Savage Hippie Episode 39 – Thot, Twot or Tsot?


First of all, we need to make a correction. On the show, one of our fans asked me and Ann Sterzinger what we thought about Tomi Lahren’s recent about face regarding abortion. I guess we didn’t actually know the whole story. HAD we known that she had gone on The View, we would have been A LOT more hostile towards her. Instead, since she pissed off Glenn Beck, we kinda hemmed and hawed around the issue and instead just talked about abortion in general.

Then, we have to make an apology. I think the Savage Hippie podcast might be the only podcast where one of the hosts leaves the show to walk his dog. But, indeed, David Cole left the show to walk his dog. So, if you’re hankerin’ for David Cole and that unmistakable voice of his, well, you get him in the first three minutes, a couple of minutes in between and the last 25 minutes. And I sample his voice saying “oy vey” every so often just to be annoying.

Aside from abortions, we talk about Trump, the wire tap and the Russkies; we use racial slurs, but DON’T weaponize them; we give better sex tips than Cosmo; Ann talks about her white trash upbringing; and David gets mad at me a few times… ya know, the normal shit.

These articles were mentioned in the episode.



For this week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh, we feature a song by White Zombie; yes, the same White Zombie who became popular on MTV’s Buzzbin in the 90s with hits like “Thunderkiss ’65” and “More Human than Human”, but not really! In the early part of their career, White Zombie was a sludgy, noise rock band, which some of our fans might describe by the cliche of “cats being strangled.” Well, to me it’s a good sort of cats being strangled. The Numero label reissued all of their early material from before they signed to a major label in a box set called It Came from NYC. The song we feature is called “Die Zombie Die”, and it’s from their album Soul-Crusher. You can listen to the song here.

The song at the end is, without a doubt, “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and Clayton V did the artwork months ago, and I’m finally using it because I forgot I had it saved on my computer.

Sounds of Marshabaloosh Episode 2 – Robert Willis: Punk Rock Drill Sergeant


I actually have to thank Ann Sterzinger for hipping me to Robert Willis, who bills himself as “the original punk right-wing millennial” on his awesome website Even though, ahem, I AM the “punks for Trump” guy, so maybe we can have a little sparring match and see who’s the REAL original punk rock millennial. And of course by “sparring match”, I just mean an autistic, “who can name more old punk bands” pissing contest.

Anyway, I contacted Willis, and it turns out he sings for Lions Write History, sang for Signs of Hope, and runs his label, Detonate records. If you’ve got more than a cursory knowledge of punk rock, then you know that, as a general tag, it’s pretty broad. Willis’ punk rock “roots” are rather different from mine, with his being part of the “Youth Crew” revival of the early 00s – listen to interview if you want to know what that is, jackass – while I’m more into the old timey, spikey haired, leather jacket wearing bands – ya know, like the Pork Dukes and Joe Cool and Killers.

I must give Robert an ENORMOUS thank you for putting up with me. We basically recorded this interview twice, but the first time Robert came in all echo-y, so we did it again; only this time I was moving onto my fourth cup of vodka, and well, I fancied myself a comedian and asked some REALLY stupid questions. Thankfully Robert had a sense of humor about all of this – I mean, after all, it’s the left that have forgotten how to laugh – and I got some good quality stuff out of the interview.

We of course discuss Signs of Hope, Lions Write History and Detonate Records, along with our political views in general and how they relate to the “scene” as a whole (what scene?), and Robert tells probably one of the creepiest tour stories EVER.

Check out Robert’s Blog for political stuff.

Check out Detonate Records to hear some brutal tunes.

