Savage Hippie Episode 49 – More Fun Aboard Trump’s Flying Circus


Sorry it’s taken so damn long to get episode 49 out. Part of the reason for the delay is that I’ve been moving around a lot and trying to get my footing in Los Angeles, and the other and more important reason is that Ann Sterzinger kept sounding like an alien broadcasting from inside of an echo tube flying through outer space, and we couldn’t figure out why. However, we switched our recording process, and whadaya know? Ann and David Cole both sound great, and now I sound like I’m inside of a garbage can.

Of course, you probably don’t care about that since you listen to the show for Ann and David and probably skip through the parts where I talk; but it is annoying considering that David and I are literally sitting next to each other and sharing a microphone.

Anyway, a lot has happened in the month that we’ve been away. Some of it is personal, such as the release of Ann’s new book, Disaster Fitness (buy, buy, buy!) and our friend and listener David McPheeters shooting someone in the back five times. Some of it is pop-cultural, such as this shitty rap metal band called Stray From the Path making an anti-AltRight video, which I actually wrote a piece about, and Shia LeBeouf getting arrested for drunken and disorderly conduct and his tirade against a couple of police officers. And some is political, such as CNN’s near implosion and Donald Trump Jr.’s emails.

We also talk about sex and poop.

The band featured in this week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh is none other than Dream Machine, who not only are an awesome psychedelic heavy rock band, but were kicked off of their label for statements they made about illegal immigrants, feminism and political correctness. If you want more info on them, read my interview with guitarist/singer Matthew Melton. The Dream Machine song we feature is called “Buried Alive” and is from their album, The Illusion, which you can listen to here.

The artwork, which comes from The King of Comedy, was suggested by a fan and then handed over to another fan, who prefers not to be named, but did the awesome Photoshop artwork. Once again, the song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.

Savage Hippie Episode 48 – You Can’t Keep a Good Covfefe Down


Other names I thought for this episode are “Never Look a Gift Covfefe in the Mouth” and “You Can Take a Horse to Water, but You Can’t Make Him Covfefe.”

Hey, look; I know that tweet went out two weeks ago and that the mainstream media has pretty much forgotten about it, but it makes sense in light of the fact that this recording was ALSO done two weeks ago. So think of this entire episode as a time capsule. Don’t yell at me for taking so long! My living situation is really weird, and it was a struggle to get it edited. Trump had just left the Paris Climate Accords to the utter horror of the left, and Kathy Griffin had just done her performance piece with the prop of Trump’s severed head.

Among these, at the time, very topical items, David Cole, Ann Sterzinger and I discuss a bunch of other crap, such as David’s youthful ward’s new monster truck, Orson Welles’ later career choices and the band Giuda, since Ann and I both went to the Giuda gig in our respective towns and wanted to compare notes. Do you people ever really read the episode descriptions anyway, or do you just play ’em?

Oh yeah, I’m supposed give you the link to this video of Chris Derpin doing a double take on the Red Carpet premier of Twin Peaks to see if any Paparazzi are snapping photos of him:

For Sounds of Marshabaloosh this week, we have a first time pick from David Cole, who presents a song by James “Bino” Lewis, an early guitarist for Ike and Tina Turner. The song featured is called “All the Above”, a pretty gnarly piece of soul rock. I looked far and wide for a link to it online or for any other information on Bino, but I couldn’t find anything so if you like the song, I guess you should contact one of the Savage Hippies, and we’ll try to get you a copy of the CD.

David Cole did the amazingly intricate, yet outdated artwork, and the song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.

Savage Hippie Episode 47 – If You Love Frogs so Much, Why Do You Wanna Drain the Swamp?


Sorry this episode took so long to come out, but I was preoccupied with watching every episode of The Young Ones.

