Savage Hippie Live Stream – Baylor Fraternity President Rape Case

Live from the apartment of the “Disgraced” Edwin Oslan and Ann Sterzinger, Ann and Edwin discuss the former Baylor University fraternity president who was accused of rape and will not serve any jail time or be forced to register as a sex offender after a judge accepted a plea deal he had been offered by Texas prosecutors.

Ann also goes into further detail about the procedure which police go through in investigating a rape, including assembling a rape kit. Interesting and informative for a completely impromptu bull session.

What, No Thanks for the Narcissistic Supply?

lisa_langloisBefore you ask, “why are you wasting so much time writing about a person who you allegedly don’t care about?”, the reason is because my readers demand this kinda trashy stuff, and I don’t wanna disappoint ’em! You may now continue.

A former friend of mine is the stupidest, laziest and least creative narcissist I have ever known. Rather than channeling her attention whoring skills into getting a writing job at Slate, Salon or Buzzfeed or starting a youtube channel, where she could utilize her button-covered denim jacket and layers of cat-eye makeup to become the punk rock Laci Green or someone equally as annoying, she spends every waking (woke?) minute of her day on social media posting about how “outraged” she is at the “patriarchy” and “rape culture” and “manspreading” and “mansplaining” and all of the other goofy nonsense umpteenth-wave feminists invented so they could have something to feel righteous about. In fact, she’s so desperate for righteousness points, that she fails to realize that, in an effort to “raise awareness”, she causes all of the “sexist” and “racist” articles she posts to get more clicks, helping turn their authors into mini-celebrities. It’s through HER, that I first learned of Matt Forney, who I now consider a friend. So, thanks, Br(redacted).

I actually blocked this person along with everyone I used to be friends with that jumped aboard the leftist SJW bandwagon and considers Donald Trump to be Hitler/the Antichrist/etc. etc. etc. because having people like that on your Facebook friend list is a liability. You post something; that person comments on your post; you respond with anything that could be interpreted as “hate speech”; someone reports you; and you spend a month in Facebook jail, not being able to comment on people’s posts or respond to messages. You’re like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense; people wonder if you’re ignoring them, and you’re forced to start a second, third and forth FB account to keep in touch with them and peddle your wears. On top of that, leftists/liberals/SJWs have such thin skin, that you’ll get an angry mob that doesn’t have a clue about politics attacking you as a person, rather than trying to refute any of your well thought out points. Some of my favorite responses from these people are “kill yourself”, “delete your account” and “stop talking.” This all comes from people who consider themselves adults. Interacting with them is just not worth the hassle.

But apparently there isn’t much going on in Grand Rapids these days because the person that I’m talking about in this piece decided many years after we stopped talking to broadcast my current activities to her Facebook community by posting a recent Guardian article in which I’m quoted. I know it’s not exactly secret information, but how did she stumble upon it? Is she an avid reader of The Guardian? More importantly, why did she care enough to broadcast it to her little world? And EVEN MORE importantly, why did her little community feel the need to respond so passionately? One guy said I’m a white supremacist, and one guy said that I’m not rock ‘n’ roll (SLAM). It’s definitely flattering that so many people think of me years after I stopped living there and even more flattering that people feel so disgusted at the notion that I help David Cole organize events for people in Hollywood who hold “unpopular” views that could cause them to lose jobs in the film industry; I mean, GOD FORBID you talk about balancing the budget, shrinking the size of the federal government or supporting a more sensible, less debilitating immigration policy.

So, a week or two after I learned about this through a mutual friend, I sent the person on who this piece is based a little message in an attempt to advertise the Savage Hippie podcast to her friends, while also attempting to prove that she really IS that big of an attention whore.

Can you guess what she did?!

Now, GRANTED, my message wasn’t exactly charming, cute or clever. I told her how a “little birdie” told me that she was thinking about me and my activities, and I talked about the Savage Hippie podcast, mentioning both David and Ann and what they did, and for shits and giggles, I threw in this little story about our loyal listener, David McPheeters, who is going to be doing time for shooting someone in the back five times somewhere in Jacksonville, FL.

In response, she reported me to the Zuck, claiming that I threatened her. Neither David, nor Ann, nor anybody I asked perceived my message as threatening in any way. Creepy? Maybe. Unnecessary? Well, I mean, without it, I wouldn’t be able to write this piece for you, my lovely readers. The powers that be at Facebook didn’t think it was threatening either, otherwise I’d be in FB jail right now or at least would have gotten some sort of warning; she’ll probably chalk up my not getting thrown in FB jail to the “patriarchy” not taking the complaints of women seriously.

But was reporting me to Facebook enough for her? Take a lucky guess, cowboy.

She posted my private message on her Facebook wall, blasting it into the feeds of her two and a half thousand loyal followers; and hoo boy… there were calls for my death and my beat down and plenty of vitriol to go around for 150 or so comments/responses. One former friend suggested contacting my employer. Sorry, Sarah, but my “employer”, David Cole, wants to kill me more than you do. One person was the aging goth skank I wrote about in a different piece, who gives a mighty fine performance in bed, gives a blowjob to boot and got me beat up. She said she’d punch me herself this time; please do, but only after another blowjob and romp between the sheets. And one person even posted my phone number so people could text and harass me. Apparently their outrage wasn’t THAT sincere since I only received texts from two people; one of whom called me “a ignorant pig” (it’s “a ignint pig”, thank you very much!) and one who demanded I send a private apology. All while I was watching the Melvins! Can you believe the nerve of people trying to interrupt my Melvins concert experience?! I mean they were covering “Sacrifice” by Flipper! You don’t interrupt that.

But, let’s be honest here; rather than me send HER an apology, shouldn’t she send ME a thank you message? I mean, without me, she wouldn’t have gotten ALL of this attention from her Facebook followers, many of which are men ready to do her bidding. Especially now that she’s divorced, something she felt the need to broadcast to the whole world. I’m sure ALL of those guys coming to your aid are doing so just as “friends”, and want nothing in return… even if you were willing to give it to them.

So, I’m torn. Should I send a phony apology with this piece attached, have a mutual friend send it to her or hope that she stumbles upon it? In any of these cases, I certainly hope she sees it because I wouldn’t mind the Savage Hippie blog getting a few extra clicks.

Also, can someone ask the two Johns which band they like more: Big Star or the Raspberries. I’ve been mulling it over in my mind for the past week, and I was just wondering what they thought.

How Science & Philosophy Became “Passive Aggressive” & “Pathetic”


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

The minimal excerpts used in this are from a source that was written in an appeasing , complimenting manner. ‘Brain Sex’ is a book regarding neuro-science & biology in general to establish basics of harder science. What is gathered in summation is that cognition of males as concentration, while females’ diffusive. If you state to the affect of the latter to females, they would generally react with diffusion, only proving the establishment further. I have referenced this source a few times not because it’s the greatest in the field, but because this book is just a good source as an introduction to those stuck on lower levels of social studies, as it tries to diplomatically bring the basics of complexities against the pressure of the influence of such diffusion.

Don’t try to defeat Feminism by addressing on its level. Defeat Feminism by overwhelming it with the technical. When a feminist or related tries to interject, just simply belittle with to the affect: “I don’t deal with that cultural type of stuff, I’m more concerned with science”, & remain as strict as possible with this non-argumentative argument. When the second retort comes back, use to the affect of: “Again, with all due respect, the way the debate is set would just limit the field I’m involved with/ the explanations would take too long & it can’t be explained in just one debate, it takes a process of many days, actually” – using the strategy of implying that they don’t provide well.

Both interpretations – complaining by feminists & the like or by sexual appeal – of the primal masculinity from the female are not progressive. I’m willing to accept a simplistic reduction for a preparation that, yes, historically males have been more aggressive & violent. We had to be because we were wired that way from attempting to provide for & organize societies that had it’s beginnings in chaos. This basic fact is what a vast amount of the even anti-feminists who are still sociologically & politically limited would call “anti-male”, but it’s really just a stern fact. In fact, it’s actually pro-male because it’s giving the blunt truth. Considering that I’m willing to accept this simplistic reduction because you need those basics to expand intricacies, in contrast, are females even willing to try to understand? Of course not. For one case, the ‘Blank Slate’ premise is highly influenced by feminine callousness.

This is an excerpt from that source (not the pictured one): “The brain biases persist & strengthen as children grow up, “seeing” life through that particular filter of the brain which they find easier, & more natural, to use. That bias in girls towards the personal, for instance, shows up in experiments. A group of children was given a rather special sort of sight test. They looked through a contraption raher like a pair of binocular, which showed the left & right eye two different images at the same time. One was of an object, the other of a person. The children had been shown exactly the same images. Boys saw more things, Girls saw more people……………….This male advantage in seeing patterns & abstract relationships – what could be called general strategic rather than detailed tactical thinking – perhaps explains the male dominance of chess, even in a country like the U.S.S.R., where the game is a national sport played by both sexes. An alternative explanation, more acceptable to those who would deny the biological basis of sex differences, is that “women have become so conditioned to the fact of male chess playing superiority that they subconsciously assign themselves lower expectations”; but this is a rather willful rejection of scientific evidence for the sake of maintaining a prejudice…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Men sometimes become exasperated at a women’s reaction to what they say. They do not realize that women are probably “hearing” much more than what the man himself thinks he is “saying”. Older females have a better memory for names & faces, & a greater sensitivity to other people’s preferences.” Even this preparation of basic confirmations presented with ease & in a lessened way was received with scorn (Just some proof of one of these instances: Search for a recorded debate (more like deflecting by mob-rule than debate): ‘Sex In The Brain: Do Men And Women Think Differently’), therefore, proving that the attempt of civility of science, what females sometimes refer to in fem-speak/barbarism as “being too nice”, will be burdened by female-hood. Females are a burden to the advancement of scientific & philosophical progress, & feminism is just one of those influences of gynocentrism. When this book was initially published – a tool to help females, it was controversial because of the very facts itself that the book communicates that females are “emotionally intelligent” have the “social intuition”, but, really, it’s just that females are petty. Sarcasm: Yeah, females really know how to socialize, as if that’s even a hard skill to learn. They’ll insinuate males so thoughtful in abstractions don’t know how to socialize – “lost”, but what’s actually happening is that those males are already gathering abstract patterns that they already made the estimations & analyzed the results – sometimes wrongfully called “defense mechanisms”, which makes the others wrongfully believe that they are qualified to make a judgement just by that mistaken observation as reliable. Females know how to socialize on the childish level because they are like children themselves.
This tendency that females have to judge tone, body language, expression, etc., makes them better candidates for communicating with, for example, infants, sure, but this is double-sided because it also makes them prone to misinterpretations & making false predictions on the more abstract levels, such as often wrongly thinking that an introduction means there’s nothing more mysterious. I will not type with lessened ease & become victims as those poor scientists who constructed that book did, so I will just bluntly state: womens’ retarded n.l.p. manner of “thinking” combined with their collectivism makes them gullible enough to comprise the majority of voters, then voting for candidates on the basis of stamina, tone, body language, rhetoric, etc.. You can’t discern a leader’s level of testosterone for a nostalgic fetish by a casual observation, but that’s essentially the symbol of what female voters vote on the basis of. That would actually require the accuracy of science instead, science chosen to be explored by males who still have those high amounts of testosterone but would rather chose to be intellectual than actors, but, of course, such males are “sad “beta” males with low t..”