Songs played on the podcast:

“No More Talk” by Lions Write History

“Better Ways” by Signs of Hope

“Anchors” by Lions Write History

“In a World of Assholes” by Heavy Hearted

“Reproduction of Rage” by Human Slaughter

Sounds of Marshabaloosh theme by John Shade Vick

Savage Hippie Episode 38 – We Could All Use a Good Purging Every Now and Then


Pffft… I just don’t know… I shouldn’t talk about it, but I guess I’m gonna because I don’t have anything else to write here. I guess the rule of thumb is that, when someone says, “I’m comfortable with MY manhood”, that’s probably a good sign that this person is not comfortable with his manhood. And it’s a trip that this person, who wants to call you a basement dwelling loser that can’t get laid, realizes that you and he have stuck your penises inside the same gurl; not at the same time of course.

He, of course, did it more often than I did because he was in a dedicated relationship with her. But apparently, after their relationship ended, she married a woman. Ya know, went lesbo. Here’s the crazy thing though; whereas most lesbians look like overweight lumberjacks or effeminate businessmen, she actually LOOKS like a porn lesbian! I mean, an attractive female who swaps pussy juice with another lady; one who might or might not also be a porn lesbian. This essentially means that this marriage will end, and she’ll eventually be taking the dick again.

But my main point is that this guy, who called me a basement dwelling loser, told me that the Savage Hippies suck! How does he know? He’s never listened to us! He’s never listened to Ann Sterzinger and her antisocial musings or David Cole and his long winded, yet hilarious stories or me and my meandering drunken rants! Is it intuition?

This episode can be divided into three parts.

The first part was recorded last Saturday and features only me and David. In it we talk about the block on the Trump travel ban, the all American cuisine known as poi, how much Michael Showalter sucks, the death of comedy due to political correctness and how John Waters and Louis Armstrong are the uncle Toms for their respective groups.

The second part is the Sounds of Marshabaloosh segment, in which I interview Robert Willis, the owner of Detonate Records and singer for the fine hardcore/heavy rock band Lions Write History. We showcase their song “No More Talk”, which you can listen to here.

And, wrapping it up is a two week old recording in which Ann and I constantly make references to the “deep state” and talk about how Ann developed her hatred for welfare recipients. Or as one of our listeners said several month ago, we talk about some gay punk rock bands.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and David Cole actually did the art this time; inspired by a still from Samuel Fuller’s 1949 classic I Shot Jesse James.

Savage Hippie Episode 37 – I’m Disabled, and I’m a Republican


Why do I even bother writing this shit? Does anyone ever read it anyway? Do you, the reader, even care? Or do you just push the play button and whatever happens happens? It’s been two weeks since Ann Sterzinger, David Cole and I got together for a chat. The story is that Ann and I recorded two hours of material, half of which is usable, half of which turned out echo-ey, none of which was with David. The hour which Ann and I recorded will be used later; possibly tacked onto a followup episode this week since David has more free time and is desperately trying to waste it with me. This new material was recorded after I came back from New Orleans, the disappointment of which I briefly discuss in the episode.

In addition to that, we talk about Gavin McInnes’ reaction to his trip to Israel, old horror movies, David buying elevator shoes, about the future of Israel, our plan to become the crusaders for the disabled in Hollywood, Henry Winkler’s original catch word before he switched to “eyyy!!!, and, of course, Ann peeing. I’m sure there are other things we talk about, but I care not to go back and list them.

Okay FINE, we also talk about how I ACTUALLY, 100% NOT JOKINGLY mistook Steven King, the Congressman, with Stephen King, the writer, if only because I refuse to believe that people can exist who pronounce the “ph” in “Stephen” with a “v” sound. So, YEAH, LAFF IT UP, ASSHOLES!!! I DO THIS ALL FOR YOU!!!

This week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh features the song “Secret Agent Rat” by the band Crystal Fairy, a collaboration between guitarist/singer/songwriter King Buzzo, drummer Dale Crover (both from the Melvins), bassist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (from At the Drive-In) and the super cute Teri Gender Bender, who wears sexy crimson all the time and is from Guadalajara, on vocals (she sings for Le Butcherettes).  They sound like a 90s riot grrrl band with King Buzzo supplying the heavy riffs. Listen to “Secret Agent Rat” here.