In other news, I’ve been staying in a house similar to the one I lived in when I was living in Grand Rapids; just your typical house fulla basic bitch liberals, who in ANY other time in history would have already been married and had kids by now. These are the kind of people who claim they hate gentrification even though they’re contributing to it by living in an area where the brown population views them as a curiosity; the kind of people who say “it’s chill” and feign laughter at the latest hamfisted attempt to bash Trump on Saturday Night Live. Actually one of the girls that stays here is moving to my former home state to go to University of Michigan and get a degree in “policy” or some shit so she can attempt to screw up the country even more.

But, as far as L.A. goes? Eh, it’s okay. If there are supposed to be all these hot women that have moved here from other states and are attempting to get into the film industry, then I sure as hell haven’t seen them. On top of that, L.A. has nothing here that I couldn’t find in any other relatively big city’s hipster districts; ya know, the art theaters, record shops, tattoo parlors, phony dive bars and small rock venues. But on the plus side, I’ve already made friends with people who share a, shall we say, similar mindset as me; so this place isn’t ALL leftist dipshits.

Anyway, in this latest episode, Ann Sterzinger, David Cole and I discuss a wide variety of topics, among which include Detroit’s possibly legalizing the barbaric Islamic practice of female genital mutilation, David being forced to install carbon monoxide detectors in his home, how middle of the road liberals are more annoying than far left SJWs, Trump’s selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, the photograph of Trump with the Saudi King and Egyptian President around the glowing orb, Trump’s hiring of Joseph Lieberman, the Islamic attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, my love and David’s hate for Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Ann’s traumatic experience listening to Depeche Mode on acid at a science fiction convention and David’s love for Norm MacDonald.

The band for this week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh segment is Hell Night, who were suggested to us by a new fan of ours that asked to remain unnamed. Hell Night were indeed named after the 1981 slasher flick, hail from Saint Louis, MO, play loud ass noise rock and have gory imagery on their releases, the latest of which is the “Skinless Summer” EP. We feature their song “Boiling Head”, which you can listen to here.

This time David did the masterful artwork, and the song at the end is none other than “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.

Savage Hippie Episode 46 – You Can Leave Behind a Trail of Corpses, but You’ll Never Be President


The messages came in thick, hard and fast, jamming up my Facebook AND Gmail inboxes, all of them asking where the Savage Hippies had skedaddled off to in the past couple of weeks and if they were EVER coming back. Some samples include:

“I caught my wife blowing the plumber in our bathroom the other day, and the only thing keeping me from the brink of suicide was your podcast. If you don’t release an episode soon, I think I’m gonna bite the big one!”

“I wanna get gang banged by Edwin, David, the wheelchair guy and Ann wearing a strap on.”

“Look guys, I realize you’re all very busy people, but I turn to the Savage Hippie podcast for deep and thorough analysis on the topics of the day. Our civilization is on the brink of extinction, and I’d hate to think that you also have bowed out of the struggle and are now content to sit in your ivory towers counting all of the money you’ve made like a bunch of sellouts who only pretended to care.”

“Your show isn’t racist enough. You need more racism. I REALLY don’t feel like you guys dislike, ya know, ‘different’ groups of people. Ya need to work on that, or you might lose this here listener, and you don’t want that.”

Fear not, loyal and devoted fans, we’re baaack, and we’re as annoying as ever!!!

For starters, David Cole and I DO NOT agree on Donald Trump. I’m in the “I like him, but I’m realistic about what he’s capable of doing since he’s only one branch of the government” camp; being a businessman, he’s got to adapt his practices to push through what he promised his constituency. With that said, big ups on hiring Sheriff David Clarke, a no bullshit bad ass that will treat Islamic terrorists like common street thugs. David, on the other hand, is what is considered an anti-anti-Trumper. He likes that Trump is pissing off leftists, but that’s about all he likes about him. Ann Sterzinger is, well… just listen to find out!

More importantly, we talk about David’s dick sucking friend who tried to rape him when they were kids and the horrendous short film they made back in 1983 when David was 14, but looked like he was 10 and features the likes of Mel Blanc and other radio personalities.

