson making cool sounds with his Hammond organ before replacing it with the Moog synthesizer, as if that violates some sort of anti-Hammond/anti-Moog code of honor. To be fair, Keith Emerson’s playing in ELP gets a little dense, leaving little space in the music for my taste, and it turns out Vincent Crane, former keyboardist for the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and band leader for the criminally underrated Atomic Rooster (how underrated, you ask? Check out the groovy ass “Break the Ice”, and see for yourself!), agreed. So, Parker, there IS a system of checks and balances in prog. On top of that, I don’t like how Emerson, Lake and Palmer couldn’t think of a better name for their band than just their last names separated by a comma and an “and”, but hey! At least H.R. Giger did the artwork for Brain Salad Surgery. And no, “brain salad surgery” isn’t an ethereal and philosophical concept; it’s slang for a blowjob.

Fiending for technology, vivid with turbulence, he went from the Hammond organ to the freshly developed Moog synthesizer. (The proper pronunciation of Moog, I recently discovered, is “Mogue,” like “vogue.” Perhaps prog should be pronounced “progue.”)


Money rained down upon the proggers.


Bands went on tour with orchestras in tow; Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s Greg Lake stood onstage on his own private patch of Persian rug. But prog’s doom was built in. It had to die. As a breed, the proggers were hook-averse, earworm-allergic; they disdained the tune, which is the infinitely precious sound of the universe rhyming with one’s own brain. What’s more, they showed no reverence before the sacred mystery of repetition, before its power as what the music critic Ben Ratliff called “the expansion of an idea.” Instead, like mad professors, they threw everything in there: the ideas, the complexity, the guitars with two necks, the groove-bedeviling tempo shifts. To all this, the relative crudity of punk rock was simply a biological corrective—a healing, if you like.

Bitch, bitch, bitch… I’m guessing Parker hasn’t heard “Roundabout” by Yes. It’s got plenty of that “sacred repetition”, which makes a song hooky, enjoyable, and memorable. On top of that, I wonder if Parker has heard prog/punk hybrid groups like Nomeansno or the Jesus Lizard, who combined “the groove-bedeviling tempo shifts” with “the relative crudity of punk rock.” Though, he’s got a point; neither of those bands ever used dual neck guitars.

Also, economics intervened. In 1979, as Weigel explains, record sales declined 20 percent in Britain and 11 percent in the United States, and there was a corresponding crash in the inclination of labels to indulge their progged-out artistes. No more disappearing into the countryside for two years to make an album. Now you had to compete in the singles market.

So, music has to sell a lot of records for you to like it? But, punk rock records NEVER sold as much as progressive rock albums… unless we’re talking about Nirvana, the Offspring, and Green Day, and I know we’re not, so what’s your point?

Some startling adaptations did occur. King Crimson’s Robert Fripp achieved a furious pop relevance by, as he described it, “spraying burning guitar all over David Bowie’s album”—the album in question being 1980’s Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps).

Okay first all, Fripp had already played some fuzzed out licks on the Brian Eno album Here Come the Warm Jets, which, like a Bowie album, is full of succinct and catchy pop rock tunes, only better (yeah, Eno is better than Bowie, blow me.). But, if Parker wants to talk about “adaptations”, then he fails to mention the 1981 King Crimson album Discipline, in which Fripp and his group absorbed the neurotic, jittery, and deliberately stilted new wave influence of David Byrne, along with the Talking Heads’ synthetic businessman attire. Check out their Fridays performance of “Elephant Talk” if you don’t believe me! It’s AWESOME. Now, I’m no Fripp apologist; King Crimson have done their share of unlistenable, pretentious crap (Lizard, Islands), but when they nail it, hoo boy, do they nail it (In the Court of the Crimson King, Red, Larks’ Tongues in AspicDiscipline, The ConstruKtion of Light, The Power to Believe).

Yes hit big in 1983 with the genderless cocaine-frost of “Owner of a Lonely Heart.” And Genesis, having lost ultra-arty front man Peter Gabriel, turned out to have been incubating behind the drum kit an enormous pop star: the keening everyman Phil Collins.

Okay, yeah, “Owner of a Lonely Heart” IS a pretty catchy song, but is Parker actually praising the artless, easily listening muzak of Phil Collins OVER the weird and experimental Peter Gabriel?! Dude, if you want to LARP the 80s, coke-snorting yuppie lifestyle, there is FAR better music to do it to; for instance, Avalon by Roxy Music.

These, though, were the exceptions. The labels wanted punk, or punky pop, or new wave—anything but prog.

Except that, with the exception of a few noteworthy new wave or crossover acts like Devo, Blondie, Patti Smith, Talking Heads, the Stranglers, or the Police, punk rock never sold any records, and labels stopped wanting it after three years of watching it fail commercially. Sire only kept the Ramones on as a tax write-off.

“None of those genres,” grumbled Greg Lake, retrospectively, “had any musical or cultural or intellectual foundation … They were invented by music magazines and record companies talking together.” Fake news!

Parker can’t resist taking a swipe at Trump supporters with his “fake news” quip, as if Greg Lake said something that’s SO preposterous. EVERY genre or sub-genre is invented by the journalists and record labels, who group bands together into made-up tribes. For the journalists, it creates a sense of cultural or, I guess, sub-cultural cohesion, and for the labels, it helps sell records.

But the change was irreversible: The proggers were, at a stroke, outmoded. Which is how, to a remarkable degree, their music still sounds—noodling and time-bound, a failed mutation, an evolutionary red herring. (Bebop doesn’t sound like that. Speed metal doesn’t sound like that.)

Damn, dude… did you catch your girlfriend cheating on you while Close to the Edge was playing in the background? Speaking of Close to the Edge, have you heard the nutty first two minutes of “Close to the Edge”? If you don’t like THAT, then you know where you can stuff your “red herring.” By the way, if you’re using speed metal (or its close cousin thrash metal) as some sort of barometer with which to measure musical “evolution” by, then I’m guessing you’re not aware that most thrash kinda sounds the same. And this is coming from a fan of Motörhead, Venom, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Voivod, Exciter, Exodus, Overkill, Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Sepultura, Onslaught, Possessed, Celtic Frost, Suicidal Tendencies, Corrosion of Conformity, and S.O.D. (but NOT Anthrax, sorry).

I feel you out there, prog-lovers, burning at my glibness. And who knows? If the great texts of prog had inscribed themselves, like The Lord of the Rings, upon my frontal lobes when they were teenage and putty-soft, I might be writing a different column altogether. But they didn’t, and I’m not. The proggers got away with murder, artistically speaking. And then, like justice, came the Ramones.

You do realize that the music of the Ramones is AS white, if not whiter, than virtually any prog band? According to Johnny Ramone’s obituary in the New York Times:

Mr. Ramone once described his guitar style as “pure, white rock ‘n’ roll, with no blues influence.”

Ten Things I Will Always Find Funny About Old Movies

dvdsA couple days ago, I once again enjoyed Howard Hawks’ 1959 western Rio Bravo, in which John Wayne plays sheriff John T. Chance, who is trying to keep a gang of thugs from running roughshod all over his dinky little town, while only having help from an alcoholic named Dude played by Dean Martin and a cripple named Stumpy played by Walter Brennan. There’s so much to like about the movie; the budding romance between an awkward and possibly virginal John T. Chance and the super hot gambling huckster babe Feathers (Angela Dickinson); Dean Martin’s struggle with the bottle; the comic relief from Stumpy; the gun slinging action; baby faced Ricky Nelson proving his chops to the older guys… what a GREAT movie, right?

Well, yeah, except if you’re not used to watching these kinds of movies. For one thing, at two hours and twenty minutes, Rio Bravo doesn’t exactly BREEZE by. On top of that, for being a western, it’s actually pretty low on action. It’s a CHARACTER driven movie, rather than one based upon a lot of fast paced gun play. Thirdly, I can picture young people finding Ricky Nelson incredibly annoying with his “yes sir”/”no sir”/”gee wiz sir” persona. Okay he doesn’t say “gee wiz”, but he does look like an overly wholesome little boy, not a rough and tumble gunslinger. And fourth, you have to suspend your disbelief since nobody bleeds when they get shot, and John Wayne gets knocked out rather easily when he trips over some wire. I’ll talk about those below, but my point is that, unless someone regularly watches old films and is used to suspending his or her disbelief, which is what audiences had to do before better special effects were created, a movie like Rio Bravo might seem dated and downright silly.

So, the other day, I read an article from LA Weekly called “Stop Laughing At Old Movies, You $@%&ing Hipsters” in which the author complained that hipsters laugh at old movies because of the hammy acting, outdated special effects and cheap set designs. While, in principle, I agree this is a stupid thing to do, especially if you shelled out the money for the movie in the first place, I also feel that the author was using the wrong movie with which to make her point.

She had attended a screening of Mario Bavo’s 1961 fantasy epic Hercules in the Haunted World, for which the theater provided a 23-piece orchestra and nine singers to accompany the soundtrack. What the fuck for? Hercules in the Haunted World is one of hundreds of Italian peplum films that came out in the late 50s though the early 60s; sword and sandal adventure epics where shaved and greased down, half naked body builders of questionable acting ability fight atop foam rocks and coliseum backdrops either in historical reenactments or purely fantastical plots against giant puppets or stop motion monsters while attempting to save unbelievably gorgeous women, who are most likely supermodels, not professional actresses. Do you see where I’m going with this? Hercules in the Haunted World is not exactly high art. So the fact that people laughed at the melodrama, cheesy special effects or the fake looking sets is NOT necessarily because of their philistinism, but possibly because the movie was legitimately funny at times.

That doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable, but COME ON. Some things just DO NOT age well. And considering the other examples of films the author gave- 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Godfather, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining, The Exorcist – it make me wonder if she’s not talking out of her ass or just happened to be in the theater on a particularly bad day. So I decided to give the “hipsters” the benefit of the doubt and compile a list of items from old movies which will always evoke at least a smirk out of me, if not outright laughter. Lighten up guys, they’re just movies.