The notion that science, logic, philosophy, detachment, etc., (even as I reuse “etc.” – considered redundant) being “passive aggressive” or “pathetic” is a feminine borne one. A robot can give plain, realistic analysis & the person receiving can react emotionally due to not deriving certain preferences, then becoming angry at the robot. It’s the same thing of females deflecting their inadequacies on masculinity.
Because of female’s burdensome n.l.p. manner of thinking, there are whole industries dedicated to wasteful gynocentric activity, akin to lifestyles of becoming intoxicated with alcohol to speak at a woman’s level. Generations of males so ordained by femininity they’ve become like females, & using deflections towards males who aren’t amused by the theatre & female’s immature sexuality; “ You don’t have enough experience with women.” That’s not even earning lessons, that’s entertainment. Those males who have lots of conquests will conclude similar things about female nature, but from a defensive stance, that the analyzer has in retaliation because they know it to be true.
Feminine borne projections, ranging from “gay”, “can’t get laid”, etc., often not even limited to execution by females, are caused by the fact that females bribe their sexuality to males who are ready to become actors like females, through implicit shaming & other means, which guards the fact that females cause major problems in society, fostering anti-meritocratic feelings by placing higher value on femininity with the expense of implying that science & the like is “beta”, or some un-methodical assumption.

We Did This for Your Own Good, Liberals

liberty_meme_muslimIt amuses me to hear leftist call me or anyone on my “side of the isle” – since, after all, as my lovely podcast co-host Ann Sterzinger said, there are 55 different genders and only two political positions you can choose from – paranoid when their collective fear of an America under President Trump is so irrational that they have put their blinders up to the absurd reactions of all of the people who  are crying in the street and being let out of their college courses to mourn that Donald Trump is now the 45th President.

According to angry leftists, Donald Trump isn’t just a Presidential candidate with a different point of view; his election is plainly and simply the triumph of EVIL.  In their warped view, the United States has a healthy population of angry, straight, white men, who are fed up with all of the progress that has been made by blacks… er, I mean persons of color, women, gays, Muslims, Jews, trans people and anyone who isn’t straight, white and male, and now it’s open season on them.

“Oh no, Trump is going to make it legal to kill gay people!”

“Donald Trump is going to do away with sexual harassment laws and cause a rapid rise in workplace ass pinching!”

“With Trump as President, it will now be mandatory to show Birth of a Nation and Triumph of the Will in high school classes across America!”

“Donald Trump is going to organize mobs to burn copies of the Koran and the Torah in largely Muslims and Jewish communities!”

The sad thing is the left are now so lacking in self-awareness that they will take these hyperbolic statements at face value.  “Hey mom, we just watched Birth of a Nation in history class.  I want to be a hero like those guys in the white hoods!”  Of course, as usual, the left’s logic crumbles under the most basic scrutiny.

In fact leftists have their heads so far up their asses that they will never realize how much good we did for them by sending S.S. America off the course of the Clinton ice berg.

Women – we won’t be importing 100,000 Syrian refugees into the United States.  Isn’t that great?  The U.S. won’t end up like Sweden, the rape capital of the world, now that we chose a candidate who has zero intention of importing immigrants who adhere to a belief system that says it’s perfectly okay to rape and molest women who don’t follow their oppressive holy book.  I KNOW; Trump said, “grab them by the pussy” ten years ago and called Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig, but I assume – and I guess I’m right since Trump won – that most people don’t give two shits about what someone said on a decade old video when, ya know, the other candidate wants to start World War III.  Oh, and Rosie O’Donnell IS a fat pig, so shouldn’t Trump be applauded for his honesty?

(Note: I know someone is going to mention the abortion issue.  My thoughts on it are as follows.  Women shouldn’t be HAVING abortions in the first place. If I have to explain the contradiction that a person would get charged with a double homicide when killing a pregnant woman, yet abortion is somehow NOT murder, well, ya know… HOWEVER, as far as Roe vs. Wade goes, it’s not going anywhere under Trump even if he does choose a conservative judge.  Regardless of comments he might have made saying he’s against abortion, considering his flip flopping, I doubt Trump has much of a stance on the issue one way or the other.)

Gays – See above.  Only replace “rape” and “molest” with “kill”  and “throw off of rooftops.”  Also see the Orlando night club shooting for further evidence that Trump is on the side of the gays.

Blacks – I don’t think Trump even explicitly mentioned blacks other than saying that the inner city communities could use some work.  If law and order are concepts that freak you out, you may want to examine how you live your lives because the national crime statistics aren’t exactly in your favor.  Of course, it’s no skin off my back because I don’t live in an inner city community around a lot of black people, but I do feel a little bad when I hear about that little girl that was gunned down in a drive by shooting.  Don’t yell at me if people don’t take you seriously when you shout black lives matter in their faces after another police officer shoots one of your own for trying to grab his gun, your city erupts in a riot and all of those nice businesses move out when they collect their insurance money.

Jews – Again, he’s not letting Muslims into the country, so you should be relieved about that since they hate you and want to kill you; maybe if they had not allowed them into France, the Charlie Hebdo massacre wouldn’t have happened.  Also, Trump’s daughter is married to one.

Muslims – I think your religion is garbage, but, if you’re in this country, I don’t see what Donald Trump can do to you or why you’re so scared.  You might want to police your people better, not play the victim when one of your own blows something up and not call everyone who criticizes your backwards way of life a “racist.” Also:


If ANY one of your people comes after me for this, you’ve further proved Trump’s point.

Mexicans – And what are you so scared of?  Did Donald Trump ever say he plans on having a program of mass deportation for American citizens that hailed from Mexico?  Did he ever say he’s going to open Mexican death camps?  I’m just dumbfounded by what exactly leftists are so worried about.  Where do the majority of the illegal immigrants come from?  Mexico.  Do many of them rape, murder and sell drugs?  Yes.  Do we want to eliminate one source of rape, murder and the selling of drugs?  Yes.  Is it ethical to copulate just to have your kid be born on American soil so you can use him or her to make you into a citizen?  No.  I think that pretty much covers that.

Pacifists – remember, in 2003, when you yelled at George W. Bush for invading Iraq because of all of the American and Iraqi blood that was spilled over the alleged purpose of “democratizing” a group of people that refused to be democratized?  Yeah?  Well, now it’s 2016, Clinton wants to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria to further attempt to “democratize” a group of people that refuses to be democratized.  Only, you’re not yelling anymore.  And why is Clinton so hellbent on starting shit with Russia?  I didn’t realize spilling innocent blood was a progressive value, but I suppose it is if it’s done by a woman.  Well, don’t worry; we saved your fathers, brothers, sons, uncles and male cousins from having to get blown up on foreign soil.  Actually, with this new “equality” mandate that women have to sign up for the military, we saved your mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and female cousins as well.  You are welcome.

Gun owners – this may seem like a strange group to identify because most gun owners are Trump supporters, but this one is from personal experience.  I know a supposedly anti-big government libertarian type who collects guns.  Yet, when I mentioned that I was voting for Donald Trump, his head nearly exploded.  I was a bit confused by this because I was voting or the candidate that was not going to regulate firearms out of existence.  His aversion to Trump was pretty much the same as everyone else’s; he’s racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic and not fit to be in the White House.  Well, thanks to us voting for a racist, sexist, homophobic Islamophobe, who is not fit to be in the White House, you’ll be able to continue to collect your firearms.  Can we get a thank you?

Fathers – this may seem like another strange group to single out, but I have at least two friends who are fathers.  I asked one of them what he would do if his son ever became an “Otherkin.”  For those who don’t know, “Otherkins” feel they were born in the body of the wrong species.  Naturally, as any sane person would, he told me that, if his son was involved in this online community, he would have a long talk with him and possibly cut off his internet access.  Yet he voted for Clinton against that “great evil” Donald Trump.  He will never realize what a foolish mistake this would have been if Clinton had won.  In a society where a man can put on a dress, claim to be a woman, demand access to the bathroom of the opposite sex and have an online community as a support group for his mental disorder, having a yelling harpy in the White House would only further force the media into an anti-male frenzy – similar to the current anti-white frenzy fostered by eight years under the Obama administration – and would make the world a confusing hell hole for the next generation of young men.  Thanks to us, your sons will now be able to ask you normal dating questions like, “what’s the best way to get a girl’s number?”, rather than, “am I a bigot if I prefer the girl I’m dating to have been born a girl?”  You are SO welcome.

I know a lot of reasonable liberals, leftists, Clinton supporters and other forms of anti-Trumpsters who have accepted defeat and are ready to give Donald Trump a chance.  These people understand that Donald Trump isn’t the second coming of Hitler.  He’s just a man with a different view from theirs.  Unfortunately there are those who are in denial, who have attempted to petition the electoral college to simply vote against the people because they don’t like the outcome of the election, who are in the streets crying and moaning or who are being let out of their university classes to have grieving sessions as if someone in their family died.  They don’t realize FOR A SECOND how fucking stupid they look, and that we’re laughing at them.