The song at the end is predictably “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles. The Photoshop art was done by Clayton V, but I added all the movie stuff since I’ve been watching a lot of fantasy adventure movies with oiled down men in sandals.

Savage Hippie Episode 36 – Did Whitey Sabotage the Academy Awards?!


Think of the latest episode of the Savage Hippie podcast as a companion to David’s latest piece at Takimag. Basically, although it most likely has almost no significance in the live’s of anybody who will be reading this or listening to the accompanying podcast, the mishap at the academy awards this year was an inadvertent “fuck you” to political correctness and the smug elites who control Hollywood. Now I haven’t seen either La La Land or Midnight, nor do I have any desire to, so I can’t say which of those truly deserves to win best picture, but I’m fairly certain that neither one comes within a hair of the awesomeness of any of the films that we discuss at length during a good portion of the new episode.

Yep, after about 20 minutes of talking about some political shit, which includes my needless bashing of the work of a couple of David’s colleagues at Taki’s and our nearly getting into a fistfight over whether Breitbart is AltRight or not, we then talk about a bunch of films. Some of these include, but are not limited to, Master of the Flying Guillotine, Ways of Kung Fu, The Amazing Colossal Man, War of the Colossal Beast, Once Upon a Time in the WestNightmare CityCity of the Living Dead, The Beyond, Zombie and Zombie 3.

We do eventually talk about what happened at the academy awards, who was responsible for what happened and, mainly at the end, whether it was a conspiracy against liberal Hollywood or not. If you didn’t already know, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were supposed to present the winner for best picture and received the wrong envelope. Beatty saw it first and realized that something wasn’t kosher, but rather than bearing the bad news himself, he gave the envelope to Faye Dunaway so she could do it (atta boy!). This resulted in the cast and crew for La La Land swarming the stage only to be told several minutes after accepting the award that there had been a mistake, and that it was supposed to go to Midnight. If you haven’t seen it, stop everything you’re doing, and watch it NOW. It’s really amusing  to watch the smug liberal elitists get egg all over their faces. Not only do they look silly, but they denied the black gay drug dealer movie its mandatory moment in the spotlight.

Other than that, David and I yack about some other shit that you might or might not find interesting; synagogue hate crime hoaxes, authoritarian Japanese society, the New Orleans Jazz Nazi and various white power bands. It’s okay for us to talk about that stuff because we’re Jews.

Featured for the second time on Sounds of Marshabaloosh is guitarist/singer Scott Weinrich (a.k.a. Wino), who as I said before, with his tattoos, long hair and denim vest Hell’s Angel’s visage, is one of my favorite musicians and was in many fine bands. This time around, we’re presenting a brand new song by his earliest band the Obsessed from their soon to be released new album, Sacred. The song as called “Razor Wire”, and you can listen to it here.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and Clayton V did the artwork, which doesn’t mean and isn’t saying anything.

Savage Hippie Episode 35 1/2 – The Time David Sent 200 Hippies to a Man’s House Without Telling Him


In this ultra-hyper, super special edition of the Savage Hippie podcast, David Cole a.k.a. David Stein tells the tragicomic and 100% true story of how he sent 200 hippies to a man’s house without telling him. And what a story it is; while most of David’s stories are full of long-winded details, in which he makes sure to not only tell you that the man he ran into was walking a dog, but that that dog had a puffy tail and emitted a curious smell, in this case, every single detail counts! And there are even some that do not count! But, oh, why spoil David’s mea culpa – SEE DAVID!!! I KNOW SMART SHIT THAT YOU BOOKLEARNED PEOPLE KNOW TOO!!! –  in the form of a drunkenly drafted paragraph of “copy”, when you can listen to it yourself?

“But, hawt damn, Cletus, his story is 80 minutes long? Are you trying to tell me it takes this here Jewish fella 80 minutes to tell some story about how he sent some hippies to a man’s house? Don’t tell me he does it in that old-timey, Shakespeare kinda talk!”