1.) When people get knocked out cold by a single, ineffectual hit

Either people were much weaker in the past, or people used to hit a lot harder, but it’s funny to note how easily people can just get knocked out in old movies. I’ve taken the kinds of hits and spills that have knocked out some of the characters in these old movies and not gotten knocked out; am I then to believe that I’m tougher than John Wayne? Case in point; Rio Bravo. The nogoodniks in the film stretch a string across the base of a stairway, John Wayne goes running down it, crashes to the ground and is out like a light. Now, that’s just ridiculous; I’ve actually drunkenly tumbled down concrete stairs and stood up unaffected. Scott Rosendall, my wheelchair confined buddy, went speeding down a flight of stairs, sat up and crawled into his awaiting wheelchair. Is wheelchair using Scott Rosendall then tougher than John Wayne? Another example that immediately comes to mind is when the monster in The Thing from Another World (1951) pushed the scientist over, and he was out cold. Seriously, the monster just pushed him, and he was out. If people got knocked out just from being pushed, then every single mosh pit would quickly turn into a mountain of unconscious bodies laying one atop another.

2.) When people get shot, but don’t bleed

Howard Hawks’ 1932 gangster classic Scarface, which stars Paul Muni as a prohibition era liquor peddling thug named Tony Comanti, was once considered one of the most violent movies of all time. But how violent is a movie where nobody expels any actual blood? We see lots of smoking guns and people clutching their chests and/or bellies either out of pain or to hide the fact that there is no actual bullet hole, but NOBODY BLEEDS!!! Now, in old fashion Westerns, this is somewhat excusable considering that cowboys were using pea shooters that often couldn’t even break skin, but for cryin’ out loud, these gangsters are using TOMMY GUNS to fill rival gangsters and the occasional innocent bystander full of holes. What’s even more problematic is that this wasn’t fully alleviated until WELL into the 60s. Although Hammer studios introduce blood and gore via Dracula (known as Horror of Dracula in North America) to the big screen and a surprising amount of it considering it came out in 1958, and Hitchcock’s Psycho had “blood” in the form of chocolate syrup going down a shower drain during the infamous Janet Leigh stabbing scene, and John Ford’s 1962 western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance showed a tiny bit of blood dripping from John Wayne’s arm, Sergio Leone’s 1964 western A Fistful of Dollars had a scene where some banditos disguised as Union soldiers gun down a bunch of Mexican soldiers, and NONE of the Mexican soldiers bleeds a single drop. Thank God for the invention of the squib!

3.) When monsters can do nothing but push or throw people

In real life, if you pick up a little girl and throw her into your local pond, and she drowns, you’re one sadistic son of a bitch! However, if you do the same thing in a movie, such as the 1931 classic Frankenstein, you’re pretty much stretching the boundaries for the amount of violence you’re allowed to inflict on other people on a movie screen. Wait, no, there is the part where Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant Fritz is found hanging on a noose, but in general, the movie monsters couldn’t really DO anything, and you had to REALLY use your imagination. Probably the most annoying culprit is the creature in Creature from the Black Lagoon. It screeches, it stomps around, it kidnaps the girl, it pushes people and well, it pushes more people. Hey, did you see that super crazy, violent horror movie where the monster pushes people? Okay, old horror movies did have some surprisingly grizzly scenes – the human head hunting trophies in The Most Dangerous Game, the scene where Bela Lugosi skins Boris Karloff alive in The Black Cat, the scene at the end of Island of Lost Souls where the mutants revolt and mutilate Charles Laughton with surgical tools, the scene in Freaks where we see Olga after she’s been turned into a duck woman – but none of the actual violence happens ON screen; one noteworthy exception is in the 1933 British horror film The Ghoul, where a corpse played by Boris Karloff carves an ankh into his chest with a knife, and I suppose you can count the scene in King Kong when the gorilla steps on a baby’s head, but these are the exception. Do we get to SEE the werewolf in Werewolf of London or The Wolf Man mutilate people? Did we actually SEE Count Dracula suck anyone’s blood? Of course not (at least not until Terence Fisher’s 1958 adaptation of Dracula); we have to pretend these monsters are hurting people! One point of interest is that, in 1938, when Frankenstein had a theatrical re-release (on a triple bill with Dracula and Son of Kong), censors in various cities snipped the part where the monster throws the girl into the water, cutting right as the monster leans in on her and grins, unintentionally implying something far more sinister than what actually took place in the excised footage.

4.) When people replace swear words with words that you hear in kids cartoons

Imagine you’re watching a detective or gangster picture, and a character gets really angry, and he says, “you better watch it, buster!” BUSTER? Did people actually say BUSTER back then? Not even “you bastard”, but “BUSTER”?! Somehow seeing Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe or Mike Hammer or Little Ceasar Rico or Tom Powers or whoever else say “buster” just doesn’t make them seem as bad ass as they once seemed. And everyone knows that, when people think of “bad ass”, they think of an adorable, diminutive  Jewish man named Edward G. Robinson.

5.) Any black actor prior to Sidney Poitier, Woody Strode or that one guy in Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing

In the 1950s, liberal directors of the era all of a suddenly began casting blacks in relatively respectable roles. When I say blacks, I mean Sidney Poitier, Woody Strode and that one guy that was in Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing; and by “respectable”, I mean you’re supposed to feel bad for that guy – okay, fine, his name is James Edwards, and he was in such noteworthy films as Robert Wise’s The Set-Up (1949) and Samuel Fuller’s The Steel Helmet (1951) – when Timothy Carey tells him, “you’re wrong, nigger.” But before that, hooo boy… You don’t want to laugh because you’ll be looked at as an asshole, but hey, back then the roles given to black actors weren’t exactly the most empowering, talking like completely illiterate, recently freed slaves with their “suh, suh, I’s dint know, suh suh.” To be fair, Clarence Muse, the coach driver in the 1932 horror film White Zombieand I guess he was in a bunch of other stuff, like the b-picture Invisible Ghost (1941) and Fritz Lang’s Scarlet Street (1945) –  wasn’t too, how shall I say it… well, he shouts, “ZOMBIES!!!”, not “SUH! SUH! I SEES ZOMBIES, SUH!!!” However the same can’t be said for Mantan Moreland in King of the Zombies (1941) or Napoleon Simpson in  The Mummy’s Curse (1944). Oh, and check out the hilarious maid roles played by Butterfly McQueen in Gone with the Wind (1939), Mildred Pierce (1945) and many others. Quoth McQueen: “I didn’t mind playing a maid the first time, because I thought that was how you got into the business. But after I did the same thing over and over, I resented it. I didn’t mind being funny, but I didn’t like being stupid.”

6.) All white people pretending to be non-white people

I’m definitely going to hell for this one… from Walter Long as the freed slave Gus in Birth of a Nation to Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer to Boris Karloff’s portrayal of the “yellow menace” Fu Manchu in The Mask of Fu Manchu to Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to all of the Spaniards and Italians who played Indians in John Ford’s Cheyenne Autumn… in our modern times, it’s seen as ugly, tacky, grotesque and unpleasant the way many a white actor has portrayed blacks, Asians, Americans Indians and even Arabs – Stanley Donen’s 1965 film Arabesque f’rinstance –  but the clumsy and ham-fisted delivery of these characters causes me to giggle, and to suppress your laughter in the face of political correctness is to die a slow death.

7.) When people act overly scared by stuff that isn’t very scary

Once again, to be fair, one could say this about the majority of old horror films. However, sometimes  an actor or actress’s delivery is so melodramatic, and the fear he or she evinces is so over the top when compared to what he or she is experiencing in the movie, that it becomes comical. The funniest example off the top of my head is the woman shrieking as though she’s being raped as a puppet skeleton approaches her in William Castle’s 1959 schlock fest House on Haunted Hill.

8.) People in rubber monster costumes destroying miniature cities

Everyone who knows about Godzilla knows that each Godzilla movie got progressively sillier, as Godzilla himself went from being a symbol of atomic horror to a downright adorable, lovable dinosaur that, in spite destroying entire cities, had a buddy in the form of a ten year old boy in Godzilla’s Revenge (1969). But even in the original 1954 Gojira, the one where it’s a straight up horror movie without any of the cutesiness, he’s still just a guy in a suit throwing around toy cars and walking over miniature model cities between cuts of freaked out Tokyo citizens. And let’s face it; in a lot of these films, the buildings just look like milk cartons with squares painted on them. In the case of the 1962 Swedish monster film Reptilicus, a miniature monster destroys other miniatures and, since no rear screen projection is even used to put people on screen with the monster, the film ends up looking like a glorified puppet show.

9.) Scrolling backgrounds you see from car windows

Driving sequences in old movies just don’t look very realistic, ya know?

10.) REALLY vague allusions to sex 

The film noir pot boiler Kiss Me Deadly, adapted from the Mickey Spillane novel of the same name, directed by Robert Aldrich and starring Ralph Meeker as the sleazy private dick Mike Hammer, is a remarkably modern, unflinchingly violent and hard edged film for something that came out in 1955; the torture sequence alone is rather chilling. Yet even it suffered from the censorious confines of the era in which it was conceived. It’s remarkable how intimidating both Meeker and the underworld thugs he encounters can be in spite nary a single cuss word being uttered. But what I found rather odd was how, when Hammer spoke with his lovely secretary Velda (Maxine Cooper), he asked her, “did you date him?” This is code for, “did you seduce him and/or sleep with him in order to snag him in an extramarital affair?” Now, come on, he asks her “did you date him?” She could just as easily say, “Yep! We went to the movies last night, and it was great!” At least that’s how I would have interpreted such a question. Another example of this type of vague sexual allusion is in Fritz Lang’s 1952 drama Clash by Night, in which Jerry D’Amato(Paul Douglas) finds out that his wife Mae (Barbra Stanwyck) had been cheating on him with Robert Ryan’s character Earl Pfeiffer. The line they used to reveal this was, “we spent all afternoon together.” WE SPENT ALL AFTERNOON TOGETHER?! Doing what? Playing cards? Watching TV? Picking our bellybutton lint? We’re just supposed to KNOW that when a man and a woman spend the afternoon together – not the NIGHT, mind you – they were necessarily fucking?!

The Other Explanation For Hybristophilia/Stockholm Syndrome, etc.


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

GG Allin was a punkrock artist (scam artist, whichever you prefer) who was huge in the underground scenes from ~80s-90s. His antics & his violence were consistently excused by the usual pre-dominantly female whores because, in their eyes, his violence, rather, the symbolic violence of the vanguard party, were a ‘righteous’ violence in that his exhibitionism had some kind of purpose, albeit shock.
I’ve typed before of this stupid hippy culture, which is basically adoption of feminine traits.