As far as I’m concerned, they’re impotent.  They can deface all the cars they want, call people every name in the book, gang up on people in online forums, beat people up, attempt to humiliate people and perform all other manner of bullying, but they’re toast.  Sorry left; you lost.  We don’t care about your feelings anymore.  We don’t give a flying hoot if you think we’re racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic bigots.  And remember; we did this for your own good.

Science Of Sex Differences


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

Duplicating points is an important strategy because in the “sea of noise” things are read in segments.

You don’t need to make hour long recordings to analyze this fake thing called feminism per se. That’s only important to an extent. It’s often better to just leave it at the fact that it is just some fake thing. What’s much more important is discovering female nature, as well as male nature.
I take notes on this harder science becuase I’m also in the processing of refining my skill in that field, which is why I have been using a rote method of noting. The psychology & the philosophy is a bit different.

Biology/nature precedes culture. Any cultural shifting of that nature is dependent of that nature.
There is no rat culture, & that’s why it is valid to employ scientific research based on zoology without the distractions of the cultural acts.
This type of science is much too important to review innaccurately because there is an even larger amount of cultural info. inconsistent & lazy to realism, partly because it’s much faster & easier to make interpretations based on short-sight then it is to actually prepare all of the requirements of science. For instance: I’ve even recieved from the new-age community of the concept of the “right brain being feminine” & “left brain being masculine”. Some such people of the latter simplification have even held lectures. You can’t simplify something like neuroscience just like that. You don’t do cultural interpretations first & then try to apply it to science. You have to do it the other way around; you seek science first, then derive other analysis from that science. That’s why a precise reporting is needed.
There are sub-categories of sex differences factoring of hormonal levels, which is translated to gender, i.e., a male can still be highly effeminate – homosexual, bisexual, or still a heterosexual with very low testosterone. However, even though testosterone is a major factor of “masculinizing” the brain, to what degree it affects gender is still not completely certain. Gender can also be more of a feeling. The concept of gender, however, is not applied in the same way that biological scientists would by people with anti-realist agendas. Gender is strategically misappropriated, with no understanding of biological probabilism, by feminists & the like to try to evade the entire reality of sex differences as a means of steering the narrative away from critiques of female nature – you-can’t-criticize-a-woman. They don’t even care for the science of gender itself, but is merely used as a spanning tactic to pause appositional debating. There are sometimes some males who can still be biologically highly masculine & still act feminine – showmanship/”cartoon-characters”/metrosexuals, etc., these are usally just some trendy phases, which is often what feminists & the like use because they’re still stuck on the level of mainstream iconography. You can not attribute psychological condition for gender, but that is essentially the cultural – non-scientific – interpretations; a male who has had some horrible experience; seeing horrors in a war, then becoming depressed, then the culture making lose associations – “effeminate” due to passive depression. It doesn’t work like that. There is seriously stuff regarding sex differences, & it’s other derivative – gender – on that level of interpretation.
Sexual distinctions of the male & female brain is caused by activity of sex hormones in early postnatal & fetal life, although current evidence of genes on either the X or Y chromosome suggests probable contribution to it. Scientists have found statistically and biologically significant differences between the brains of men and women that are similar to sex differences found in experimental animals. These include differences in the size and shape of brain structures in the hypothalamus and the arrangement of neurons in the cortex and hippocampus. Sex differences go well beyond sexual behavior and reproduction and affect many brain regions and functions, ranging from mechanisms for perceiving pain and dealing with stress to strategies for solving cognitive problems.
During development, many biological events eventualizes that distinctly modifys females & males. Particularly, sex definitive genes that are caused by the sex-chromosome complex installs augmentation that formalizes a morphon’s sex, adding to conduction of the dissimilitude of phsyiology in sex-categorical forms. Such processes serves to numerous particular sex distinctions, among even susceptibility to some diseases. Albeit it prevailed that sex hormones exclusievly demarcated the body & brain, there’s more fact-finding transpiring that genes are also a direct factor. Upon further reading, there is a review with also a report on the use of a unique mouse model that divides the results of gonadal hormones & sex chromosomes. Excogitation of mental & physical health can be applied to advancement when understanding of male & female, & how the roles that hormones and genes play in sex differences, evolve with genetic technology.
The information of sexes is a quarrelsome one. Ignoring them can cause taxing discordance. Pointedly, there’s various organic shifts which specifically modifys the sexes, exempli gratia, the lack or occupancy of the Y-chromosome & the staging of gonadal hormones, even prior to birth into culture. During life, continual situations will eventualize which are seperate to each sex. Ergo, health related issues are segmented by female & male distinctive experiences.
Of selective concern for this review are sex distinctions of the brain credited to genetics. Even though in the past greater neurochemical & neuranatomical contrast were imputed to gonadal hormones, that is, estrogens & androgens, emerging data refers categorical genetic consequences on sex distinctions of the brain even earlier to the extention of gonadal hormones.
In most species, distinguishable differences of the sexes are readily discernable due to ammased physical formation & the characteristically gaudy, such as vivid feathers, etc.. Also, distinctions of size of brain features & waist-to-hip comparisons. There’s much more than just observable anatomy, such as cognition & sexuality.
From general physiological details, typical characteristics are developed: The sexes considerably differ on their consolidating of carnality, males being significantly more interested in organic, vital, & plasmic sex, as well as visual stimuli – graphic erotica, film, physical models, etc. – & variations of females, although females do indulge in their own version of pornography, more often literature, & there’s also been a study stating that Asiatic females tend to view male/visual based erotica more so than any other type of female. Female sexuality is a bit different than male sexuality; as males emphasize more visual enhancement & body parts, females are interested in more politicized sex, hence why it is more commonly found in the dramatic art of writing. According to the reports, females place more importance on foreplay & are more interested after sex. Makes sense with females stating “I’m dumping him becuase he doesn’t know what to do”. Females’ conceptional volition is very limited to materialism & sex & things directly related to it. This source excluded other factors, such as male psychological factors – rational fear/cause-&-effect thinking of future terms in conjunction to female nature, etc., & the other societal factor of the practice of male genital mutilation takeing away stronger passion. Females’ sexual desires & interests often shifts in accordance to their menstrual cycle.
Some argue differences are due to environmental factors versus innate. To smaller degrees, that’s true, but the external units are only versions of the innate. Therefore, females & males being receptive to “carving” means innate predispositions. Cross-cultural & multinational studies have found significant distinctions in sexual attitudes & behaviours. Sex differences were found regarding sociosexuality bounding 53 nations. Several twin studies have also found differences of sexuality are more influenced by biology rather than environment, & some genetic studies proposed candidate genes for sexual behaviour. The biology is the predominating factor, then the cultural aspects does some of its part. Most of all, genetic & cross national analysis of sex differences of context to sociosexuality concludes biological basis, as well as cognitive abilities & more.
Controlling nature & strategising with more options is an aspect of male cognition which drastically differentiates our biology from the female. We can either chose to strive to the latter in utilizing our different set of cognition, or we can conform ourselves to the traditional selection set from females’ primal cognition & biology which was more appropriately suited for hundreds to thousands of years ago. It’s not “emasculation”, etc., to be analytical & form new strategies by that. I’m not defending from insecurity. It’s an issue of realizing that that shaming language is a feminine-bourn trend which quite litterally has it’s roots in barbaric times that allowed females to take advantage to their usuary of masculinity. Scientists are willing to state, with their elaborate conductions, that male & female biological psychology is different, but their not willing to tell you that male cognition is excelling because those scientists are still persuaded & domesticated by feelings, particularly gynocentric, on some level, & that is a detached, scientific fact.
Even more controversial than sex differences of context to sociosexuality are sex differences in cognitivition & mental processes. A variety of distinctions on each sexes’ ability on how they perform on cognitive abilities have been proven. Two reoccurring reports of sex differences are in mental rotation task – involving spatial & mathematical processing – generally masculine – & verbal fluency – generally feminine. Tone, pronounciation is a major concern for females. It accounts for their tendency of causing reversals with their syndrome of illogical assesment of plain approaches as “creepy”, bad, poor, etc., while unnoticing of bad traits of others if they have authority presented stylishly. It’s their tendency to notice topical things which actually makes them neglectful of noticing the expansive, largely also due to the fact that females are wired for communion of baby-reading. Silent “awkwardness” is inflated because of the fact that females just don’t know how to turn it off. I believe it was Einstein who once stated: If you can’t simplify it in a formula, then you probably don’t understand it well enough. (Which is how I’ve condensed the science given from an entire book into a summary.) It’s theoretically possible that females’ tendency for disorganized, rumor level communication is due to the fact that, by history, males were vulnerable to making quick decisions – lazy & incompleletely reported as: “males as the bane of wars”, etc., doing the actual hard work, females cultivated commentary & manipulation, then narratives of females having more “emotional intelligence”, etc., manifested. J.K. Rowling, your stories are amusing, but you didn’t ultimately create that. Males created the factories & also the distribution methods, you just decorated. (Which, as a side note, the latter type of inflated female are much more masculine women. )
It’s well-known that of the rudimentary model of primates, who, due to less complex systems, don’t have “rigid gender roles,” choice for toys and activities parallel studies of human children – male monkeys chosing toy trucks. On humans, researchers found that sex distinctions of visuo-spatial faculties were natural even when those nations were more liberal of gender roles. Magnetic resonance imaging research have confirmed sex differences of cerebral blood flow patterns with cognitive tasks – results similar to studies on monkeys.
Research continues on the biological realities of cogntition & behaviour of sex differences. Factors are affected by interaction of culture & biological factors – both nature & nurture, however, biology is & was rudimentary, therefore, science is the standard to answer to how behaviour manifests in a given culture. How organisms recieves or accustoms itself to situations confirms propensity. With the aid of science & logic, we can answer how it is that females are more prone to tending, influencing, & manipulation – a large influence of the sektor of the “nurturing” cultural aspect, who tries to impinge, like children, on realism with a-logical inducement of entertainment, inflated opinions, into bureaucratic services, & give appeasement & distractions, therefore, a natural process. They want to impinge slogans of raise-your-daughter-to-be-a-warrior, etc., becuase that bombardment of communal expansiveness is itself a natural occurrance. By science, we can also confirm the various representations of male organization & assertiveness, not just crude charicatures, etc., of the cultural interpretations.
The general public believes that sex is purely based on external genitalia. There’s actually seven biological parameters that defines sex:
1. Sex chromosomes – involved in concluding the sex of an organism. Of humans, consisting of the Y- & X-chromosome.
2. Sex-determining genes- involved in development of female-typical & male-typical phenotypes – Wnt-4, Sox9, & Sry.
3. Gonads: – Organs producing gametes – overies & testes.
4. Gonadal hormones – Produced by ovaries & testes, sex steroids, estrogen & androgen, involved in first & secondary sex characteristics
5. Internal reprodcutive structures – system of connected organs involved in reproduction, such as, Mullerian ducts & wilffian ducts.
6. External reproductive structures – genitals.
7. Brain sex – The presence of sex-specific neuroanatomical parameters that are often the result of circulating gonadal hormones. Brain Sex can also define a masculine or effeminate mind, e.g., a woman can sometimes have a more masculine mind than a male.