Oh, okay, we also discuss Seth Rich and James Comey… look this was recorded nearly a week ago, and if you listen to us for anything other than to hear us trying to talk over each other while belittling different ethnic groups, women, gays and freaks that chop of their genitals and replace them with other genitals, then that’s YOUR problem.

For Sounds of Marshabaloosh this week, we feature a band that both Ann and I really enjoy and actually plan on seeing live in our respective cities. They’re called Giuda, and they’re an Italian rock band that will send you on a time warp right back to 1972 with their glam rock sound; if you’re a fan of Sweet, Slade and Garry Glitter, there’s a good chance you’ll dig the Marshabaloosh out of Giuda. We play their song “It’s My City”, which you can listen to here.

And because David was too busy writing up his piece for Takimag, he could not be bothered to do the art, so I did it! Clever, huh? The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, but you probably already knew that.

Savage Hippie Episode 45 – Two Jews, a Shiksa and a Cripple


Real creative title, eh? I bet you’re also wondering who “the cripple” is. Well, in a move that could possibly sabotage any chance he might have in working in the movie industry, my longtime friend and aspiring actor Scott Rosendall makes a guest appearance on the Savage Hippie podcast. And in case you’re wondering, he really DOES use a wheelchair to get around. It’s not some sort of artistic statement or Social Justice message, symbolizing his place of privilege in society as a straight, white, oppressive male.



In other news, remember how Ann Sterzinger and I came to the conclusion that universal suffrage doesn’t work and how people should be tested to see if they qualify to vote because too many low IQ people on welfare only vote for their own benefit rather than on the “best ideas in the market place of ideas” or how too many people vote with their feels, rather than the facts? Also, remember how we said we could remedy this to a degree by giving more votes to people who pay more in taxes and own property, while taking the vote away from people who are on welfare? Well apparently David Cole considers this an “indefensible position.” He ACTUALLY believes in one man/one vote.

In other news, remember how Ann Sterzinger and I believe that deporting millions of illegal immigrants to desaturate the labor pool would turn low paying jobs that “only Mexicans will do” into high paying jobs that anyone would do? Well, I guess David doesn’t feel that way either.

Tune in to hear us argue about it!

Also, tune in to hear Ann discuss the French election in which Le Pen has to win in order for France to not be eaten alive by Muslims, the May Day riots in France, the police officer that was immolated and the skewed way with which the leftist French media covers it.

Oh, and Scott does his best David Irving impression even though he still has no idea who he is.


For Sounds of Marshabaloosh this week we feature one of my all time favorite bands, Unsane, and their song “Alleged” from their 1995 album Scattered, Smothered & Covered. It was released on one of my favorite labels, Amphetamine Reptile, and was recently reissued on vinyl. It’s heavy and angry sounding and guitarist/singer Chris Spencer shouts at you. It also has a cool music video.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and some asshole took all the photos.

Savage Hippie Episode 44 – Gilliganway and the Stupidity Vortex


First of all, the title for this episode of the Savage Hippie podcast is pronounced Gilli-GAHN- way. Second of all, I’m writing this in Los Angeles! How long will I last in this burg? Who knows? But the bottom line is that, though I recorded this episode in my room in Detroit, I’m writing these here words in a house that’s shared with a bunch of liberals, who might or might not let me live here for a month, contingent upon whether or not they think I’m a psycho. Hopefully they don’t google me. Sitting next to me is Scott Rosendall, and after I’m done typing up this “copy” and loadin’ this thang to soundcloud, we’re going to watch Greydon Clark’s 1973 classic The Bad Bunch, which I FULLY recommend to all of our fans and friends.

This entire episode features the return of the mighty David Cole to the Savage Hippie podcast and is based upon questions we received from fans.

Ann Sterzinger, David Cole and I discuss Michael Shermer and how much he sucks, the AltKnight coalition and their battle against the Antifas, Ann Coulter, the films of John Carpenter, tips on sex and relationships for the young generation and whether Trump will build that wall or not.