I think this interesting theme that “masculinists” are exploring in the female whore psychology tends to oversimplify that behind the violence that female whores are attracted to, even among the so called anti-establishment anarchic punk-rock whores, is the fact that it may just signal power and dominance, but even much more so than that, I believe it is a major craving for novelty. I believe that the protection-provision factor is really the “beta”, if you will, interpretation, but the “alpha”, interpretation is just resonating megalomania, which we know females are. A cultural anthropologist, which I’m not promoting because she’s not that revolutionary or anything, Hellen Fisher, (Must I really search for citation in my collection. You should put faith to rational types instead of celebrity losers.) also expert on dating, has stated, from the typical humoring/indifferent point, that dating is not about honesty & rationalizing. It’s about novelty, excitement, &, of course, disgustingly, danger which can boost dopamine levels in the brain. You can give plenty of citations, & the feminists & related will still try to deflect & humor. Males know how abstractions work though. Citations are important to make reports stronger, however, you don’t need that “crutch” to validate every single thing. You can derive more truths from a given presentation; if one thing means this, then that also means such-&-such – making the connections. It’s called thinking. I read it a long time ago from an on-line article on dating with the tag Hellen Fisher. This explains exactly what the modern man has been pressured into. The importance of more abstract, philosophical thinking, & I will claim I’m more of a philosopher than an actual scientist, & philosophy comes before the science – you can’t have science without it “sparking” the science, I knew already before ’50 Shades Of Greed’ was a vastly popular series that that was the way females are. It’s actually a very unrealistic fantasy of the female mind & even a projection of how they actually are. The majority of males aren’t purely like that – bipolar, cunning mind-set, & histrionic. It’s females who are “macho,” often hidden. It’s only until after that series became extremely popular that scientists decided to do more research on study groups, but, again, from the philosophical, with maybe some shoddy, Platonic additives, abstract reasoning – connecting the axioms, I already knew that.

What originally triggered my anxiety disorder from teen to early 20s; I was struggling with this vague idea, then thought: “No, that can’t be true.” Afterwards I just gained depression & coped with it wrongly – bad chemical prescriptions, which is too impractical to type the whole process, which only made my anxiety disorder worse. The observers have mistaken the effect for causality, but the causality was actually such realizations & how I could steer/alienate myself from all the bad influences.

You have to understand it by the context of what violence means of it’s totality. Words have multiple definitions. Of course, not all of them are like that, so it doesn’t concern them, but the point is is that MOST of them are of some percentage from subtle, moderate, to extreme. Search for documentaries of G.G. Allin. That guy got females instantly. & I know directly by learning-from-experience because I was raised in stupid “Mtv.” loser culture. Many females are drawn to the phenomena of Stockholm syndrome, etc., simply for the cocaine-high. In fact, many women actually leave productive, logical males because they DON’T cause commotion.

There’s a reason why intelligent males are cautious of you dumb animals, & it’s because you keep perpetuating various versions of this ’50 Shades of Greed’ garbage. But how could you understand that if you’re not actually siding with intelligent ones? Just because you’re with a female who gives the surface-level notion that she’s cooperative with a more functional male, that does not mean that she isn’t waiting for Mr.-ex-convict to replace you.

So when I had my anxiety disorder due to many complications all influenced by the gynocentrism, in my teen years, I tried getting rid of it by fronting a music project. It was purely for psychiatric reasons, & once I had fixed my problem, I was going to do more important plans. The problem was I was actually trying to fix the problem the wrong way because putting myself in the disgusting “hippy”, whatever you want to call it, culture, which comprises of ~75% of people from age ~12-~40 of different versions, including “rap-ghetto-thug”, only contaminates because females basically own that. They call it “confidence”, but it’s really just obliviousness. The complete way of fixing the problem would’ve been if I had this knowledge when I was ~8 years old, then I could’ve saved myself a lot of trouble & what traitors claim to be learning-by-experience, which is really just an excuse to be like a woman – a nihilist going-with-the-flow. When you really think about it, who’s really the first one to promote & introduce to you these dumb, unproductive ideas of “Want to smoke pot”, etc.? A lot of times, it’s females, & they’ll also ostracize you if you don’t. I’ll even type majority.

It’s a combination of both a symbol of protection & provision, but also a major fundamental point is novelty. Sometimes the novelty is the only reason.
These acts themselves trigger some sort of recognition of power, dominance, hierarchy, yes, the very elements that these scene queens claim to stand against.
Think about it this way, when I was young and got a peek into the idiocy GG was doing on stage, would that have an equal significance among the punk-rock girls if the same obscene antics were being carried on by a seemingly less intimidating person with less muscle mass and bone density, or no status, less “exotic”symbols? Would the “purposeful,” “righteous” violence of a socially inept, un-stylish, as well as crippled individual in the scene render the same kind of attention and significance? It wouldn’t. It’d be dismissed or hold much less significance compared to GG. And that’s the point. Behind the violence & acting, it’s the females’ biological attraction to megalomania, no matter the social and political dogma, mainstream or otherwise.

I have been saying that for many years, which was only received by those types of idiots I used to associate with: “I disagree because it makes me feel bad for you”, “I’m going to interject for attention because it’s a vanity contest,” “I think you’re using a lot of words because you’re jealous of my ego,” etc.. & the same typical bully interpretation of “That’s a nice little critique/get a life” because they’re so fucking naive & traitorous. Same as the suburban hip-hop loser; “This fool coughs like a little bitch.” It’s really just the fact that they want to be naive.One person has stated to me when I gave him this info.: “I really don’t understand how you and others can divorce your emotions from all these rather troubling revelations.” To which I responded: you know, what I do is I just work it out by getting a tan, etc., & like get drunk at bars to speak at a woman’s level. No, but, jokes aside, I’ve actually treated these troubling revelations by trying to use freedom of speech in public, which is a really bad idea. If no oblivious males come to her rescue, she usually transfers that schooling as “flirting”, or thinks you’re just trying to be funny. We have to make sure that “masculinists” schools mostly males because they are the oblivious tools which females use. Females need male obliviousness for power. You eventually overcome the depression. You just get desensitized to it.

I’ve actually even been treated as a “threat” before & made to look like a bad-guy because I WASN’T participating in the contest.

To give a little history on the whole punk-rock/”Mtv” loser/poser culture who basically missappropriate an identity mark that doesn’t belong to them – being the archetypal “loner nerds”, etc., who get harassed by “bros”. Most of then are actually those “frat/jocks” in just a different uniform. G.G. Allin wasn’t anarcho. If you follow through this silly history lesson, there’s a pattern. He was punk-rock-`n-roll & some hardcore. Anarcho is another sub-genre of pseudo intellectual bands that claim a lot of politics – the type that a lot of these females claim to “believe” in, then when given the choice, they suck the cocks of G.G. Allin types.
I have seen & experienced this pattern so many fucking times; females have been following this trendy phase of entertaining the archetypal different Ian-Curtis/Joy Division & Nick Blinco of Rudimentary Peni interest, but the truth is is that they’d take ‘The Meatmen’. In fact, when I used to be unfortunately involved, I had my own different approach, & all those “jock”/”frat” idiots exploiting the identity that isn’t for them retaliated against me. The problem was that when I was infected by all that “poison”, I couldn’t articulate it well enough because the truth was all suppressed, & we all know who’s responsible for that, & I just became a clown.

So there’s the quick-fix someone would try to sell you – “Just earn a good amount of money & she’ll follow your lead”. You do that & you’ll likely get stabbed-in-the-back. Even if there isn’t a ~65%-~75% chance, there’s still ~50%. & after learning female psyche. for what it is, why would you want to be a servant to that & promote that way? This disgusting story needs to be given, even if it is isolated: This guy saved all this energy, time, planning, & money for cross-state meeting. She then cheated on him because “he put her on a pedestal.” & this was also another one of these “Mtv.” retards. She claimed to be a “mystic”, or something stupid because she heard a couple of rap songs about the illuminati, the mafia, whatever, & had some green hair. You get the idea. He obviously showed that he was capable of devising organizational skills, & all that – ruined. It’s really because his obviousness made him appear “weak” to her. “Oh, but that can’t be true because the new Aphex Twin song that they’re playing on the hot-dog shop.” Last I checked, she was actually with a guy who did put-her-on-a-pedestal, but I know she’s waiting for Mr. ’50 Shades Of Greed’ to replace him. It’s just their fluctuating identities & the fact that most of what females say isn’t even anything real. This fucking dumb whore thought that she had some kind of authority just because she had some tattoos, smoked marijuana, & belonged to the pathetic, bored, “yuppie” losers in “weirdo” costumes.

One thing I’ve learned from studying linguistics is that there’s a lot of patterns & versions of the same things, & you have to realize that all these smug, lame people confined to a related lifestyle, activity, or something particular, they really don’t have the-big-picture, & they frequently ruin the actual big-picture.

This is the basic pattern of various ways of terms to the arguments: “You’re boring, you’re a pussy”. Logic & the morality derived from it is “extremism”. “That’s just generalizing.” People haven’t learned this branch of mathematics called generalizing because they’re too preoccuppied (bad spelling) with the stuff I’ve repeated. They continue cycles. The ever desperately running out of deflections: “You copied-&-pasted”/”It’s fake.” It’s “fake” to them because they don’t even really do this learning-by-experience that they claim to do. It’s actually deflection by distraction. “Hysterical” – deflection by shaming – if you’re a male, “it’s always your fault.” “You got to learn to train women”. If you don’t do that, you’ll be a “whimp.” If you do do that, you’ll be a bad-guy, & that’s how they call authority for defending, which only proves a various version of the hybristophilia. From the outside-looking-in of those oblivious males, they think they’re being “heroes” because they’ve all been chasing this “confidence” thing – obliviousness. They have no idea, or close to no idea, of what’s really happening. The police who defend them when a male uses gives them real logic & morality are the biggest naive, little-kids there are. Most of what they know is paper work, the n.b.a finals, & taxes, etc..

To paraphrase Warren Farell: Even among rebels, artists, & punks, it’s the “alpha” (as much as I hate that concept because, like the word “hipster”, it barely has cohesion.) who gain acceptance.

This is just the tip-of-the-ice-berg.

Science gave birth to civilization. Philosophy gave birth to science. Art gave birth to philosophy, at least sometimes. They’re still stuck on that primordial pre-birth, if you will. There’s so much science hasn’t even popularized yet.

Of course, female sexuality is anti-intellectual. She wants you to be that “police officer who alarms her on 3:00 p.m. & uses excessive force on her for resisting arrest.”