Two significant occurences of embryogenesis advances the creation of sex-specific phenotypes. The first one is sex certainty as the undetermined gonads become either ovaries or testes. Human gonad maturing happens ~eight weeks post concieving, even though the certainty of how the gonads will mature happens during conception, that is, whether the zygote paternally recieved an x or y-chromosome. Secondly, it is sex differentiation & it is of the process of internal & external procreative networks. If an embryo creates testes, then it will start to create 3 significant biomolecules: insulin-like peptide 3, anti-mullerian hormone, & testosterone. Testosterone will cause the process of of male-typical internal reproductive tract, such as, seminal vesicles, epididymis, & vas deferens, & external reproductive matter – genitals. Mullerian-inhibiting substance, a.k.a.: Anti-Mullerian Hormone, will deconstruct what would have created the internal reproductive tract for a female. Previously termed relaxin-like factor, Insulin-like 3 causes the lowering of the testes from abdomen to scrotum. Contrastingly, if an embryo creates ovaries, it will negate those 3 biomolecules. Absence of testosterone makes decomposition of the male-specific internal reproductive tract & the external reproductive matter will manifest the labia & clitoris. Lack of Anti-Mullerian hormone causes female-typical interior procreative tract to operate, such as, upper portion of vagina & fallopian tubes. Lack of insulin peptice 3 will keep developing ovaries within abdoman.
 Radical interuptions to the process of sex determination will cause novel variations.
The classical understanding of sex distinctions, via from decades of research demonstrating the effects of gonadal hormones of vertabrates, is, historically, thought that gonads – namely testes – were the total factors of creating whole somatic sexual dimorphisms of mammals. Gonadal hormones have 2 main effects: Regulatory effects, which are irreversible & permanent during development that structures into female-typical or male-typical arrangements. The other is: activational effects. They are short term changes happening as particular hormones are present in body & frequently reliant on prior structural effects. Other than the pre-typed alterations to the reproductive structure, it was beleived that testosterone was the sole “masculinizer” of the fetus’s brain. When embryogenesis occurs, testosterone produced by the testes goes to brain during important phases of the earliest of ontogenesis where it is transfmormed to estradiol by the enzyme aromatase. The estradiol then operates on the estrogen receptor, which masculinizes particular brain zones, exempli gratia, the hypothalamus. Adding, estradiol strongly boosts the elaboration of male-typical neurocircuitry & restrains elaboration of female-typical neurocircuitry. Even though ovaries make estrogens midst female elaboration, estradiol in female fetuses is restricted from accessing the brain by a compound termed alpha-fetoprotein. Still, research on the aromatization factor of testosterone in masculinizing the brain have only been [reported: 2010] done on zoological models. Thus, it’s less assured what if any role estradiol does in making the huma brain masculine.
Comprehensively, the classical understanding on gonadal hormones translates numerous of the sex distinctions in the elaboration of the reproductive tract and the brain. However, proceeding studies has discovered that sex differences are not limited to gonadal hormones.
Proceeding research of the later half of the 20th century challeneged the once dominating classical understanding on sex differences. One case: some studies were that male rat embryos were heavier tha female ones before sex definition. Others discovered scrotal convexity of the tammar wallaby prior to sex definition.
 By 1991, it was reported that sex distinctions of the brain could be discerned before the process of sex differentiation. From mesencephalic & diencephalic cell cultures of rat embryos two weeks after conception – before surge of gonadal hormones. In these in vitro cultures, sectional distinctions were studied of the definition of tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive cells where females had more neurons than males, inferring that the distinction of dopaminergic neurons was independent of the ecistence of gonadal hormones. Studies on zebra finches furthered ideas of factors other than gonadal hormones as factors that could be in conjunction to development of sex distinctions. Female zebra finches do not sing a unique courtship song that males do, which is due to brain regions significantly larger of male ones. Although it was reckoned that such distinctions were present because of gonadal hormones, neither by trial.
Although it was believed that such differences existed because of gonadal hormones, neither experimentally managing hormones, such as, conducting female zebra finches with estradiol to bring “masculinization” of brain, nor making productions of cross-sex gonads, such as bringing production of ovaries in a male, chiefly modified song actions…. Further, the dissection of a gynadromorphic zebra finch – phenotypically & genotypically female on one side of body, & phenotypically & genotypically male on other side of body – indicated that only one brain hemisphere was masculinized even though both hemispheres would’ve been involved with same flowing gonadal hormones. A similar study was reported in three lateral gynandromorph chickens.
As many derived to believe that the sex-chromosome counterpart with the cell was involved in a role in sex differences, the task then became studying causative involvement. The specific challenge was separating the consequences by the sex-chromosome complement from those by gonadal sex.
A modern 2 x 2 mouse model termed: four-core genotypes mouse model, has been invented to sort the consequences of the sex chromosomes from the consequences of gonadal hormones. To use this model, scientists wield the absence or presence of the Sry gene in XY & XX mice. Sry is occupied on the Y-chromosome, & it helps testes elaborating. The mouse will cultivate testes , if Sry is infused into an XX mouse’s genome (symbolized XXSry), however, XXSry mouse are unfertile for there are particular genes on the Y-chromosome required for sperm creation. If Sry is deleted from an XY mouse (symbolized as XY-), then it won’t develop testes, instead processing as a fertile female. If Sry is eliminated from the Y-chromosome of an XY mouse & then reinserted into one of its autosomes (symbolized XY – Sry), due to presence of the Y-chromosome, the mouse will still develop as a completely fertile male.
Some investigations have employed the FCG model to analyze the direct result of gonadal hormones & sex chromosomes on sex distinctions. For whatever trait, if mice with Sry considerably diverge from mice without it, the difference can be traced to gonadal hormones. However, if mice including a Y-chromosome differ from mice without it, the dissimilarity can be connected to the counterpat of sex chromosomes. The FCG illustration can further ascertain whatever interaction that might result among gonadal hormones & sex chromosomes.
The FCG representation can be utilised to exclude the factor of gonadal hormones in sex distinctions; women & men differ of the intensity & severity to which each sense particular pain-related disorders – Raynaud’s disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrom, & migraine headaches. They discovered that XX mice were quicker to respond to pain than to the contrasting mice when using the FCG regardless of their gonadal sex, indicating that genes on the sex chromosomes had an explicit consequence on sex distinctions in intense nociception that wasn’t mediated by gonadal hormones. FCG also shows direct effect of varying behavior of chromosomal sex of environmental reward or stimulus. Case, males are more pronet to trial & abuse of substances un-permitted by authority. Females though indicate to be more controlled by effects of such substances. By the FCG model, scientists discovered that XX & XXSry mice more rapidly gained unhealthy consumption customs for sucrose set to XY- & XYSry mice. One discovered the addiction formation in the obverse: XY- & XY-Sry mice more rapdily gained compulsive thirst addiction compared to XX & XXSry mice when substance consumed was alchohol. Therefore, although the FCG model can indicate direct effect of chromosomal sex on sexually distinctive behaviors, it can also indicate that the direct effect of sex-chromosome set is reliant on the exhibition or type of reinforcer – alcohol vs. sucrose – that organisms meet.
The FCG standard can be employed to discover any transfer effects the joined effect of doubled sex chromosomes & gonadal hormones. Males have aggression & commit violent crimes reportedly by larger frequency than females. However, there’s a seperate article that female aggression is much different than male & less reported. Psychologist: Seth Meyers, Psy. D stated his regualar trainings cites by experts that the number of female psychopaths is actually higher than documented. Relational aggression is more of a female type – damaging someone’s social status, using proxy violence, & ruining others’ relationships. The way the judicial system is operated is to prioritize femalehood, so less documented female criminals, as well as obliging to false allegations by females. With temperament by female psycopaths being a distinctly different type of comfort, arrogance, & non-domineering, it is not an “aggression” society can recognize easily, or even cares to acknowledge.[Source: Seth Meyers Psy. D., Aug. 10 , 2015. Your Field Guide To The Female Psychopath (& why we rarely see her coming.)] Not everything is documented. With the FCG standard, it was researched that there was a reciprocal effect between chromosomal sex & gonadal sex on aggression: with 3 other types of FCG mice, XX mice with ovaries had least amount of aggression. Parenting behavior was also different that showed an interaction effect. Of most species, females oblige more parenting than males. “Pup retrieval” is one instance; actively retrieving offspring removed or fallen from nest. XX mice with ovaries were more prone to persistent response to retrieving pups compared to the other three types of FCG mice. unique discoveries as these suggests how absence or presence of the Y-chromosome or gonadal secretions could influence sex specific traits.
The FCG mouse model is very good to understand the factor of sex chromosomes & gonadal hormones. Still, if an explicit corrollary of sex chromosomes is discovered, it the unique aspect of the sex specific sex chromosome summarized: Is the recognized absolute consequence due absence or presence of the y-chromosome? Or is it due to the reality of two x-chromosomes rather than one x-chromosomes? To confirm this problem, scientists can better the model to investigate the core effect of the Y- & X-chromosome. As with the original FCG model, the role of the existence of the Y-chromosome by camparing columns of the 2×2 model can be solved. Reversed, there can be a detection of the direct effect of having two X-chromosomes by comparing rows of this reduced representative. The consequences of this standard can answer the scientist as to which sex chromosome to analyze. BY comparing XO females to XX females, it’s conceivable to ascertain an effect of the number of X chromosomes. One more model that can be used if it’s definitive that the X-chromosome is the cause of the effect. Of the subsequent reformation, the source of causation for the x-chromosome is contemplated. Pointedly, is it significant if the X-chromosome is paternally transmitted – Xp0 symbolized – or maternally imparted – Xm0 symbolized? comparable tests have been done, though they didn’t proceed via the FCG mouse model. It was discovered that XmO women displayed more communal ruination – lacking awareness of own behaviour with others, onconsolable when uncomfortable, & lacking empathy – compared to Xp0. Next, a new maternally signified candidate gene – Xlr3b – affecting cognition was discovered in XmO mice. Comprehensively, the three patterns of the FCG model can help scientists investigate specific genetic systems affecting behavioral features.
Apart from the FCG mouse model, scientists can try to discover particular genes that differentiates sexes directly via the brain. Anatomizing brains of mouse embryos 10.5 days post conception-prior to the flow of gonadal hormones with association with sex terminus. 50 genes were labeled that were differently embodied between female & male, furthering the idea that genes likely have a direct effect on specific brain parts, which induces sex distinctions. Infra, it was disclosed that the Sry gene directly affected the biochemical properties in the substantia nigra causing a decrease in tyrosine hydroxylase expression-an enzyme that is a factor in the biosynthesis of dopamin. Apperantly, certain sex-specific assets of the dopaminergic neurons are controlled by genes listless of gonadal hormones.
Conclusively, many sex differences – both psychological & biological – exist with female & male. Gonadal hormones is one major facor of such differences. Accumulating research though states that not all differences are reliant on amount & presence of estrogns & androgens; sex chromosomes & genes are also a factor. What has been reviewed:The model of sex determination & differentiation is mainly directed by lack or presence of testes. The 2×2 four-core genotype mouse model is increasingly applied to disclose the role of sex chromosomes & gonadal hormones of sex differences. There was also a proposal of some refinements for scientists to use if they determine that sex chromosomes activate a more important effect than gonadal hormones. Lastly, the only known neuromolecular report on the direct effect of a specific gene involved in sex determination was presented. As sex differences being a role of welfare & health becomes critical, theres several science questions; how might inherited epigenetic mechanisms, such as histone modifications & DNA methylation, influence sex differences of the brain? Which workingscontrol sex biased gene definition of women & men, & how do they give to sex-specific diseases, like Alzeimer’s disease & Huntington’s disease? Can info. of molecular pathways be applied to tailor patiens? What degree do epigentic modification maintain & establish sex differences?