Also we get an unexpected visit right in the middle of the episode from somebody that nobody knows or gives a crap about, and we discuss Marvin Heemeyer and the non-aggression principle with him.


Also, I make the same stupid joke over and over and over again, so that’s always fun.

For Sounds of Marshabaloosh this week, we feature the Stranglers, who are liked not only by yours truly, not only by Ann, not only by David, not only by Scott Rosendall (!!!) but also by Jim Goad himself, with whom I was discussing the group via private email. The song that we borrowed without asking any permission is “Something Better Change” from the group’s second LP No More Heroes.

The song at the end is of course “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and a very special person took the homoerotic photos of me and David.

Savage Hippie Episode 43 – Is Moldylocks Actually Marine Le Pen’s Daughter?


The Savage Hippie podcast got its first bit of negative press from a certain David Yorkshire – more like David DORKshire if you ask me! – of Mjornir Magazine in his piece, which though talking about Jews in general, used the Savage Hippie podcast – well, me specifically – as a springboard into his greater truths. I’m flattered to be considered such a master manipulator of my co-host Ann Sterzinger and to be put in a class alongside Ezra Levant, but honestly, I wish the criticism came from the left, not from the far right. And, NO, I don’t prescribe to “horse shoe theory.” Strangely David Cole only gets mentioned once in the piece and doesn’t even get tagged at the bottom.

All of that would be fine, but then I read his piece titled “Why Johnny Rotten Can Go Fuck Himself”, in which he claims that John Lydon and punk rock in general “was essentially a perversion of pub rock for middle-class Leftists”, and I got mad.

Ugh, Dorkshire fucking calls the Who, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Captain Beefheart and Slade PUB ROCK. Is he out of his fucking mind? Captain Beefeart – born Don Van Vliet – was a frienemy of Frank Zappa’s and played a mind-boggling mix of free jazz and electric blues, as evidenced in his pair of masterpieces Trout Mask Replica and Lick My Decals Off, Baby, and he’s fucking AMERICAN, you idiot. Pub Rock was an explicitly British phenomenon, mixing elements of 70s boogie rock and rockabilly. Slade and Alex Harvey were big time glam rockers who didn’t come close to the pubs of the mid-70s, and, if you consider the Who pub rock, please stop talking about rock ‘n’ roll altogether.

Here, Dave Dorkshire, I’ll throw you a bone; the 101ers – who featured a pre-punk Joe Strummer on guitar and vocals – Eddie and the Hot Rods, Ducks Deluxe, Kilburn and the High Roads, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Dr. Feelgood and Bazooka Joe – who featured a pre-punk Adam Ant on bass – are fucking PUB ROCK. A couple of early punk bands like the Stranglers and the Vibrators also began as pub rock, so there’s that.

Also, the Sex Pistols wrote all their own songs, both guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook were more than adequate at their respective instruments and Lydon, Vicious and most other punk rockers wore swastikas to go with the cowboys with touching knobs and hammers and sickles, so blow it out yer arse!

Aaaanyway… David was supposed to show up, but some crisis occurred which we found about later, hence our jokey attitudes. But fuggit; we persevered. Like the retard that I am, I put the climax of the show right in the middle; the climax of course being a story in which Ann describes her horrifying experience in the French city of Marseille at the hands of Muslim invaderrr…. immigrants. The rest of the show is filled with stupid jokes about Moldylocks secretly being the daughter of Marine Le Pen, us bitching about how Baby Boombers pissed away Western civilization and dick jokes involving some of youtube’s hottest “traditionalist” and “nationalist” broads.

For Sounds of Marshabaloosh, we play the Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark song “Joan of Arc” as an homage to France’s last hope Marine Le Pen.

Art this time was supplied by friend and fan of the show Ismael A. Schonhorst, and the song at the end is, as expected, “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.