I wouldn’t even be surprised that if this were to become more obvious, the “Mtv.” idiots, as I like to call them, would switch to saying “naaw really.” because of the feeling that it’s a challenge to their vanity. It doesn’t even really matter what you’re saying because they’ll incline to not like you for saying pretty much anything because it takes the focus away from them.
It’s all just an issue of them being addicted to entertainment. They argue, but not because they care about what’s right or wrong. The real motive is that they don’t want the good time to be ruined. Last time I made enemies because of all this, they pretended that it was about philosophy, but it was really just motivated by a territorial attitude. You couldn’t even make points because it was a “dick measuring contest” of what you’ve done because they’re still stuck & “contaminated” by femininity.

“No, it’s all fake because porn is too entertaining for this to be true.” No, it’s the reverse; Disney-Land & Mario-carts is fake.

Some might give you some elaborate or sophisticated sounding philosophy, like Sartre, or something like that, or they might give you some political points, but what does that directly have to do with natural psychology, sexology, science, etc.? You wouldn’t even be able of uttering the word sexology without them thinking you just contrived it.

You know exactly what I mean, you people with a lack of integrity. You’re the first ones to claim what I do is a “veil of semantics”, yet I’ve just made all these metaphors simplified for your level.

“You just can’t get laid.” No, there’s serious problems that have to be fixed, so I’m not just going to forget by seeking pleasure.

True, scientists are not conducting elaborate studies on the macro so that it could be taught in elementary school – the period it should be taught, but there is accumulating anecdotes that it’s obvious now of many versions. They’re not willing to accept anecdotes though because being an obvious & rational male makes you look “weak.” “You’re supposed to be an actor & competitor in the sports-tournament.”

People are not going to take me seriously because “It’s my fault” that females have a good way of masking – “that’s generalizing” (what partly caused evolution was the capability of noticing patterns & making general rules) – that they want, which they often don’t even realize themselves, an ex-convict Mafia-member & making noble males servants to their ill-integrity, infantile ways, & bad logic, etc.. They might claim: “that’s just some of the bad women”, but the truth is, whatever they claim, if they’re given the offer, they’d take the “ex mafia member who’s willing to go back.”

What really worries me though is that if there was a mass schooling for females, would be if they just changed-shape because that wouldn’t be good enough; it wouldn’t historically record enough.

Search: What Fifty Shades of Grey Readers Have In Common – Stefan Molyneux

The Truth About Knew York “Hardcore”


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

Yes, every writing is mine. I don’t spend my free time getting drunk at bars just to speak on the woman’s level, so why assume otherwise? Do you ever see me at your stupid parties? To actually pontificate an essential point: let me ask a somewhat rhetorical question: Did you envision the technical formula that would be used to produce your guitar amps? Hmm? Did you weld those metal pieces together. You have your tools to create meaningless pollution, however, I have my tools to create what actually matters.

Those with merit opt for equity, unskilled ones for equality – the confusion of “fairness” for disregarding individual intelligence.

Art school – institutionalized debauchery & inefficacy with delusions of grandeur.

One of the most disturbing phenomena is the cult of the celebrity – the interest in completely unimportant people.

In a Capitalistic system hosted by democracy, what will wrongfully be “better” are people like Shaq, who are basically doing nothing. No. Fuck you, Ayn Rand. The most appropriate system is a technocracy, or some type of meritocracy of science. In a Technocracy, scientists would create robots to replace the menial work.
Technocracy is not political. It’s scientific.

In Knew York, the environment is already hostile. There is a climate of competition & having to prove how “hard” you are. There’s a saying: Move to California to mellow out. Move to Knew York to become hard.
With the Knew York hardcore/post-hardcore/metal-core scenes, it was a degenerate version of the original hardcore, which is hardcore punk.
Many forms of even so called “punkrock” these days is really just a form of grindcore & even metal. The funny thing is: I used to be a “death-rocker.” That’s a hybrid of goth & punk, not new wave, bands like: Deadchovsky, Southern Death Cult, Mighty Sphincter (that’s a hybrid of black metal & deathrock, excluding their thrashy & punk stuff.) 45 grave, Ausgang, the early recordings of Mephisto Walz, early Siouxsie & The Banshees (before they turned new wave), melencholic punkrock like The Mob, Uk Decay, & I used to subsidize for less by going to these more thrashy types of bands, & the people there, who barely even knew the history of punkrock, thought that I was some kind of “poseur”, yet the form of music that I listend to was actually more closely related to traditional punkrock in sound than the punkrock that most punks listen to these days – a lot of versions of thrash, grindcore, & metal.
The point is though is that this thing called Knew York hardcore is that the knew york hardcore scene, which is basically managed by a lot of bullies & idiots, has been hijacked by imposters, & what’s more is that these imposters is a prime example of the Anton Levey mentality, whether they realize it or not, of believing that they’re all, simply put, “hot-shit” for doing nothing. They strut with the notion that they basically just own everything. In actuality, they’re closer to being “poseurs” without even the slightest idea of what the history is, which I’m not defending any side of all that. I don’t care about that juvenile stuff. I only care about knowledge now. I’m just making a point of how juvenile it all really is.

That’s just one derivative. Even in the so called egalitarian scenes of like crust punk or generic punk, they all have this mentality of thinking they’re extra special just because. They have never learned the importance of hierarchy. Hierarchy is a good thing. In these scenes, if you are beyond “peacocking” – you show real intelligence, worth, competence, that’s “getting out of line.”
For all their talk on “wh… (taboo word) privilge” that they just parroted from the mainstream, whether they realize it or not, on their stupid little text phones, or whatever, because it’s somewhat of the new fashionable tattoo to comment on stuff that they don’t really know what they’re talking about, I think they should visit Nigeria where the police are corrupt, it’s extremely violent, & the standard of living is just horrible. This fake virtue signaling is like putting bumper stickers on cars just for vanity & entertainment. They don’t really have a concern for the objective anyway. Privilige happened because they were busy creating it from history, some mistakes sometimes because that’s what happens when you work hard.

The indie rocker community is another version of this politcally correct mediocrity. They’re not going to flaunt it the same way, but they have the idea that they’re all important by just being stylish. I’ve even known some of these idiots who smoked heroin & were worhsipped because they had a sexy way of presenting it. These fucking idiots want to believe that it’s all perfect, beautiful, etc.. Just listen to some Smashing Pumpkins, man, or whatever bands I don’t even care to investigate. That’s probably not a cool band, but whatever. They’ve never actually realized anything beyond plaid shirts, tight pants, & some obscure vinyl records, so if you were to tell them anything real, you’d already be some bad authoritarian figure. Same as the others, different uniform – lame, worthless.

These kids are not “interesting” because they collect obscure art, “extreme”, “independent”, “subversive”, special, or whatever they like to imagine themselves in front of their mirrors. You can’t even give them a slight suggestion or a realistic dialogue without them reacting. It’s just vanity & emotions. How is that “intense”? That’s womanly. (E)m(p)t(y)v. losers = empty.

Rhetorical statement: Although I will admit SOME black metal is good, like bands as Vigsoroth Moshamarahoth, which I would be very glad if someone can send a link to their full music selection because I’ve been trying to re-find this lost band, one song sounds like nebulous violence, most black metal is not what it is hyped as “strong”, “intense”, “powerful,” “brutal”, etc..  There’s some impressive blast-beats by Immortal, but most of that stuff really just sounds like 5 to 10 minutes of struggling.

Bragging in a crowd, implicitly or otherwise – there’s already people with low i.q.s doing that. They’re called rappers.

When I had a previous blog that gained some fame a few years ago, which is why I switched to other methods, many of these types of “Mtv.” losers started rumours on the internet about how I was some kind of faker & that I just contrived what I typed about because their casual schema is bounded by beer, music, fashion, & things directly related to that, so anything beyond that is just too mysterious to them. Most want to give orders, but no one wants to take orders from an intelligent authority.

Nietszhe, Raynd, Le vey, it’s all just Mtv. I’m not enchanted or impressed.

The more the culture over-emphasizes instincts & performing, the more jaded & entitled the consumers become. With the calculating approach, the skilled & competent can preponderate rational, scientific sovereignty, not the fake kind feted for the superficial & carnal, by reclaiming the dormant scientific recovery, truly representational of progress, which has been adumbrated by imbuing by the apposite type.

There’s been some mass confusion on a particular word. I will type, with citations, the etymology of the word hipster.

Sure, I used to like some of them on a superficial level when I was younger – because they made some impressive music, etc., but now I don’t have to pretend anymore, & for those who are thinking about becoming better than all that, trust me, none of what bounds your social groups with others is good enough. These (empty) M.-TV.-losers thought that I “sold out”/quit their little groups due to an apparent – what they assumed – “inferiority complex.” Essentially, the life-styles were people barking, some drinking, posing, & some competition, occasional fighting, etc.. I thought: Really – this is the game I have to involve myself in? Now that I don’t have to be bombarded by the stupid subtle contest of who is the most fashionable, etc., I’m now more free. It takes a high level of narcissism to believe that typical (e)M.(p)t(y)v. lifestyles is somehow “phenomenal”. You’re not “extreme”, or anything like that. You’re just deluded enjoyer types.

The “M.t.v.”/”hipster” culture – glamorizing an absurd version of consumerism & modeling – was born of the 1930s jazz scenes, also called “hepster” for those who knew about that music & smoking marijuana. Oh no, you feel bad for me because I’m reporting something realistically & all you mostly know is feelings. “Hepster” was printed as early as June 8, 1938 in ‘Variety’ Magazine, & had been “hipster” in the early 1930s in association with fashionable dancing – movement of a person’s hips, then morphed to “hippy”, then traveling to spawn Black Sabbath, influenced by both “blues” & hippy Rock-`n-roll, which then spawned the various “doom” styles & other branches – all same branches of one tree. The modern-day hippy/hipster/punk-rocker, & it’s various sub-styles – metal-head, goth, raver, lounger, etc., is mostly a person, but not limited to, of *Eu****** ancestry ( * Star before “bad-word” indicates foot-note. If you read books, you know what a foot-note is. I’m not trying to be “witty.” However, stars occluding word indicates “bad word”) acting like a ne****. It was sympathy romanticized from the ~1930s trash jazz groups spawning the various experimental styles now, then disco, then various electronic, etc., & the blues groups spawning swing, rockabilly, & all the various sub-genres from rock-`n-roll. Hippies came from hispters, & the modern day indie/punk, etc., came from from hippies.

