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me_and_new_castleI’m Edwin. Welcome to the site of the Savage Hippie blog and podcast.  Accept NO imitations… or just not the shitty ones.  I stole the name “Savage Hippie” from the Melvins song “The Savage Hippy“, and I’ve been hosting this podcast with Ann Sterzinger and David Cole since the middle of 2016.  They are two lovely people who are way more important and interesting than I am and really only do the podcast as a way to relieve the stress of their day to day lives by belittling me.  I take the abuse because I HAVE NOTHING ELSE IN LIFE!!!  If you want to know more about them, don’t be a lazy ass, and click on their links.

Originally I had a really long explanation of who I am and what I stand for, but people don’t read that stuff anyway, so I’ll try to keep it short and simple.  I used to just write about movies, music, arts and entertainment, but I moved my scope over into social and political views because why the heck not?  We’re living in interesting times, everyone’s got an opinion and politics is only downstream from pop culture.  Or is it upstream?  I dunno, whatever.  It seems that the United States – and much of the Western world – has never been more divided, and it’s up to people like me to continue to push that divide to the point of collapse.

Juuuuust kidding… there’s a lot of stupidity in this world, and I use this here website of mine to contribute to this stupidity.  You’re welcome.

Feel free to leave a comment with all your thoughts, no matter how offensive.  Ain’t no thoughtcrime around these parts!  And, if you actually want to reprint one of my posts in your blog, want to write something for this blog or want me to write something new for your blog, hit me up!  I’m too new to demand money for my services; just credit and exposure are good enough.

All death threats go to edoslan(at)gmail(dot)com.



One thought on “About me

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