Savage Hippie Vodcast #14: Kathy Shaidle, Part I

Join me, Ann, and David as we welcome writer, blogger, and columnist Kathy Shaidle! In honor of our special guest, this episode is dedicated to CANADA! As Wolfe said to Montcalm on that fateful day in 1759, “Too bad we’re both gonna die, eh, cuz now we’re gonna miss the Savage Hippie Vodcast featurin’ Kathy Shaidle, eh?”

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Savage Hippie Vodcast #13 (Part I and II)

Savage Hippie Vodcast #11 — Questions, Questions, Questions!

The Jew David Cole, the chick Ann Sterzinger, and the Slav that even other Slavs reject as being too dimwitted, Edwin Oslan, return to answer viewer questions, show no respect to the rainbow-colored Benetton ad that is the world, and gripe about Cole’s now-departed “Youthful Ward.” Please don’t forget to attack Cole in the comments for not being the denier your schizophrenia-addled brain dreamed he was during his absence from Holocaust revisionism!