There’s much more important mastery than collecting series of bursts of happiness, inaccurately called experiential “learning”. I’ve seen these M.T.V. losers abscond to serious plans & have had this done to me as well because there is this silly attitude that many have that because they can emulate M.T.V. idols really well, they have the unrealistic notion that they are extra-important, accompanied by disgusting losers who like to imagine themselves as more “clever” & “stronger” because they’re willing to cheat & sell drugs, etc.. With these “M.t.v.” losers, claiming of plans would be deceptive when it was no longer entertaining to them, then when questioned or suggested about it, they’d resort to calling you “materialistic”, or something, or disrespect your needs, even though they’re the ones so addicted to sensation seeking – a form of internalized materialism, which makes them flighty. I got influenced by these idiots’ cute-little-jokes when I was younger when I was a truly despicable person. Associating with these “” losers is completely anti-constructive. Everything is just turned to a vanity instance. These losers have joined the trend of making fun of something different – me, & I’m not complaining about it from a “hurt” state, but what I am stating is that these losers can’t create anything original, so they follow & emulate. But the main reason I despise these “ losers” most of all is because they’re addicted to pleasure/sensation seeking/ego gratification & they continue to promote more of it, which also promotes lies & insincerity from distractions. Even the word sincerity sounds like something to have connotations of the crippled, & it actually just means deceit.

In all-caps to signify deep inhales (it’s outhales that are hard, jabrony-blowhee fucker dawg:





They allow art & sports in academia so all the females & retards can feel special. It’s a democratic form of understanding based on a double arrowed property of flattery. Society will not give the podium to anything ratiocinitive because that would result in the enforcement of the separation of direct subjectivity. The ones who should be winning “Grammy awards” are the ones who are conducting rigorous research, cracking mathematical codes, showing light in a world of darkness, not your fucking “Hollywood rockstars” & “pin-up models”.

Related to the hippy culture, or fashions, actually: uncharted aspects of education:

“Learning” by regalement is not good enough for me. Most rebuttals against me have been that I need to experience the validation of what is counter to ratiocination. The same culmination I have gathered has been shared by other men who are either in their mid. ages or who are seniors, if they weren’t spared such conclusions at the time when many women seek middle aged men to use for all the time that was wasted in their younger years. I gained the answers in my early 20s. I already nebulously knew in my late teens, but did not refine the answers until my early twenties. Martin Van Creveld, author of ‘The Privileged Sex’, who I cite subsequently, is one of those who is both much older, as well as highly bookish – double the power.
Females are accommodated from dangers of all kinds – physical, emotional, & mental. First I will Explain the physical & emotional aspects, then the mental aspects. It’s not necessarily bad to accommodate them from such. What is bad is when that atmosphere presides most of a culture.

For one example, Males In Britain are more likely to suffer from lack of psychological support, overcrowding, & lack of amenities. Most males universally already want to be tough around age 4.

There are behaviours & attitudes that would make parental & authority figures create difficulty for the male child. It is conversed for female children.

To say that the following is due to “patriarchy” is faulty. It all commences from feminine oblique appraisement. Females naturally have an inborn prepossession for the most leathery of the apposite sex, regardless of what they express to be the contrary, & they favor this over brainpower. They might be attracted to doctors, for example, but not because of the will of his mental concentration, but because that doctor holds authority. That is generally what females are mostly concerned with. If you don’t believe, try this: next time she customarily asks you “how are you”, reply with “not so good.” You’ll notice that your relationship will soon recess & possibly be terminated because of her.

In many societies around the world, males may have to endure humiliation by having their hair removed, even pubic hair occasionally removed, make absurd poses, get naked in front of elders, recite self mockeries. Symbolically familiar? Ordeals of nutritional & sleep deprivation can also occur, & physical pain, such as body modification & tattoos. In Papua New Guinea, some tribes climb to a high place, fasten a rope around their leg, & then plummet. (Supposedly what inspired bungee jumping). Just very basic samples of universals. Other many examples would be too lengthy for other readers, & possibly exasperating. The enigmatic issue of male genital mutilation is the biggest example. Tribal women in Australia told a researcher that they would not marry a man who could not show himself to bear the pain. It is seldom told by reasoning to discipline young males to remain hygienic & in control of such regions because reasoning is extirpated. Simply, females select stupid males, so we have a stupid society. Female genital mutilation is outnumbered & due to amateurish societies jointly, not males-oppressing-females. Many actions of such cultures are poor.

On the mental aspects accommodated:

By around the early 1900s, it was not absolutely mandatory for females to take hard courses of mathematics, Greek, natural sciences, & Latin. This was the prototypical setting to modern equal opportunity.

What female separatist schools shared in common was pleasantries. The Feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, who once managed such a school, stated that it was here where the pupils were “first spoiled”, both for the U.S. & earlier Russia.

From 1850, schools became intensely feminized. By 1900, 0.75% of all public school teachers in the U.S. were women. By 1920, it was 90% & above. Boys were now being taught en masse by women for the first time in history, which caused the boys to be treated more like girls. They were disadvantaged because of this.

By 1950, females were getting better grades than males in elementary school not because of better skills, but because of more accommodation for females. The trend has grown since then to also high school & universities. Simultaneously, importance of grading has been ruined. When schools admitted females, they were hustled to remodel the system to meet females’ needs.

Because more educational opportunities are open for females, they also have more collegiate options, like the arts. One of the feminine demands is to include cleaning & cooking to be worthy of grants as much as Latin & Algebra.

If females were separately taught, it has been claimed that they’re discriminated against. If taught with boys, that they’re needs aren’t supplied.

Feminists blame the fact that females’ tendency to be involved in the humanities & the arts is due to society steering them towards such. It’s usually the apposite actually. Past attempts to introduce technical work to females didn’t change females’ tendency.

A president of Harvard – Larry Summers – actually lost his rank because he dared to suggest that there should be further studies on mental differences of the sexes.

Surveys conducted by several countries prove that female academics are generally less productive than males.

Other than perhaps devising a means to rate how technical a female can be, usually sexually dimorphic – masculine – females, it’s best to keep females simple & out of the way of male endeavor. Invent new schools for females to specifically further their generally limited nursing capability.

Advocating their traits in academia does not only have consequences in academia, but also in the external social arenas as well.

Political Correctness is a tool used by governmental factions as an attempt to control populations by economics. Since these factions are concerned with maintaining economics, they would not be concerned with idealism/”spirituality” derived from truth of real science, only a means to support practical materialism so that populations are preoccupied with consuming.

Obviously, in order for political correctness to thrive well, it had to acquire help from academia. To try to present political correctness as “scientific”, The Institute for Social Research was opened at the University of Frankfurt in 1923. To ward off deeper thinking & discernment, one of the dominant ideas in the humanities field & social sciences would be that society itself was the most powerful force determining how we all are. There is some truth to this, of course, considering how this social engineering will cause most supporters of scientific realism in a debate to be bombarded with counter-arguments that “sexual identity is a social construct”, or who try to dodge the nature-vs.-nurture debate by loosely replacing a newer concept of sex with the word “gender”.

Scientific realism is that biology precedes culture; the phenotypic – nurture aspect – realities we have now were originally cast by genotype – nature aspect. If there is variation in how populations behave now which influences behaviour, they originate from rudimentary nature which caused the nurturing effect of the environment to reflect upon that.

It had been said that Plato once stated that if the artists are given too much dominion over the mind, there will be a decline in society.
One of these obstacles to scientific realism that helped foster these ideas that society is solely & only shaped by the external culture were the behaviourists, which would unfortunately give support to the “flower-power” generation in later years who held the same belief, which was the predecessor to the adherents of postmodernity that uses notions of taste to try to detract scientific realists in this entertainment era fueled by mostly distractions – the generation upon generation of young daughters who think they’re smart & qualified because daddy bought them a certificate that states they studied puppetry, or whatever, who have their parents give them lots of money to fund for their “collegiate” pursuits of smoking marijuana when they’re not attending their stupid art classes, whilst drinking alcohol & having sex with jiving degenerates because they’re entertaining. They act like independent thinkers with their glibness but they’re “independent” thinking is only supported by un-courageous thought processes inflamed by the dramatic & pleasing.

The politically correct & postmodernist can not tolerate the drudgery of real science, so they look to more mesmerising beliefs such as psychoanalysis & ‘Critical Theory’. ‘Critical Theory’ taught today in the humanities field of universities was contrived from when the Frankfurters in the 1930s started to probe culture much more to have a better understanding of how socio-economics grow. It’s an extension of the politically correct idea of a dialectical critique for the purpose of not to understand truth but to try to make populations complacent consumers.

The behaviourist Skinner – a proponent of the ‘Tabula Rasa’ belief – liked to think of himself as “scientific” but he only proceeded his dull craft of social engineering psychology after failing as a fiction writer. Along with the fashionable word-maze artist Michel Foucault that Feminists have been influenced by because of his statements that the body & sexuality are purely “cultural constructs”. Eric Fromm – a non-technical psychoanalyst lacking in neuroscience & biology – was another key figure building on the work of the anti-science of the ‘Frankfurt School’ of political correctness. If you are the type who can sharpen your own mind by grinding your thoughts against dull slabs of tablets, you can discern the political correctness in writings like Fromm’s ‘Art of Loving’ & ‘Sane Society’. Adherents of his liked to shun that intelligence is heritable in the 1970s. Fromm is one of the key figures who especially tried to think himself as adequate enough to speak on differences of males & females, stating the “socially constructed nature of sex” in his post structural writings.’Eros & Civilization’ by Herbert Marcuse was a major un-scientific piece of garbage that helped spawn the 1960s rebellion of the youth who held the attitude that progress is meaningless & fashion & escapism is good enough, hence their dislike of real science that requires much discipline.

These -isms & pseudo intellectuals posing as true philosophers & social scientists were key figures in promoting the self centered me-me, rebel-without-a-brain attitudes of the 1960s generation that Feminism aligns itself with.

Not exactly the same but paralleling these anti-scientific people, Laveyan Satanism is for those who prefer something that seems different but still above-all encourages the same a-science escapism & Dionysian hedonism that reinforces subjective sentiments & distractions. One of Anton Szandor Lavey’s insistence is that people who are that stupid should be taken advantage of to be propitiated away from competence. This just stokes more stupidity & dis-functionality that ruins it for the intelligent who don’t deserve it. Laveyan Satanism borrowed heavily from Nietzsche – a descent poet that liked to over-hype himself as “important” while favoring the Dionysian aspect over the calm, more thoughtful Apollonian aspect, who appropriately became infected with a sexually transmitted disease from a prostitute. The philosopher Ayn Rand also pontificated further Nietzche’s “will to power” by re-appropriating what it means to be objective. Real objectivists are doing science free of cultural conditioning, not seeking happiness & evasion.