No, no… though the story IS rather long (winded?), we then spend another 30 minutes filling the air with other crap; we talk about Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, we propose an idea for a buddy comedy where Milo Yianoppoulos and Anthony Weiner go on a road trip and become unlikely buddies in their quest to retrieve their lovers from Slavic bad guys; and then, in answering a fan question, David tells ANOTHER interesting story, the one about how he was on the Morton Downey, Jr. show, which leads into some, ahem,rather inappropriate laughter surrounding the fates of people who worked with Downey, Jr.’s associate Robert Chickering.

So grab your popcorn, a stiff drink and a good enema, because you’re in for a helluvan early 90s time warp, back before your fandangled email, texting and smart phone allowed you to become to a mindless consumer, rather than active participant in the world you live in. That last sentence sounded INCREDIBLY preachy didn’t

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and David did the brilliant artwork himself.

Savage Hippie Episode 35 -Milo Yiannopoulos Vs. Yvette Felarca: Cage Match


Pretty clever name, huh? Bound to get us tons of google hits, right? Some guy from the BBC emailed me a few weeks ago with a message that went something like, “cor blimey, chip chip cheerio, thanks for leaving the crown, ya bloody cunt, but I stumbled upon your bloody blog, and I would like to ask you some questions about the AltRight”, and rather than saying, “okay, shoot me some questions”, I said, “you should check out our podcast first.” He responded with, “fine, ya bloody cunt, I din’t wanna talk to a Paki-bashing racist cunt like you anyway.” And so, I blew my chances at stardom.

HOWEVER, in order to rectify the situation, I deliberately named the episode with the sheer intent of getting google hits, so that Nigel or whatever that Limey’s name is who emailed me, would email me back and see JUST HOW important the Savage Hippies really ARE. I mean, we have fuckin’ Milo Yiannopoulos, Yvette Felarca and Jim Goad as guests ON OUR FUCKIN’ SHOW!!! And, though we don’t get the REAL Milo Yiannopoulos, Yvette Felarca and Jim Goad on the show, we get their LIKENESSES instead. This is far more important in many cases. Like, for instance, if you’re a fan of 70s martial arts films, but were sad that Bruce Lee passed away, you were probably satisfied that you had Bruce Li, Bruce Lai and Lee Bruce to take the place of the deceased actor. Similarly OUR show features special guests Filo Yiannopoulos, Yvette Velarca and Chim Goad.

Then we send all three of them packing at about 27 minutes, and Ann decides to record the rest of the show in an underground catacomb. At this point, we discuss everything from my circumcised dick to Sharon Osbourne’s finding it amusing when a man had his severed dick go down a garbage disposal to something else that probably has to do with someone’s dick to how some fat Nazi kid can’t find a gurl to sleep with him, so he has to play with his dick and stalk and dox Ann. David isn’t on this episode, and I’m SURE it’s because he was sticking his dick in something.

Hey, so can we attend CPAC next year, or do the all the guys in suits have dicks up their asses and thus don’t want people who constantly talk about their dicks at their respectable conservative conference? I PROMISE that I’ve NEVER had a dick – black, white OR Asian – up my ass like that Milo fellow, though I have stuck mine in the buttholes of two lovely ladies, to whom I was monogamously pledged to in my mid-20s.


For this week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh segment we feature Solar Flare recording artists Pigs and their song “Amateur Hour in Dick City”, which not only fits the “dick” theme of this week’s episode, but is from from their second and latest album Wronger, and features guitarist/singer Dave Curran, who also plays bass in the noise-metal band, Unsane, one of my favorite bands of all time. Pigs play a mix of Zeppelin-style heavy rock with a hardcore edge, delivering brutal bloozy and heavy riffs, a killer groove and harsh vocals. Oh, and Curran is a big-time fan of Thomas Sowell, so that gives him about fifty-bajillion points ’round these parts. Check out “Amateur Hour in Dick City” here.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by Yesticles, and I did the art, which is why it sucks.