Many will resist science on sex differences, but, considering it is madentory for physiologists in application to medicine, it’s obviously an important science.

Citations: Sex Differences In The Human Brain, Their Underpinnings & Implications by Ivanka Savic. PAGES: 65 – 73.

Male + Math = This Report


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

“That’s just generalizing” – said the general female. Females generally don’t know how to generalize because of the fact that they generally lack higher mathematical skill. Generalizing is a version of mathematics.
Data has disclosed large sex differences of mathematical reasoning ability to occur before age 13 of males excelling.
It’s easy to apply an agenda that states environmental & social factors exclusively, or mostly, explains the data, however, there’s a better answer. The scientific method negates the most classically ideal & politically expedient conclusions, & that is why it is the least popular.
Females have been reported to do well in what is referred to as computational mathematics, males score significantly higher on more abstract mathematics.
In the U.S. differences have been discovered after puberty when the curriculum becomes more abstract.
There’s been another sociological hypothesis to try to discount the science, as usual, that males were just simply better because they had more opportunity to enroll in harder math courses, especially higher level courses, than females, but actually, males are more prone to risk taking & to not be hindered by “math anxiety”.
Data collected over 8 years by the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth, disclosed that sex differences of mathematical reasoning ability of pre-adolescents – before age 13 & before harder courses – with essentially same formal education.
There was much convoluted analysis, but, ultimately, by calling-a-spade-a-spade, males scored higher on mathematical reasoning ability. Sometimes I really do favor some Platonic philosophy that gives the blunt truth instead of the wild-goose-chase of spanning time & expanding formulas to state the obvious that males are more logical. This testing called SMPY at Johns Hopkins University was of a sub-set of already mathematically gifted males & females, but with testing of other f.-m. testing of poor or mediocre mathematical aptitude, there are same patterns. There’s a graph which I can’t reproduce in pictoral format, so physical copies should be gathered to confirm.
Their development during the latter investigation of their testing was discovered to have had mathematical & science reasoning to be persistently different with the sexes. Both math & verbal reasoning abilities of males advanced to better levels than females. It’s well known now that females are more prone to verbosity, however, males can refine verbosity even better, it’s just that males have more of a tendency to incline to “synthetic”, for a lack of a better word, knowledge. There’s the argument: “you would derive better ethics from more in depth, “feminine”/”new agey” lectures.” I highly doubt ancient mysticism that was used as symbols to work with what was available to them at that development to try to make sense of reality was created by women anyway. No, you derive better ethics & more cohesion from “mechanical” logic.
In a related science study to the aforementioned math testing, Benbow & Stanley confirmed that personality traits associated with scientists is, usually, much more frequent by males.
There are environmental & social arguments as hypothesis, but they are just that. What is presented by distractions is that females do more poorly because of being taught less, but actually males are just more prone to enroll themselves in harder math, etc.. It was also reported that males improved on verbal ability, in spite of the fact that females are more prone to enroll in more verbal courses. Environmental & social factors only contribute to sex differences of smaller degrees.
It has been suggested that spatial ability is related to mathematical skill. Spatial ability was discovered to be related to better performance on SAT-M as a whole. The girls likely solved some problems with verbal strategy. Alternatively, mathematically gifted females would require more spacial ability practice than mathematically gifted boys to to do as well on SAT-M.
Spacial ability has concluded a developmental trend – influence by sex hormones, & is perhaps an autosomal gene with reduced penetrance of females.
Another suggestion for the sex differences of spacial ability is that males & females have left & right hemispheres of brains differently lateralized. Experimental & clinical data gives that the left hemisphere is specialized for language processing & the right for spacial processing. It is indicated that males have greater right hemisphere specialization than females. Researchers have investigated the possibility that males are more lateralized than females, might be why there’s sex differences of spacial ability.
Conclusively, there’s specific physiological correlates of extremely high mathematical & verbal reasoning skills.
Precocious boys have been reported to have puberty induced significantly later than precocious females. Genius boys are potentials not necessarily readily apparent. Sex differences of cognition are indicated due to increased levels of testosterone. Consequences of fetal exposure to increase of testosterone have been in fact discovered for precocious youth. You read correctly; testosterone would make one more logical.
Environmental & societal simplifications does not entirely explain the data. It’s a combination of both nature & nurture, with the, repeatedly, nature preceding culture.
Citations: Sex Differences In The Brain (Progress In Brain Research Volume 61) Edited by G.J. De Vries, J.P.C. De Bruin, H.B.M. Uylings & M.A. Corner, pg.: 469, 470, 472, 473, 474, 476, 478, 479,

Introducing Phallocentrism


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy







Notice: The word “aesthetics” is not defined in this context of it’s visual associations. I use it in the context of females being more concerned with how something is delivered than the actual thing itself. Yes, males are naturally more visual creatures.

Before reading this I would like to clarify this: Firstly, you would have to read this, especially due to its off kilter execution, in its entirety with full alertness. Secondly, Many will obviously mistake this, but what’s more is that some will mistake the fundamental message entirely for some sort of religion of sex, basically. That is not what I am saying at all. I’m saying the exact apposite actually; it is that sort of hypnosis that many males waste their time with that actually helps the stagnation &/or decline, not only in their own lives, but on a larger cultural scale as well. If males were to stop promoting females’ egos by realizing that their main unction in society is to breed & related, & examine sexuality purely objectively, it would naturally become just another easy custom in society rather than a task for males.

Essentially what I am proposing is what patriarchy would be if it actually existed fully.

In short summation:



In the abstract:

Female sexual preference selects for the reactionary. This instinctual female sexual preference has habitually & indirectly sculpted anti-intellectualism. What soft unscientific “sciences” of Feminism, which translates to art, not science, doesn’t grasp is that “male dominance” is a result of, historically speaking, males sacrificing themselves to be of service to build & organize, which has, as a natural side product, resulted in occasional aggression & shoddy strategizing. SELECTION = PRIVILEGE = MATRIARCHY.

The matriarchy can be described as a culture revolving around institutionalized kitsch/art, a mindless consumption of base materialism, as apposed to higher “spiritual” strivings, celebrity styled dominance hierarchies, systematic procedure of genital mutilation (although this practice is most likely the result of the trial & error experimental methodology of male concocting/sacrifice, which should be compared to the ultra violent, obscure female-led Amazonian culture.) of male babies that deprives males of their full sexuality, as thousands of nerve endings are contained in the male foreskin. (speaking as an uncircumsized male myself born in Brazil where ,at least to my knowledge of Brazil’s current stance on circumcision, this procedure does not occur, I am NATURALLY & HEALTHILY much more interested in sex than the average male.) & an unhealthy emphasis of p.c. taste over rationality/truth, which has stalled the progress of science, which could help promote a more technocratic oriented society.

Our society is mind-controlled (not as defined as “reptilians”, etc..) by the matriarchy that is often mistaken, especially due to the lies of the soft social “sciences” known as Feminism, for a “patriarchy.” This mind control has occurred through the ages mainly subconsciously. The so-called “patriarchy” – a sacrifice by males to serve – has only been conditioned by the covert matriarchy, as female sexual preference selects for males of service, the archetypal “alpha males” have been projected on the macro as the “patriarchy.” Women have selected the “patriarchy” , & men have enabled female leisure.