I hate so many philosophers.

The biological probabilism that is essential to understand scientific realism is the forerunner before cultural nurturance. The pervasiveness of such cultural figures reveals that such politics is used to advancing themselves as an organism naturally would try to in order to adapt to the environment. They conceal the original scientific realities of biological probabilism so that logical coherence is weak to create cultures of the farcical & the attitudes in people that they’re level of conjecture is special, that what is contemporary with what is marketed, & acceptable by such a populist, is better than the quality of highly rigorous work, & that science is a “big-bad-authoritarian” enemy, when it’s actually used to make societies functional.

Thankfully, just like how when a male injecting himself with an affair with an unavailable female reveals to the original romantic partner how she truly handles so called dedication & that the original partner was entangled in an illusion, during the attempt to muddle distinctions of true femininity & masculinity, destroying the family unit only revealed, to those smart enough, the true nature of females. It is females who are the most receptive to Feminism & related ideas that amplifies their true nature. It is females who are receptive to such illogical ideologies because females are themselves illogical, which only disproves p.c.’s antithesis of biological probabilism further.

So, closing with final need realizations:

This is a transcript of an audio presentation. Instead of assuming as an idiot by slander that because I’m minutely using others’ models, that I’m “inauthentic”, think, instead, of how much hard work was implemented in re-typing from sound format & how that would be logically inferable of how diligent I would be in my ability. I compose much more elaborately than the following representatives, so…. There were three commentators in the audio dialogue. For the sake of convenience, I have labeled Jacque Fresco’s commentary as “J.F.”, “C.#1” – commentator number 1, & C.#2 – commentator number 2. Also for convenience, I have discarded small irrelevant stuff, such as “um”, etc., & other garbling stuff.

This subsequent pre-commentary is mine:

The coherent understanding of collectivism is a cowardly means of following trends & orientations which keeps progress static, or, in many cases, actually causing detriment; in a case of bystanders joining a pecking order in expulsing a genius with better plans because another authority group judged the expulsion to be the good action.

A collectivist would give you a false answer.

The coherent understanding of individualism is individual thoughts, not instinctual drives, that causes intellectual evolution.

It’s a tricky understanding because almost any idiot with delusions can claim to be enlightened, but this is actually due to collectivism’s insistence of congealed temporal habituation that pauses real intricate idealism. The minority ones with the truth are scoffed after the attrition with: “You’re insane.” More accurately: One becomes unnerved from dealing with others’ foolishness.

Because sociological vocabulary is often depriving, individualism taking over a culture would paradoxically be “collectivism.” It’s individualism – intellectually evolved by disaffection, as those are the alienated ones concerned with technical details – that would cease deprived contention.

The universally initial appreciation for a given art-form is predicated on its own introduction; meaning: you only like what you’re exposed to, & you think it’s “significant,” but it is only “significant” because your limitation to the style of it deludes one to not understanding that all aesthetic forms are trivially generic; “my extreme blackened thrash noise wall is different & better than the juggallo-surfer-indie,” when, aside from a very slight variation of language that is emblematic of temperaments & inclinations, it is actually all relatively the same, & only fixed by a difference of an opinion of liking or disliking (sometimes neutral). Even forms, for example, classical music, that acclaims of superiority because of abiding by an attentively required formula is trivial. What a waste of time. All the grand concentration held by the producers of the latter could be used for something better, instead of wasting that skill on a self-insulting level. Art does not make you smart. If you think art makes you intelligent, you are the proof of how stupid you are. This delusion then creates the attitude that a generic one is special because this mistaken notion that a personally entertained figment is only of themselves, when it is actually just a different version of the same universally, & gives the maudlin feeling ; “I just can’t explain it” – a form of confused retardation.

Since appreciation for a given art-form is only predicated on its own introduction, an anti-art technocratic oriented society only functioning on rationalism would replace such preexisting stalling notions because the extra result from rationalism would naturally instill stimulation or tranquility, thus putting the universal & generic truth about art back in order. For example, generators make stimulating sounds. The shimmer of metal is stimulating. It is even more stimulating if that’s all you’ve been introduced to.

We don’t need these disgusting attitudes in society that one is extra-important just because they have “talent”. Intelligence is what matters the most.

The worded recording:

J.F.: “In a tribe that was just about to go to war, & they were tense, & they danced around the fire, & yelled & screamed, they danced around the fire & relieved that tension before they got into battle. Soldiers, when they march, sing. The reason for that is to take their mind off: “how’s my wife doing?” “I wonder what’s happening at home with my kids.” But if you got them singing, like the Marines sing ‘Blood Makes The Grass Grow,’ takes the attention away from home, you’re better off, & if you can involve them in little games, dancing, sports, that takes the attention away from social problems.

Boxing, wrestling – sports in the future, there will be nobody punching one another because that damages the brain, & nobody seems to give a damn, except that they like that. A ballet dancer in later years will have a lot of trouble with her ankles. What they do is not good for the body, & they rehearse long hours, & they damage their body because we have emphasized ballet – we like it.

Now, if you consider ancient Rome, where they used to feed Christians to the lions, & kids would say “Daddy, can we come next week to see Christians being fed to lions?” Daddy might say “If you behave yourself.” Now, these kids are not mentally ill. (My commentary: I completely disagree. Most humans, usually the intellectually un-evolved, are naturally sick because of their cowardly collectivism towards almost any expectations.) They’re brought up in a society that’s warped. Our society is warped.

It’s hard for me to talk about the things that normal people have come to like. Do you understand what I mean? It’s like walking over to an Indian, saying “Why are you dancing around the fire with feather hats?” That’s ridiculous. The Indian doesn’t say “Gee, thanks for telling me that. I never thought of it that way.” Don’t you see, people can no longer step out of their culture by a lecture or a single movie. It just takes a long time to learn where these things came from, how they emerged, how they evolved.

Now, putting decorations through your ear, piercing your ear, something dangle from your ear, if a  person came from another planet, they had a watch on the wrist, he might say “what is that?” You’d say “well, I can’t keep accurate time. This machine helps me keep time.” & He’d say “what are those glass things in front of your eyes that appear to be transparent?” He’d say “well, I’m losing my eyesight where I can’t read, I can’t see anything far away, & this helps me.” “Well, what’s that thing hanging from your wife’s ears?” “Oh, that’s decoration.” “Yes, but what is it..” See what i mean? That’s the same as a primitive person painting their face in different colors to keep evil spirits away. Now, they say that with a straight face. You can’t tell them what they’re doing is primitive, backwards”

C.#1: “You know, being an individual is not how many rings you have through your nose, or what color your hair is, or if your hair stands straight up, or, you know, the clothing that you wear. It’s how you think, & you have to think about what all these different fashions are for, too. A lot of people make a lot of money by changing fashions every year, so it’s good to consider the motive of all these things.”

J.F.: “Same with automobiles. They hang a tail-fin on them, or a… (can’t distinguish word). This is all artificial. I would spend all that money on safety devices, instead of a tail-fin. Like, if you build a monument to veterans, the veterans think that’s a good thing. I think it’s a terrible idea. If you have any surplus money for monuments, give it to the veterans’ hospital, & build M.R.I. machines & x-ray machines. Build what is needed in the hospital to help veterans, not a monument.”

C.#1: “You know, in the old days, we didn’t have cameras & things like that, so people painted portraits of one another, & they were pretty accurate, & they were pretty good at one time, but today we have the camera. We can even do x-rays right through people if we want to see what they look like, but you don’t need people to draw portraits of them anymore. A camera does a better job in many instances.”

J.F.: “But you can’t superimpose that because people were brought up with ‘art appreciation.’ There’s a lot of parasitic beliefs we have that will vanish in the future (My comment: Good!). I don’t expect people to turn around at one of my lectures, but I do hope they’ll think about it.”

C.#2: “You’re saying, to a degree, at somewhat, that they’re irrelevant, but, yet, you decide that in the future, they’re still going to be “sinners” with cameras & musical instruments & all the equipment that someone would need to perform these artificialities?”

J.F.: “Yes, that’s true, during the transition.”

C.#2: “Oh, during the transition.”

J.F.: “You need all those things as normal people, so called “normal.”….. A “normal” French man accepts France. A “normal” headhunter accepts headhunting.”

C.#2: So you’re saying, eventually, we won’t need those “sinners” anymore?”

J.F.: “We will have new forms – new art forms. I’m using the word art because that’s what people associate it with. But in the future, we’ll have new art forms. I’ll tell you a little bit about what that means. New art forms means that furniture will not be designed by artists or designers. Furniture will be designed by anatomists & physiologists to conform with the human body; as they lean forward, the chair helps you get out; the chair adjusts itself to the pressures, rather than you moving on the chair all the time to change the pressure-point, the chair will move. That’s what I mean by anatomists; Dinner wear will be designed by people that study the physiological shape of the human body, & the forks & knives will be designed to best accommodate human attributes.
Art was a great thing 100 years ago, where people didn’t have any ideas at all so they just made a lot of people buy a Kennedy-rocker. Its a most uncomfortable chair in the world, but Kennedy had one, & he was an important man, so people did things un-sane. Un-sane means not the best way for the human body.

It’s going to take a lot of movies, a lot of education. You can’t practice medicine without going to a medical environment. First You have to go to medical school. If you want to be an engineer, engineering school. You have to go to an engineering environment. We are not brought up that way today, so we have thousands of problems that generate more problems, as we invent more & more laws. Laws do not deal with problems. They’re attempts at a quick fix, but they don’t deal with the the problem. We have to eradicate the conditions that produce serial killers.

In the future, all this was transitional – the golf courses, the tennis courts. That’s all transitional. You can’t suddenly put a new society down & outlaw the patterns that people have been conditioned to. They have to outlaw that through knowledge.”

C.#1: “Yeah, there’d be churches in the city, too. You can’t ban anything, otherwise it goes underground. It doesn’t work.”

Search for recording: Art in the Future – Jacque Fresco


‘The Woman Racket – The New Science Explaining How The Sexes relate at Work , At Play & in Society, pages 6 – 11.

‘The Privileged Sex’ by Martin Van Creveld, pgs. 48,49, 50, 54, 55, 56, 57, 59, 60. (Much enemies, much honor indeed. There’s more cited examples of the dominance hierarchies, not intellect hierarchies, females create but, it’s enough typing.)

