Savage Hippie Episode 29 – California Uber Assholes


Sorry it’s been a while since you’ve heard from the Savage Hippies. We did actually fly out to the land of sunshine to meet up with David Cole, but instead we ended up meeting militia leader Ronald David Cole… juuust kidding. That’s a teaser for one of David’s many hilarious anecdotes, in which a moron at one of the clickbait sites attempted to be a journalist and confused our loveable Holocaust revisionist with an imprisoned militia leader in Montana.

Anyway Ann and I flew out to Los Angeles, met up with David and plotted further world domination – which according to a prominent Alt-Righter is exactly what David is up to. In all unseriousness, if I were to put me, David and Ann Sterzinger into categories, I would call us Derbshire conservatives – skeptical of the cult of diversity, strongly against immigration at least from certain countries, pro-Western Christian values of hard work and self-sufficiency without necessarily being religious, being more metropolitan than part of flyover country – and while I WAS ready to call myself a metrocon, a term that Derb coined, I realize that I got a total boner when my Injun ex-girlfriend’s dad showed me the enormous arsenal he had stashed away in the underground compound in a dinky, quaint and primarily… ahem… Caucasian town, and I’ve got Midwestern naivety, which is why I’m always getting swindled by hooknosed street peddlers in the big city – and more concerned with fiscal, rather than social issues… anyway, where was I?


During this episode, we completely eschew talking about black thugs who torture autistic white kids for much weightier topics like Rastafarians who rent U-Haul trucks out the back of hookah shops, the best way to get back at unrequited-lovers who screw you over and our new target group for marginalizing and “othering” – the differently abled.

On top of recording a podcast, we also recorded a video episode centered around a gift our longtime listener David McPheeters sent us. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is; you’re going to have to watch the video and look at my ugly, fat ass to find out what it is (I don’t actually show you my ass, which I’ve been told is one of my BEST, rather than worst, features).

Our sponsor is Aaron Clarey who does financial consulting at and entertains with his blog and podcast at, along with writing many fine books, which you should read.

Our featured band on Sounds of Marshabaloosh is a personal favorite of mine, the sludge punk noise rock band Kilslug with their song “Zoom Zoom Zoom”, which you can listen to at

And the song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.

Sounds of Marshabaloosh Episode 1 – Manilla Road: A Metal Invasion


First of all, Marshabaloosh is the evil deity that makes you stub your toe, step on a nail, makes your wife divorce you, starts world wars and makes it snow heavily on the day of your important job interview.  Indeed he’s quit the nogoodnik, yet we worship him.

Sounds of Marshabaloosh is the music and entertainment spin off of the Savage Hippie retardo propaganda machine, and for the first installment, I was granted the privilege of interviewing Mark “the Shark” Shelton and Bryan “Hellroadie” Patrick, guitarist/singer/songwriter and singer/roadie for legendary cult metal band Manilla Road.  If you don’t know ’em, you better wise up, sucker!  They’ve been together in some way, shape or form since 1977 and have released a large and diverse body of work that ranges from heavy, progressive space rock, melodic epic metal, thrash, doom and even 12-string acoustic folky music, whose one uniting factor is Shelton and his penchant for fantasy, science fiction, horror and the occasional philosophical lyrics.

Shelton, Patrick and I spend an hour talking about everything from Manilla Road’s music (whoda thunk we’d talk about that?!), their various albums, encounters with other bands, potential label deals, the literature of Robert E. Howard, Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft and the time Manilla Road incited a brawl between Stryper’s Christian fan base and their biker one… guess who won…

I wish I had asked Shelton to elaborate on the Riddle Master project and about the legendary Herman Hill riots, but oh well… maybe next time?

Here’s a list of all of their albums if you want to check out their stuff, which you should, asshole.

Invasion (1980)
Metal (1982)
Crystal Logic (1983)
Open the Gates (1985)
The Deluge (1986)
Mystification (1987)
Live Roadkill (1988)
Out of the Abyss (1988)
The Courts of Chaos (1990)
The Circus Maximus (1992)
Atlantis Rising (2001)
Mark of the Beast (2002) (recorded 1981)
Spiral Castle (2002)
Gates of Fire (2005)
Voyager (2008)
After Midnight Live (2010) (recorded 1979)
Playground of the Damned (2011)
Mysterium (2013)
The Blessed Curse (2015)
Dreams of Eschaton (2016) (recorded 1981, remaster of Mark of the Beast)

And Mark, if you’re reading this, I downloaded all three Heavy Load albums!  Thanks for the recommendation!