Love, although I am not denying that love is a very real & valuable emotional bond/support system, is generally initiated by some form of business transaction, usually material, sometimes otherwise. Because men are so easily amused by female sexuality that is accompanied by an indifference to female habitual collusion, males have allowed themselves into receiving the inculcation that it is a “fair deal” to pay the female sex, whether materially &/or otherwise, for the purpose of giving them their utility. Even sex itself, although it is surely reciprocal, is predominantly an activity in which the male gives to a passive recipient in money/materials, energy, thrusting, sacrifice of prudence, & sperm. The former illogical barter system has been triggered on to society because men are weak to female sexuality.

It is males who construct & organize society, therefore it would only be a proper barter system for males to enjoy the benefits of their labor by having females defray towards male societal utility.

Of course the notion of “natural” human rights are only contrived by fluctuating human movements, it is still self evident , if one thinks logically, that the current barter system to initiate reciprocating love is not truly based on a balanced foundation of pay & receive, but pay & give. I’m no economist, but the current barter system is analogous to a hypothetical situation where one pays you to take you to a theme park.

Females generally consume, while males do, & females will continue this dis-balance of having males pay them for the purpose of basically giving females a life because females know, whether fully conscious or subconsciously, that they can get away with it.

MALES, STOP IMMEDIATELY CATERING TO FEMALE VANITY & THE MATRIARCHY IS DEPOSED! If a reversal of the approach would be initiated, females would naturally be enforced to cater to a phallocentric society, thus following higher pursuits, as they often do follow.

I do consider that females instinctually evaluate male status for the purpose of discerning potential support for the child when enduring the painful process of birth, ( one year. big deal, which still doesn’t counterweigh male societal performance.) , which can be alleviated & assisted through technological ingenuity provided by male service/sacrifice. Females have been reported to excel in subservient multitasking, while males at concentrating, & it would be an honorable attitude to adopt for them to be willing to give their progeny to the sex that represents the half of humanity that builds & organizes most of it. Females “gave us life”. More accurately, we gave females a life. We assisted them with technology & ingenuity so that now they can use the vague planning, excuse of giving birth to just maintain more greed. Even though a female may not be greedy for external materialism, they still have the greed for  internalized materialism.

The counter argument is that females select on the basis of high status symbols for the purpose of promoting potential offspring. Reply: Females are the ones who prioritize offspring first. Overpopualtion is a myth. More intelligent, rational males, more innovation & civilization. Females are not giving 6-7  children to these “boring” accountant types.What they do instead is they spend the teens to mid 20s sifting through descent males, wasting time, & also trying to find this unrealistic fantasy that barely even exists of the similar type of success of the “boring” accountant but who also has the dominance of Mike Tyson. That only works sometimes when it is postured a certain way. Males generally want an affection based relationship first before evaluating options of creating offspring. Males are the first ones to plan with condoms, etc., then start thinking about family orientation after planning is established.




The term ‘phallocentric’ might connote to more superficial minds that such a motive is only sexual, (& I do emphasize more sexuality in this) but if you get towards the build up of the climax in this segment,(pun intended) it is not sex itself that is the main motive, but the newly replaced impetus that would ensue in the aftermath of a mass hypothesized reversal of our current gynocentrism that is the main motive.Don’t be so superficial,



Do not mistake phallocentrism for traditionalism or patriarchy. Any definition of patriarchy as “man centered” is a misnomer due to mass subjective contrivance. Zoologists acknowledge ant society revolves around catering the queen. Humans can not apply the latter analogy because humans are not 100% objective onto themselves. Patriarchy is right in asserting itself that masculinity is the predominating force that constructs/ organizes society, however, where paternalism is subject to blunder is in instinctively tendering to femininty.

Males are the tools of society. Females SHOULD be the tool boxes.

Some argue that feminine intuition is superior in selection for Darwinian weeding, however, phallocentrism on a mass societal level has never been tested, so the former argument is unsubstantiated. I take the stance that masculine logic is superior to feminine intuition.

Some might ask: ” Why are you so concerned with sex in regards to the Feminist problem?”

Answer: Society is quite literally triggered from a sexological & psychological point. If you examine the causal roots, the effects become lucid.

Look to evolutionary psychology, sexology, neuro-science, & general psychology .

This phallocentric conjecture remains as purely theoretical since this has never been markedly tested, & will probably remain so in this life time.

Masculine logic is distinctively different from feminine intuition. Phallocentrism holds the position that masculine logic is a much better impetus than feminine intuition. In a phallocentric system masculine logic would take the monopoly of their sexuality since masculine logic would replace feminine intuition as the selective/ Darwinian weeding methodology.
Let us learn from Elders: The northern Asiatic has been reported to be the most functional people of them all. They are very good at abiding by systems. However, to use that model, I think we would get some very good results if that method of a more rigid patriarchy would be applied to the more exploratory western culture. Asiatics are very good on following instructions, but they don’t have that “daring” spirit of the western & septentrion. It is also true of the stereotype of Asian females. I know from anecdotal as well as scientific confirmations; they are better companions, both in terms of loyalty, as well as much better of sex. I think it’s do to having higher i.q.s allows them to deal with situations by much more functionality & a mature way.

Imbedded in Chinese Societies is to favor boys over girls. Important links to ancestors & family names carry through male line, as well as economic reasons as links. The Chinese system of tenancy is an important factor. Farmer families receive one plot of land, & since historically girls who marry move in with family of groom, a family with a boy has a better chance ultimately with the land-allotment system. Boys are also better able to tend farm & also to care for aging parents.
Due to political reasons of Mao’s rule, it was planned to have one-child planning, designed for exhortation to patriotic couples to have large families. Prior to the latter rule, as the Key’s to China’s geopolitical heft & industrial might, the state aggressively promoted large families in the mid. twentieth century.
(I don’t actually believe in the myth that overpopulation is a bad thing per se. The more concentration of more intelligent stock, the more likely you’d have more innovation. It just depends on who’s breeding. Yes, China is highly populated , but with that, there’s more likely for them to make new methods of fixing problems of overpopulation.)
In 1979, the state mandated couples to have only one or two births. Number depends on location of families & of the order of births. City couples are only allowed more than one if couple are in second marriages & desire a child together. In the country, 2 children are legal if the first child is a girl. The tip towards boys was so strong that the government allowed it.
Preference for boys is due to the fact that they simply know that males are just more productive than females.
Say whatever you want about their politics & the fact that they incline to Communism, however, few mistakes does not negate the fact that they are a wiser people. I’m not “blowing-smoke-up-the-ass,” purely informative, the average I.Q. of the Chinese is from ~105-110. Genius is in the 140(+) range. The average i.q. of America is 90-100. Of some cases it’s even below 90 depending on what sub-set of American groups.
China’s population is stabalizing during its increasing wealth.
The Chinese call the male surplus “bare branches.”
Authors Andrea M. den Boer & Valerie M. Hudson criticize the bare-branches, worrying that the high concentration of males can cause future violence.
But if we actually analyze this impulsively resentful critique by females realistically: True, the absolute number of crimes in China will be high due to the fact that population is high, statistically, China’s average homicide rate is 1/100,000/year. Ours is ~6 times higher. Specifically gun deaths: including suicides & accidents, ours tops 30,000/year – 10+/100,000. More like Iraq than China, & we’re less populated than China. This comes from a director of China Affairs at Strebesana Resources, LLC – Rebecca Weiner, & she has about 30 years of experience with Chinese business. Real life China is a relatively safe place.
Countries that had been reported to have the best public order in the world is Japan & Switzerland. In may of 2012, a newspaper by the Ministry of Public Security stated that China’s Murder rate had decreased below those 2 aforementioned. Figures compiled by UNODC – UN Office on Drugs & Crime – show that of 2009, from a comparison of 3 countries, China had a murder rate of 1.1 per 100,000 people, compared with 0.7 in Switzerland & 0.4 in Japan. By the UN agency’s count, China is better in that department than Australia & Britain – 1.2 in 2009 – & America – 5.0.
They are not grouping with terrorist cells, etc., they are joining construction crews, etc.. Additionally, China’s concentration of inclining to super-power-dom is more due to masculine leadership championed to thrive. Women also become much more desirable due to the stern hard work of males.

Citations: ‘China Inc.’ by Ted C. Fishman, pgs.: 101, 102, 103, 104. The Economist, Apr. 6th, 2013.



* FACT!:

Male simplistic desire for beauty & loyal affection, which is much easier to maintain & relative in comparison to status, is paradoxically persistently perceived as shallowness. In contrast: female higher expectations  is rarely as compromising.For every “ugly” or “mediocre” female, there are literally hundreds of males who will find them attractive. Not only that, but many males are ready to substitute certain body parts as relics to compensate for an unsatisfactory face.

**MATHEMATICAL EQUATION:Act like you find most females enticing & that all of them perceive you the same way.Because females don’t think for themselves they will only find you of value if their collectivist consensus percieves you as such.

You can see the initiation of what corroborates with the above quote by Vilar when a male e in a bar degrades himself by consuming alcohol just so that he can speak at a woman’s animalistic level; “Uh… beer & shit.”

****FUN FACT!*:

External experience/life lessons does not necessarily guarantee a thorough understanding of the “how”, or point out that a given situation is morally right or wrong, but often merely enforces one to adapt, & often people mistake the latter form of learned adaption for a profitable lesson.Documented information found in books & such are merely recorded experiences, so you could say that those who read more books, experience more.