I’m Not Anti-Intellectual, I’m Just Not a Dick

pile_of_booksI remember when I was ten or eleven years old renting Frankenstein because I wanted to know what an old horror movie was like.  I was actually a little shocked when the monster hung Fritz!  They could do that in the 30s?  As I mentioned earlier, I became a hardcore classic film freak almost entirely because I wanted to look into the world of the past.  I read a lot as well.  History and politics didn’t come until a bit later; certainly not in college, where I bounced around the spectrum of political views.  Funny how a lady warned me that if I’m the questioning type in my 20s, I’d be conservative in my 30s.  How prescient!

There was a point in my life where I looked down upon philistines, and I feel bad about that.  It sure felt good to be well read and well watched.  But, do I know the first thing about astrophysics?  Do I know how to perform open heart surgery?  How to split an atom?  How to remove a cataract?  Perform CPR?  Develop the cure for a disease?  If I’m so fucking smart, why aren’t I rich?  What makes me the arbiter of what an intellectual is?

Recently, I was having a conversation with a guy online about the bands we like.  His first comment to me was something along the lines of “who listens to AC/DC after the age of 13?”  And I thought, “what kind of smug asshole would condescendingly claim that a well loved rock ‘n’ roll band is something that one can only enjoy in his or her early teens before moving on to more ‘sophisticated’ stuff?”  And then it hit me; he’s currently at where I was between the ages of 14 and 22, before I stopped giving a shit what other people enjoy.  I somehow thought that music was an “intellectual” pursuit; that somehow sounds could be divided into “substantive” and “surface level.”  How foolish.  I’m not going to lie and say it’s 100% subjective to whatever someone’s taste is because, if a person likes stuff like Nickleback or Kid Rock, I feel reeeeeally sorry for him or her, but, at the same time, to claim AC/DC is for 13 year olds, while Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are “substantive” music for adults, says more about that person than the music.

Led Zeppelin have a considerably more diverse body of work than AC/DC – heavy blues tunes, progressive epics, acoustic songs – but, lyrically, they deal with sex, Tolkien and historical themes.  Sabbath, as awesome as they are, just deal in mysticism, science fiction and drugs.  Who is the one that decides what counts as “substantive” and what isn’t?  Why is the Velvet Underground considered smart people music, while Deep Purple is not?  Why is the Velvets song “I’m Waiting for the Man”, which is about waiting around to get drugs, or “Sister Ray”, which is about “sucking on a ding dong”, considered “deeper” and “more intelligent” than the  Deep Purple song “Mary Long”, which attacks those bastions of Christian conservatism, Mary Whitehouse and Lord Longford?

Is Metallica a smart or dumb band if the lyrics to their song “The Thing That Should Not Be” were inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft?  Is Iron Maiden a smart band for writing a song about the works of Edgar Allen Poe (“Murders in the Rue Morgue”) or Frank Herbert (“To Tame a Land”), an epic song inspired by an epic poem (“Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner”) or a song about a historical figure (“Alexander the Great”)?   Who determines which is the “smart” music and which is the “stupid” music? Is the glammy bubble-gum rock of T. Rex with all the nonsense lyrics smart or dumb?  Is the fuzzed out hard rock of Grand Funk Railroad smart or dumb?  Who makes these arbitrary rules?

I’ll go so far as to extend this “it’s all relative” idea to the films I watch.  I would imagine that 99.999999% of people would consider Au Hasard Balthazar or The Spirit of the Beehive to be smarter, better and more artistically rich than say, Armageddon, but personally, I’d rather watch I Drink Your Blood or The Brotherhood of Satan.  And, as far as books go, I’d rather read the sword and sorcery of Robert E. Howard’s Conan or Michael Moorcock’s Elric, than more Balzac.  That is when I’m not reading Thomas Sowell, Mark Levin or Jared Taylor.

book_stackIt all comes down to what you find entertaining and enriching.  I knew a girl who said all she likes to watch are movies with ripped dudes who blow stuff up.  I appreciate that kind of honesty, and I’m with her on that, though I prefer the older shoot ’em ups.  Maybe I can get her into some John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, eh?

I think a true intellectual is concerned more with asking questions, than with impressing people with his so called intellect.  That’s why I say that those poor, uneducated, unenlightened, ignint folk ask the best questions.  They’re blank slates and, since they haven’t been indoctrinated, they feel in their gut the things that liberals know are objectively true, but wallpaper over with politically correct rhetoric.  I mean, it took me a while to stop rationalizing that my car was stolen in Detroit because of what the corporations and/or unions did to the city, and not just because the guy who stole my car is a plain and simple, no good thug.  Detroit didn’t steal my car; some hood rat did.  You want businesses to come in and reviltalize the city?  Stop the crime and make it so people feel safe there the way Giuliani did in New York.  No deep thought required there.

I’m currently reading Christina Hoff Sommer’s tome Who Stole Feminism?, and it’s painful to see meaningless jargon substitute cold, hard analysis.  In class after class, feminists analyze history, film, art and literature through a relativist prism, resulting in the students learning absolutely nothing, but coming out feeling as if they’ve been awoken to some great, new reality.  One example she gave was when, instead of analyzing the aesthetic qualities of The 39 Steps, a class talked about the aggressive nature with which the male character kissed the female character, and, as a result, concluded that it was made from a “malecentric” viewpoint.  Was the portrayal of the Third Reich in Triumph of the Will “femalecentric”?  They learned nothing about Hitchcock’s directing, but “learned” a ton about how men allegedly want to aggressively kiss and rape women.  How depressing, and this book was written more than twenty years ago.

If I had it my way, universities wouldn’t have any art, film, history, humanities or other courses that don’t directly prepare students for the professional world.  That way, when they go to the university, they know that they’re paying to learn something that is practical and applicable; also college would cost a lot less.  A lot of professors would be out of work, but that is a small price to pay for the long term benefits.  What real purpose do they serve that a book isn’t just as good, if not, better for?  But, if they are going to force the humanities onto students, then it’s absolutely a crime to re-contextualize these classic works under a new framework in order to push an agenda.

It reminds me of when I’m debating politics with one of my buddies.  He’ll go on and on about “military industrial complexes” and “consumerism” and “manufacturing consent” and “the 98%” and a bunch of leftist gobbledigook (note: I’m not saying these aren’t legitimate concepts, but they need to be studied within context, not just spewed at random during a discussion) that makes him seem smart.  And then I’ll respond with, “look dude, I have no idea what any of that means (because it doesn’t mean anything out of context).  What policies do you want to discuss?”  Then, of course, he’ll skirt the question and go on about “minimum wages” and “paying your fair share.”  This is what we call demagoguery, and it certainly is not intellectual.

Your best bet is to go to school for something useful and then be an autodidact.  Hell Frank Zappa even said, “Drop out of school before your mind rots from exposure to our mediocre educational system.  Forget about the Senior Prom and go to the library and educate yourself if you’ve got any guts.”



Why Would I Move to Detroit When There Are Plenty of Strains of HPV to Catch in the Suburbs


Last September, I hosted Today Is the Day at my houuu… my mom’s house in West Bloomfield, an upper middle class suburb, which is roughly a half hour outside of Detroit and about 15 minutes outside of Pontiac.  I told Steve Austin and the boys that, if they leave their van on our drive way, I can guarantee with 99.9999999999999% certainty that their gear wouldn’t get fucked with.  It was pretty neat hanging out with one of my musical heroes, just shooting the shit about a variety of topics, one of which was of course how we’re both right wingers and how it’s tough to be one when you’re in a scene dominated by Sanders supporting maroons.

At some point, I asked him if he’d ever met Ross the Boss of the Dictators and Manowar.  He had not, nor had he even heard of the Dictators!  So I gave him my old copy of Go Girl Crazy.  Steve, if you’re reading this, I hope you and the rest of the guys listened to it and enjoyed it!  It was also surreal seeing Austin, with many a tattoo, including the confederate flag, interacting with my 4’11” Jewish mother and telling her in his Southern drawl, “m’am you have a beautiful home.”

The reason I offered in the first place is because I live 15 minutes from the Pike Room, the venue they played at in Pontiac, MI.  Between the venue and where I live, along Orchard Lake Rd, the scenery changes rapidly from the ghetto, to a lower middle class environment, to rich, scenic lake side property, to a bizarre, Tolkien/medieval world of castle-like homes, and then finally to the modern, upper middle class suburb where I live.

I’m assuming this type of drastic change in environment is typical in a lot of cities, where the high crime/low income and low crime/high income areas are a stone’s throw away from each other, yet have little influence on the other.  I love walking to the local public library and looking at the old time houses and white picket fences and daydreaming about living in a different time and era, where the 2.5 children and white picket fence dream was something people aspired to, rather than scoffed at; all before stopping at the pond/swamp with all dead tree branches that look hella cool at night.

When I was a younger lad, I thought living in the city was the be all end all of the hip and trendy; after all, that’s where the bands and artists and loose sluts with tattoos reside.  That’s where you live within walking distance of the local bar, where they serve you pitchers of PBR for $6 (as a side note, when I went to see the Napalm Death with the Melvins and Melt-Banana, I deliberately purchased Bud Lite just to stand out from the hipsters).  It’s where the art galleries and art spaces are.  Where the used bookstores are, where the tattoo shops are, where the record stores are, where the etc. etc…

According to a liberal black woman I was arguing with on the Facebook about whether Hamtramck is a ghetto or not (it is), the suburbs are racist.  I guess it’s racist to avoid going into high crime areas, where I’ve had my car stolen twice, where convenience store clerks are forced to work from behind bullet proof shields or where my friend Matt almost got his head blown off during a robbery at the Metro PCS where he works.  To avoid these perks is to avoid diversity, you evil white devil, you.  Except there are blacks that live in the suburbs and feel the same way.  Along with all of the owners of the Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants which I like to go to.  Or the Korean dry-cleaner.  Or the Jewish tailor.  Or the non-Muslim Arab liquor store owner.  Multiculturalism actually works when the correct cultures mix together.

For the life of me, I do not  understand why any of my friends or acquaintances live in Detroit or its Muslim and Polish Mordor, Hamtramck, other than it’s dirt cheap, allows them to work few hours during the week and allows them to be at the bar every single night.  Actually that pretty much answers my question; or, in the case of my friends Ian and Rachel, who live on a particularly slummy block off of Woodward Ave., allows them to score heroin on a nightly basis unabated by things like police officers or decency.  And the fact that, in the suburbs, you won’t find a shoddy, makeshift art gallery in which some girl urinates all over herself while people splash paint all over her body is of little consequence to me.