SavageHippie Podcast Episode 9 – The Jewdites Meet the Drunken Troll

For those who don’t get the reference in the picture, that is the three of us stationed atop the infamous “killdozer”, a giant machine built by Marvin Heemeyer, who drove it through Granby, Colorado, demolishing the town hall, a former mayor’s house and various other buildings, over a zoning dispute.  Because the only person that was killed was Heemeyer when he turned the gun on himself rather than face the repercussions from the law, we feel it’s totally appropriate to make light of the situation.  And yes, I’m a huge fan of the band Killdozer as well, but I have not seen the 1974 TV movie.

Anyway, I’m joined for the third time by what now REALLY DO appear to be my co-hosts David Cole and Ann Sterzinger; the former being a former GOP operative and party organizer before being outed for his being an “infamous” Holocaust historian and the latter being a fiction writer and writer and editor for various right of center websites.

In addition to that, we are joined by Eugene Nix (say it fast), an infamous troll who recently punked Katie Dewie at the Washington Post with his hilarious prank on Reddit.  For more information on that, please read David Cole’s piece for Takimag on the whole matter here.  Eugene Nix begged me to not include his parts in this podcast, but, at the risk of Ann calling him a pussy and the promise that I’d edit out the parts that make him seem excessively drunk, he acquiesced.  Besides, there is no way I could cut the part where he talks about Zika babies.

The parts with Eugene Nix last for the first third before he inexplicably drops out of the podcast, and then, as usual, the three alcoholics meander from topic to topic, occasionally stumbling upon something that justifies wasting people’s time, only to fall back into sexual fantasies about Cenk Uygur, taking cheap shots at Leslie Jones, making fun of the less fortunate and all around securing our place with the horned one.

On a slightly more serious note, it appears that David Cole and I have differing opinions on who will win the election in November and what that will mean for the various sects of the right (Alt or not).

Warning: I highly suggest you smoke something or drink an alcoholic beverage before tuning in.

Next week, we go high tech, as Ann and I have purchased Blue Yeti microphones.


Also, here’s a picture of me eating Ann’s book, NVSQVAM.  I suggest you order one as well because they are very tasty.


That annoying interpolation of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” comes from the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack.  Please go watch the movie, I’m positive the Jess Franco classic never fails the Bechdel test.

The closing song is from my buddy Jay Best, who seemed to have been in a Helios Creed mood, when he wrote it.  It’s actually by his band, Yesticles, and is called “The Diet Has Failed.”

SavageHippie Podcast Episode 5 – David Cole: Zombi Holocaust Revisionist

In my most epic podcast yet,  I had the pleasure of interviewing David Cole (a.k.a. David Stein), one of the weekly columnists at Takimag.  For those who don’t know who Cole/Stein is, he was the “infamous” Jewish Holocaust revisionist, who posited the notion that maybe two of the six identified death camps (did YOU know that there were six?) might not have actually been death camps, but work camps.  Sure, people were killed in those camps, but his theory, based upon physical evidence, is that two of the camps weren’t designed for the explicit purpose of killing people.

For his curiosity, Cole was derided as an evil, self hating Jew, when he is actually none of those things.  In fact he’s a self-admitted, pro-Israel Zionist.  After six years of revisionism, Irv Rubin, the head of the Jewish Defense League put a $25,000 hit on his life.  Cole recanted (or pretended to recant) his views in order to stay alive and went underground for a few years, selling both mainstream and revisionist Holocaust videos.

Then, when a few of his mainstream videos started getting popular, he emerged like the mighty groundhog under the new name of David Stein and was given reigns over the Friends of Abe, a Hollywood Republican fraternity, that was started by Gary Sinise. He hosted parties and hobnobbed with the who’s who of Republican celebrities – Clint Eastwood, Ann Coulter, Greg Gutfeld, you name ’em – until that fateful evening when his awful, cold-blooded, red head ex-girlfriend did him in.  Thanks to a little invention called youtube, she exposed Cole/Stein’s dirty, little secret, and, within 24 hours, his life, as he knew it, was over.  Nearly every one of his employment opportunities as a writer had dried up (save for Takimag, of course), and he became persona nongrata among the so called “respectable” conservative outlets like National Review, who talk a good game about freedom of speech, only to fire, ostracize and attempt to destroy writers who don’t tow the line.

He documents of all of this in his informative and entertaining autobiography, Republican Party Animal – you can read my review here.

We spent two awesome hours talking about the who/what/why of Holocaust revisionism, the Friends of Abe, some of his former Republican party peeps, how he converted from neoconservative to Alternative Right and, of course, ZOMBIE FILMS – and no, not The Walking Dead.  At very least, skip to the very end for a life affirming message.

You might hear something pouring; it’s me pouring a rum and diet Dr. Pepper drink.  I had such a blast doing this interview.  Thanks David, and hopefully we’ll get to speak again!

Opening song: “Death or Glory” by Holocaust
Closing song : “The Usurper” by Celtic Frost