Females will often experiment with various forms of sex, with various steering males, but there is one form that she will tend to not partake in. That is: intellectual sex – honest & planned.By the time the female reaches the 30 ages, she will come to a dissatisfaction with the “alpha” types that she claims to “bond” with, & this is the age when she will most often begin to look for the “beta provider” she can exploit to try to compensate for all that lost time. When the female reaches the late 20s-30s is the age range when she has had enough of her sexual appetite satiated by the more “aggressive” types & will begin to think in terms of what is efficient to her in terms of courting. This is when she will finally opt for the “beta provider”, but not due to real respect, but mere exploitation, while often times still fantasizing &/or reminiscing, in such a way as playing back home-made mental videos, about submitting to who she really wishes would replace her current utility, thus unsatisfied prior to the late 20-30 ages, as well as unsatisfied after the late 20-30 ages .

In a phallocentric society – where masculine attributes are catered to – boutiques would be replaced by libraries.

Relatively recent neuroscientific findings have confirmed the correlations of “extreme male brain”. In the book ‘The Essential Differences’ by Simon Baron Cohen, extreme forms of masculinity is correlated to deeply systematic forms of reasoning. It is also found in ‘The Essential Differences’ by Simon Baron Cohen that those representative of “the pure male brain” are more concerned with objects, while those representative of femininity are more concerned with socializing with others.

As an aside, it is interesting that the prototype of harder psychology known as psychoanalysis once had a mystical contemplation of this finding when C.G. Jung stated that extroversion is feminine.

While feminine characteristics are generally more pronounced in homosexuals & bisexuals, & such homosexual relationships are usually bounded by a dichotomy of one that is more masculine than the other – even amongst the homosexual representative versions of masculine to feminine dichotomous interchange in confinement of such effeminate models – still, usually one is more masculine, i.e. logical, while the other represents femininity. True masculinity is broadly defined under an umbrella spectrum as logic.



**Fun fact!: Even Helen Fisher, a cultural anthropologist & expert on dating, has stated that dating is not really about rationalizing/blunt honesty, but novelty, excitement, & even danger which can boost dopamine levels in the brain, & she has even further stated that highly intelligent males have a hard time dating.You can see what sort of subtleness & animality ensues when females retain the evaluative throne.

The female is amoral, not immoral per se, but Amoral. They are two distinctively different characteristics. Immorality means a negation of morality. Amoral is neither a negation nor an inclination towards morality. You could say that this sort of middle position of amorality is even worse than immorality.Just observe how a female, out of nihilistic self interest, will dub a brute as “intense”, “interesting”, or “mystifying”, while often simultaneously play as mediator by using the “beta” provider.

Females network differently than males. They’re much more co-operative in a personal way. Males are simply co-operative in regards to task & can overlook people they don’t like. Due to the former female co-operation style, workers are often subsumed under a too personally evaluative way, which can lead one to be ostracized due to hypersensitive exaggeration & false claims. Females co-operate to form gossip circles, they can use these gossip circles for various reasons. : One is to evaluate the “alphas” to the “zetas”.

We’re familiar with conflated sexual harassment claims, but let me instigate another concept – LACK of sexual “harassment” claims. Oh yes, it’s true. I have seen it before in my past profession; a woman actually reported another male coworker because she felt insulted that he did not validate her vanity. Luckily for the reported coworker, the boss did not take this report seriously. Had it been a female boss, the situation could have been worse. On a similar note, at this very same job I had, I was perceived to be the famous, “faggot,misogynist who has “mother issues”” in the aftermath that I had stated to another female coworker “Look, don’t play games with me. Let’s just keep this strictly professional. Leave me alone” after her returning from her lunch brake by being dropped off by her romantic partner after she had attempted to receive validation from me by stating “Let’s go out to eat sometime”. I had already known this was just an attempt to get attention from me or to actually evaluate if she could get an upgrade. Ironically, this stupid cunt was even more attracted to me after I had displayed authority as I had pointed my index finger in her face & stated what I had stated.

TRADITIONALISM WILL ONLY STAGNATE EVOLUTION. TRADITIONALISM ONLY FURTHER ENABLES FEMALE INFANCY. TRADITIONALISTS & PATERNALISTS ARE BY PROXY FEMINISTS WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT BECAUSE THEY PUT FEMALES BACK IN THEIR EVALUATIVE POSITION (THRONE), WHICH FEMALES DON’T DESERVE. THAT’S UP TO MALE LOGIC. FEMININE INTUITION AS A “SUPERIOR” SOCIALLY DARWINIST TOOL IS A MYTH AS EXEMPLIFIED AS FEMALE PROPENSITY FOR UNECESSARY NOVELTY & THE CURRENT & HISTORICAL STATE OF FEMININE ENTROPY.BY NOT IMMEDIATELY CATERING TO FEMALE VANITY/SELF INTEREST ON A MASS SCALE – BY ADOPTING A DETACHEMENT FROM FEMALE SEXUALITY & AN OBJECTIVISM TOWARDS FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY – THIS WILL ENFORCE NEUROPLASTICITY THROUGH INTROSPECTION ON THE PART OF THE FEMALE, AS THE FEMALE WOULD LEARN TO ADAPT TO MALE DISCERNMENT/ EVALUTION , THUS REVERSING BRIFFAULT’S LAW, WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY ADOPTING EARNEST FORMS OF APPEALING, I.E., CONTROLLED LOGIC ON A MASS SCALE. Provider/protector roles were once absolutely mandatory when the climate suited such roles hundreds to thousands of years ago. However, we now live in much more developed civilizations.Paternalists/f traditionalistsare naïve in thinking that going back to such a political methodology will some how ensure order because, as a historical product, which its effect as a historical product is self evident in of that itself being historical, would only create a pattern that would loop back into another state that is identical to the current state because it puts females in the evaluative (throne) position. Does the maxim: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” resonate? You can naively throw around different political names & ” ‘isms” to contrive new methods, yet these same ” ‘isms” still overlook a natural process. Feminism, paternalism, traditionalism, patriarchy are all different hydras of the same natural process that is gynocentrism.


Highly intellectual males are so preoccupied with higher strivings that they can not simultaneously attend to giving females a life, or, for that matter, corroborate with subtle, animalistic, feminine registration; because females are generally not cerebral, she will often expect that you just put your hand down her crotch when “the time is right”, rather than waiting for a male to just respectfully ask permission in a logical or methodological manner towards such advances because females have the “need” to feel like a woman by “being taken”.

There aren’t enough detached studies of females’ true behavior & psychology. This is most likely due to males’ constant catering, whether in a steering or a submissive way, to female comfort. Hence we often get the absurdly packaged new age styled interpretation of them being the ethereal, “mysterious” goddesses. Thus the predominantly politically correct/feeling based field of the humanities studies obfuscates blatantly obvious rudimentary aspects of female psychology & perpetuates itself to the relegation of superior cold scientists – laughing at the humanities while absorbed in a preoccupation in a distant league of their own much more technical disciplines & mathematics – as rightly dubbing the humanities as “feminine” ( If you do not know scientific nomenclature, you will not understand the latter obscure reference.) while truth struggles to leak out in alternative outlets & often working class, or semi-qualified commentators & sometimes, if lucky, folk psychology.


A finding in ‘The Male Brain’ by Luanne Brizendine: The medial preoctive nerve – a center in the brain specifically designed for the pursuit of sex – is nearly 3xs larger & more active in males.

THEORIZING!: Let me specify in regards to the last finding of the medial preoctive nerve. Actively pursuing sex does not necessarily entail being more sexual, but simply more active. I believe that females are actually more sexual, but it is not commonly understood as such because their passivity does not make their sexuality blatant, in addition to the fact that many people assume that because females often don’t orgasm through generic vaginal penetration – because they do not understand that the female orgasm is much more complex than as such & is not solely confined to inner generic coitus – many will believe that female sexuality is actually less sexual than males’.

If one reads sexology they emphasize that a female’s orgasm is much like a cloth ironer – slowly cools down after being charged. In contrast: male orgasms simply comes to a single pointed climax & then quickly retracts.I theorize that if males stopped immediately catering to females on a mass societal scale, female sexuality, which it’s level of craving remains a mystery due to passivity, would simply accustom itself to becoming a natural trade of the female. Therefore, the female could attend to its pursuit, while males attend to logical orientation. This is simply theory though thus far.

& I quote a small piece from the book ‘The Oxford Handbook of Sexual Conflict in Humans’, page 188:

“The female orgasm has been described as psychologically more elaborate than males’. With women reporting significantly more intense experiences.(Mah & Bink, 2001, 2002) Multiple orgasms are far more frequently reported in women than in men” (masters & Johnson 1966)

NOTICE: The following statement does not at all condone female sexuality, but apposes it.

‘Forbidden Flowers’ by Nancy Friday, along with ‘My Secret Garden’, is telling of latent female psychological predilections towards masochism & other perverse sexual fantasies. I should differentiate male sexual predilections, which is predominantly oriented to body parts/objects, & female fantasies which are rampant with simulation. Although males do occasionally share such ‘S.&.M.’ styled fantasies, they are often not occurring at same frequency, & generally engaged in an indifferent mode. With the aforementioned books, it’s actually what isn’t written in those books that matters. The safer examples found in those books is just the hints.

“HIS IS LITERAL; OBJECTIVE. HERS IS APPROXIMATE; SUBJECTIVE” – A quote from the book ‘Brain Sex’ by Anne Moire P.H.D..

Geneticists & neuroscientists find in this scientific work (Yes, REAL SCIENCE, not politics, not pop. culture, not soft sociology, not some stupid comment you saw on social networking, not middle brow self help guides, not some drunken frat girl who blogs as a side hobby. Do you fucking get that?) that females tend to comprise demographics of fiction novels much more frequently, while males can be identified with demographics of nonfiction subscribers. Of course the obvious correlation in this finding is transparent to those more astute. Both of the authors of this book have debated with 2 soft sociologists( Both of which I do not care to name so as to not sponsor them.) One of them was a prominent Feminist, so of course her arguments were feeling based, while the other was a proponent of symbolist literature who had the nerve to reference an art film. At one point in the debate the proponent of symbolist literature blankly states “This is crap.” before a clapping female audience. Does the cited correlation come to mind? The overarching principle of that scientific work is that females’ brains are generally wired for the purpose of instinctive intuition.Hence the archetypal concept of “feminine intuition” & females’ general predominant involvement with art/emotion. Males’ brains, in contrast, are generally wired for the involvement of logic/reasoning/concentration. Hence why science & related is distinctly masculine. Here’s a little hint for the weak-minded who have become knee jerk prone to this statement: Take a look around you & see all of the engineered stuff & then compare it to the opinions of something like Feminism. I study a lot of linguistics, so I tend to forget that in this world of Orwellien ‘New Speak’ the average people barely even speak real English. When I use the word aesthetics, I’m using it in the broadest sense of the word. I’m not saying “painters are faggy” or something like that. What it means in this context is that activities involving pleasing the sentiments of others is feminine in that it is unconsciously adopted from them which leads to blind collectivism – another feminine trait. Of course, there are plenty of males who are involved in the realm of aesthetics, but these males are usually  instinctively doing it for the purpose of gaining attention from females. It’s not perceived as such because it’s INSTINTUAL.