I’ve done the hipster, urban thing when I lived in Grand Rapids; I’ve wasted god knows how much dough on booze,checking out mediocre local bands and going to local hipster joints on a nightly basis to watch other morons wax their idiotic, uninformed political/social views on the ladies who nod with aplomb, as the guys try to get a strain of that HPV infected, hipster pussy.  Hey, don’t yell at me!  I didn’t learn until 2007 that women DO NOT CARE about using rubbers.  As long as they’re on the pill, or rather as long as they have the plan b, or rather as long as the county they reside in doesn’t make abortion illegal, they’re okay.  Shit, I’d be surprised if some of them even can have babies anymore.

But the bottom line is, for me to head out of my comfortable little burg, where I can go to Uptown Grille or Library Pub and get drunk or sit at home and read or listen to my records, there either has to be a show or event going on or girls involved.

In the former case, I’m pretty much kept in the know thanks to the FB community, Metro Times or even word of mouth.  I can go to the Loving Touch in Ferndale and catch Lightning Bolt, High on Fire or EYEHATEGOD, then get a couple tasty imported beers at One Eye’d Betty’s down the road or dry out and get food at the Woodward Avenue Brewery.  I can take the M10 freeway north to the Masonic Temple, where I got to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and went to Berserkerfest, where I got to see Voivod and Conan.  I can go to the Majestic Theater, where I saw Napalm Death, the Melvins and Melt-Banana or PJ’s Lager House, Corktown Tavern and UFO Factory in Detroit.  There’s also Token Lounge in the hickish suburb of Westland, where I got to see performances from my boy Nik Turner of HAWKWIND, early ass punk rock band Slaughter and the Dogs and NWOBHM luminaries like SaxonGirlschool and Raven.  Hell, if I’m really feeling desperate, I can go to a house show in Ypsilanti or Ann Arbor.  So, it’s not as though I’m exactly out of the loop.

As for getting women, it’s not exactly hard depending on my patience and/or determination; since I’m not ugly or fat, I can get a girl to sleep with me at least once every three months.  When I’m hitting up OKCupid, I can pull tail roughly once or twice a month.  Play “six degrees of Edwin Oslan” and you’ll be able to link me back to some girl that is part of the Detroit punk/metal/underground scene that I’ve had a roll in the hay with and possibly even dated.

Personally I don’t care if the girl is a weird punk chick, a normal one who does yoga and goes kayaking or is some place in between the two extremes; I mean, it is cool that crazy, but hot kook Melissa wears a cut-off denim vest with an Acid Bath patch on the back and was jamming Death (the Florida death metal band, not the black guys from Detroit) the night of Halloween that we hung out and slept together, but that’s all icing on the cake really.  Hell, Gabe the skinhead was in a relationship with a girl who lives right around the corner from me in neighboring burb of Walled Lake; she was a veterinarian and shared the same “why would you want to live in that shithole?” attitude as me.  And she was just the way I like ’em; very cute, has a good job, doesn’t pay attention to the news and doesn’t give a flying hoot about politics.  Why am I saying all this?

The point I’m making is that there is no reason to move to the city other than so you can say you’re a “hip” urbanite.  It’s completely useless; I mean, maybe it works for some people to live in a really shitty part of town and own a loft and do art all day and barely work a normal job.  Maybe that gives some people a thrill.  But, to a man, I’m to wager that the Lydia Lunches and Richard Kerns of the world could do their goofy half-porn, art-wank-off nonsense in the burbs just as well as in some crime infested shithole. I mean, most bands come from the suburbs!

I get a thrill from walking in my neighborhood, going to the gun range in the white trash-y town of Keego harbor, working out and sculpting my Herculean physique or going to the Uptown Grille to ogle dumb as dirt servers, who wear tight black pants and serve the same exact craft brews you’d get at a hipster dive in Detroit, only without the snarky attitude.  And you certainly won’t find any girls who think it’s okay to wear shorts and not shave their legs like that gross ass server we had at the Detroit Brewing Works.

The only reason I can ever see moving to Detroit proper and not some reasonably safe neighboring suburb is to be surrounded by slutty…err, I mean liberated women, who have a laissez-faire attitude towards sex.  And, since that’s something I can find in the suburbs, albeit with less tattoos, then there’s really no reason to move out to the city.  I got 99 problems, but getting a girl, who is loose enough to sleep with me the first night I meet her, ain’t one.

How I Stopped Being an Elitist


I was a bit surprised when, in both Bernard Chapin’s video review and Matt Forney’s online review for Aaron Clarey’s latest book, The Curse of the High IQ, they mention how Clarey refers to sports entertainment as “sportsball”, a popular colloquialism that is typically used to describe sports as entertainment for the plebes.  I was under the impression a person like that would have a less cavalier attitude towards people who love sports and other popular entertainment, and that it is people on the left who judge people and call things “sportsball”; not to mention calling the people who enjoy it “dumb bros.”

Let’s get one thing straight; I may have tattoos, I may listen to weird underground music that nobody’s ever heard of, I may watch a bunch of cult films that nobody’s ever seen, but, when I go out, I would rather hang out at my local sports bar, watch sports on the TV, drink a stout, scarf down chicken wings and have said beer and wings served to me by a hot waitress, who wears black tights and a low cut tank top.  I’m over the era of my life where I want to sit in a dimly lit quasi dive populated by arty hipsters.  The fact that said bar will have a jukebox filled with the music of hip bands like Can, Captain Beefheart and the Fall DOES NOT MATTER to me AT ALL.  I literally DO NOT CARE if other people share my taste in music, and chances are these same people probably wouldn’t jam out to ZZ Top, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Ted Nugent, UFO, the Scorpions or Deep Purple, bands I like just as much as the approved “cool” bands in the post-punk, post-hardcore, kraut-rock and noisy indie rock genres.

Furthermore, I do not care if a girl I sleep with/date is a total “sportsball” loving, reality TV show watching bimbo, a military history buff who shoots guns, a tattooed metal chick with an Acid Bath patch on her denim vest or a glasses-wearing book nerd.  I’ve had all of these varieties and realized that the only things that matter to me are whether the girl is attractive and fun to be around.

So, where am I going with all of this?

I realize that, at age 31, I was smarter, cooler, funner and more accepting of people when I was in high school, than during my college years when, all of a sudden, I attempted to be an elite “cultured” person.

I was reading a negative review on Netflix of Luis Buñuel’s 1972 classic The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie and, while I believe whoever reviewed the film had the wrong idea that it was explicitly meant to diss the “bourgeoisie”, I believe that a good amount of younger people who are fans of the film believe that it is in fact supposed to be Buñuel’s “fuck you” to the rich, rather than just a charming series of surreal vignettes.

Y’see, arty hipstery people are leftists and they hate the rich, the 98%, yet, at the same time, fail to realize that the average working Joe would prefer to watch a super hero, CGI-filled Hollywood blockbuster rather than The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, and that, in effect, would make the very people leftists are allegedly trying to help the target of their ridicule; in other words, the rank ‘n’ file are all idiots who would rather watch that “sportsball”, yet we want to help them.

And, sadly, though I was never a full on leftist, I had a similar view of people who I went to college with that didn’t share my tastes; people who didn’t watch countless hours of films by Godard, Truffaut, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Passolini, Bergman, Herzog and Bresson or read thousands of pages of Faulkner, Hemmingway, Doestoevsky, Proust, Joyce, Camus or Balzac or didn’t spend thousands of hours filling their ears with the sounds of Can, Kraftwerk, Neu!, Faust, Public Image Ltd., the Fall, Devo, Miles Davis, the Birthday Party, Einstürzende Neubauten or Captain Beefheart (ya know, smart people music).

On top of that, I convinced myself that I had to date “smart”, arty hipster chicks who wore the black rim glasses, had a pixie cut and wore skinny jeans and T. Rex t-shirts.  I cannot believe how hot the girl I was dating back in 2007 was.  If I could turn back the hands of time and do it over again, I would have been waaay more grateful for what the arbiters of sex had given me; a hot, blonde, boob enhanced ex-stripper, who wore a super short, denim skirt that revealed killer, worked out legs to boot.  She had the comforting personality of a stripper, the kind where she puts her hand on your knee and leans in to talk to you, sending shivers up and down your spine even though she only means it as a friendly gesture most of the time.  And she was like the ultimate bedroom slut.  Without getting too graphic, virtually nothing was off limits.  And she was ready to bang ANY time!

But, at the time, I thought I was above dating a blonde, former stripper airhead – just so you get an idea of how much of an airhead she was, she did fill-in puzzles, crosswords puzzles where they just give you the words, in her spare time and virtually knew nothing about politics, history or what was going on in the world – so, I didn’t take it seriously, just biding my time, while secretly feeling I should be with that kinda cute, nerdy looking hipster chick.

BOY, would do that over!

And then, after I left school, I began to realize how stupid all of that was.  Well not right away; what really helped me realize that I was being an elitist mangina was when I lived with Chris in Ypsilanti.  He took being an elitist, hipster, feminist pandering mangina to whole new heights that I did not think were possible.  At an age where I decided that the Bergman and Fellini can rest alongside the John Carptenter and Wes Craven, that I can be a fan of Can and Public Image Ltd. along with Slayer and Metallica, Chris, who is several years older than me, would still make snarky comments about my musical taste and try really hard to appease some of the local feminist hipster bitches.  On top of that, he would try to make me look stupid for having a sex drive!  Once he was talking about going to a “burlesque” show, a form of entertainment that allows manginas to look at naked women with impunity, since there’s an “arty” context behind it; burlesque shows have old time-y clothes, old time-y jokes, old time-y music and the women do an old time-y strip tease, rather than the pole dancing and dick riding that goes on at Deja Vu’s.  I say to Chris, “oh cool, do we get to see Amy naked?” and he responds with, “you’re into that sorta thing, aren’t you?”  Like, aren’t you, dude?  Last time I checked you are a heterosexual?  I know this because I actually played matchmaker in one case.

But, I digress.  The point is that people like that make you realize how dumb it is to look down on people who have different tastes from you.  I actually respect people who can nerd out on sports statistics the way that I can nerd out on bands or movies.  Although I made the point in an another article that, given the law of large numbers, you should judge a book by its cover, you might be surprised by what different people can show or teach you if you have an open mind and quit judging people by their tastes in music, movies, literature, women or their love for “sportsball.”