In contrast: aesthetics are distinctly feminine. This neuro-scientific finding has profound implications considering that females are relatively illogical in comparison to males, & the unscientific, catharsis/art based field of Feminism is a macro politicized extension of this illogicality.

Warning: As I’ve stated before, one must read such material with a discriminative mindset. Politically correct infiltration still seeps into the higher echelons of science. Some sentimentality & style is featured in this book to attempt to build bonds to a more general readership. It is also likely that the front cover is featured with male & female names juxtaposed together to artistically signify sentimental expression for the feminine readers.

NOTICE: The following statement does not at all condone female sexuality but is apposes it. Study 2 subjects called proxemics & kinesics to understand the following statement.

The disgusting female rape fantasies (believe it, It is actually much more common than you might think.) is a female’s subconscious expression towards reinforcing an authority figure by appeasing him with this ridiculous form of flattery. It is an episodic form of inculcation – as sex often processes core meanings to repackage as subtextuality – onto the male that he is to take charge of the relationship because females enjoy the feeling of being owned. It is A ritualized form of deriving power from the male by feigning vulnerability. Not all forms of communication are linguistic, & not all forms of language are completely conscious.Of course none of this applies to all situations, obviously. The more common suburban wife will settle for restaurants and shopping malls, although she may have her own light version of the occasional hair pulling and gentle slaps during sex. In other words: In other words: females claim to want a guy to be angry or “stand up for himself”, but this is simply not true in the context that it would be translated to masculine context. Females don’t speak the same language as males do. Females only want males to get angry at them in a sexual way. You can’t actually get angry at females in a healthy way. They prefer that you get angry at them in a sexual way because that anger that would otherwise be transferred to analyzing what & who she truly is instead gets thwarted to cessation of rational thought. That’s why the rape fantasy, etc., is so popular with females – it ensures that, not only will she derive entertainment, but also that sexuality would never bring critical analysis of her that would take away her power.

Generalizing is a cardinal factor of the scientific synthesis of reasoning & even daily human reasoning. Generalization interprets the actuality of a tenet . As such, generalizing is the requisite substructure that encompasses analysis in order to infer corollary principles by accumulating divisions of facets. The mechanism of testimony is paramount to conclude whether an epitome is a truism.

75% of divorces are initiated by females for the #1 reason: “She wasn’t happy.” Straight-from-the-horses-mouth in ‘Friend Of The Court, Enemy Of The Family’ by Carol Rhodes. To paraphrase from her: We have to accept the cold hard fact that women start most of the divorces.

Even in pure business matters a female will view such communication as if there is almost always an addendum of a sexual subtext. Just notice how a simple approach to simply ask for the hour on her watch will register in her mind that the approacher could be a potential “creep” or a successful romance initiator, yet it is commonly misconstrued that males have what society calls a “one track mind”.Personal anecdote: I have a natural talent for illustrating visual artwork. I occasionally attempt to peddle my drawings. Once I approached a couple of middle aged females at a local shopping mall to be met with displayed expressions that signified as if they had seen a ghost. (That’s “superior” feminine Darwinian intuition for you.) In the aftermath of my inquiry I had heard one of them whisper: “Did you see that pervert?” That is just one example out of many.I propose that phallocentrism on a mass societal scale would eliminate such animalistic subtleness because the onset of catered masculine logicality on a mass scale would hypothetically process such advances in the same way one reads microwave instructions – controlled masculine logic on a macro level. Masculine logic is superior to feminine intuition.

Although males are more concerned with actively pursuing sex, this does not make him necessarily more “sexual”, but simply more active. I believe it is females who are actually more sexual; in the sense that they are more “libidinous”, i.e., sensation based rather than cerebral. Men can separate the two aforementioned aspects. Females intuit in terms of their own vanity. Most females hold the attitude that they are by birth the Queen of the libido and will assume her inheritance & place in her own throne. It is likely that the female is actually more sexual, not sexual in the sense of actively pursuing, but sexual in the sense of applying it to her mentation – vainly equating what feels good with what is good; truth.


Hybristophilia -What is it?

Hybristophiliacs are people who are sexually aroused and attracted to people who have committed cruel, gruesome crimes such as murder and rape. It occurs more often in women than in men. Every year, notorious criminals receive romantic and sexual fan mail from female admirers – hybristophiliacs, known to staff members. These letter-writing groupies (known as SKGs — serial killer groupies) are attracted to incarcerated men – bullies, idiots, males of impulse etc. This phenomena is a spectrum. Most females have it on some level.

Feminists’ rejection of real, hard science & limiting fixation on political aspects with a decorated rendition, does not show any profound causality of human nature, but only effects, which are quite eronious.

Females generally earn less because ,on average, they employ less hours, less dangerous, & less technical jobs

What has feminine entropy – excessive glorification of catharsis over truth, due to catering to feminine sentiments – triggered on the macro, amongst many things? Answer: postmodern man. Around the 1960s we entered an era characterized by new “lifestyles,” “identity” & art. Modern society was shaped by mass production & the industrial revolution, the Postmodern age is shaped by the entertainment “revolution” – the “ethic” of meaningless consumption, fast changing styles & a lack of firm commitment to solid perspectives. “Pomo”splices genres, fashions, attitudes, styles. It neither criticizes nor embraces, but views the world blankly, with trivial feelings & a histrionic commitment to irony.Postmodern man’s – a product of p.c. – stance is one of irony. His tastes & life styles are formed by fashion. He changes shape at will. His life revolves around aesthetics rather than truth. This has also given way to the rampent narcissistic, egotistical temperament of the youth today sometimes exemplified as the arrogant “punk”/rebel/”beatnik” (or “hipster” for a lack of a better word) ,covered in tattoos who claim exception because they play in a band, host or frequent dance clubs, or something meaningless.
Feminine entropy does not necessarily entail that females are attracted to chaos (although sometimes it’s so) of course they are attracted to the orderly provision for themselves &/or progeny they can derive form a guardian figure, but what it entails is that their selection for such high provisional status will often extend the side product of such entropy because what is often required to meet such provisional status is ruthless cunning. This of course will be overlooked by the general female due to their innate self interest & amorality. Hence we get sharks, such as lawyers & other professional criminals & conmen; “As long as you got the goods for me”, or sometimes not even that; “as long as yoy take full action” is implicit. Cunning is then equated with intelligence. Instead of aspiring to the feminine, a newer/futuristic model should be put forth, so this phallocentrism/androcentrism/male-centrism is another link of futurism because gynocentrism is literally of the primitive past, so the males participating in it will never grow-up, playing dress-up, sports competitions, cops-&-robbers, perpetuating the cyclic “samsara”  because no tranquil formula was established do to the anti-scienceof female monopoly & collectivism. Female prerequisites change with the weather. Although even some females will claim that a historical figure, for example, like Genghis Khan was respectable because of his genius strategizing. Female prerequisites adapt to whatever is normative to the particular climate that is in confinement to her own amoral self interest. I can not stress enough that amoral & immoral are 2 distinctive traits. As a result of feminine entropy, cunning becomes “intelligence”, catharsis becomes an ultimatum, base consumerism becomes “progress”, lies become “science”, logic & truth becomes “narcissistic self indulgence”, fashion becomes “heroic”, etc.. What is perpetuated are defiled cultures who retain memories of self indulgent people – just like Picasso, athletes, or Hollywood degenerates – due to the impression that such types are “contributing” to society, while those who really are contributing gain little respect in comparison only to collect dust &/or rust just like their contributions. Can you recall who invented the microwave?

In strictly metaphysical terms: The feminine represents energy. One only needs to look at the action of birth to witness such furious energy. The masculine represents awareness. Rather than having energy ordain awareness, thus causing chaos, why not have awareness dictate energy? There are essentially 2 types of people in this world; male & female. For the progressive & intelligent, females should be  assigned accordingly. Most females would enjoy their roles or not be bothered by it. In such a hypothetical state, males could spend their time well to produce mechanics for such things as food, agriculture, etc., & females could press the buttons. It would be a state of male leadership & female apprencticeship.
I would even claim:
There needs to be separate schools for each sex; Indoctrination for young boys for their future in logic, & indoctrination for young females  as a servant class, keeping them preoccupied, while males should be indoctrinated to be technical & philosophical. Once the dumb animal gains menopause, it should be legally optional, but not necessarily mandatory, to get a teen. Logic is “synthetic” & all the people, especially the double digit i.q. retards, are just emoting by collectivism. That’s not real logic. When you consider something like the systematic procedure of genital mutilation of male babies, depriving males of their full sexuality, as thousands of nerve endings are contained in the male foreskin. (Speaking as an uncircumsized male myself born in Brazil where ,at least to my knowledge of Brazil’s current stance on circumcision, this procedure does not occur, I am NATURALLY & HEALTHILY much more interested in sex than the average male. You could say I was never sexually abused. In contrast: female circumcision, such as occurring in Islamic & African cultures, for example, which is not solely confined to just females, is not really an issue of males-oppressing-females, but rather an issue of incompetent cultures carrying out traditions & procedures in a primitive manner. In such cultures institutionalized punishment & various procedures are commonly excessive. ) that’s actually a form of indoctrination, but society doesn’t think about it hardly because their minds are all dictated by the popular. Real logic is beyond the emotional limitations of conditioning trends.