Savage Hippie Episode 31 – So Far, So Good… So DRUMPF!


We almost got it right this time. We almost did a proper Savage Hippie episode. All of the ingredients were there; the humor, the commentary, the insults, the hosts, the Sounds of Marshabaloosh segment, but there was one small, tiny, dinklage little factor… WE DID IT IN SHIFTS!!!

Sure, I COULD tell the fans that, during the first hour, David didn’t say a thing, but that would be LYING.  And I could just as easily say that, during the second hour, Ann kept her trap shut as well (not that I’d ever want her too, so don’t get any ideas, you sexist pig!), but that TOO would be a lying. Nope, in the first half of the episode, David simply wasn’t there, and in the second half, Ann wasn’t there either.  So what gives, eh? Why did you guys do it in shifts. After all, it’s EDWIN you can’t stand, not each other…

What is going on indeed? Is there trouble in paradise? Does Ann owe David for the blow they did off of the Karl Rove book? Does David owe Ann a better explanation for what happened during the Irish famine? Look, in the words of one of the members of Spinal Tap, it’s best to leave this one unsolved.

Speaking of Spinal Tap, FUCK YOU Rob Reiner.

In this episode, Ann and I spend the first half riffing on leftist lunacy and the NQ – “is it okay to punch a Nazi?”  Before you yell at me, we are NOT calling Richard Spencer a Nazi.  Also, we spend a good amount of time answering Jim Goad’s JQ’s from his Takimag article from years ago.  In the second half, David and I mainly talk about movies before shifting it to Trump and his feverishly writing executive order after executive order.

The band this week is Child Bite from Detroit with their song “Vermin Mentality”! Heavy ass noise sludge, with a singer who vaguely sounds like Jello Biafra and is signed to Phil Anselmo’s mighty Housecore label!  Check ’em out here!

Our sponsor this week is Aaron Clarey the mighty economist and asshole consultant whose consulting work you can check out at and his funny economics/politics blog and podcast can be found at Also check out many of his fine books including Bachelor Pad Economics, The Curse of the High IQ, Reconnaissance Man and Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major.

The closing song is of course “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and the artwork is by Clayton V.

Savage Hippie Episode 30 – Mondo Islamo: On the Third Rail with Howard Bloom


In this very special edition of the Savage Hippie podcast, we had the pleasure of having Howard Bloom on our show.  At the risk of diminishing his contributions by simply slapping a label onto him, if you’re asking “who dat?” or “wut he dun?”, the proper answer should be, “what HASN’T he done?”, as the interview shall reveal.  But, if you’re STILL too lazy to just click on the link, he’s an author of several books on human evolution, which develop his theory of how societies evolve as giant organisms and how their people function as the microorganisms.

On top of that he was a publicist for some the music world’s lesser known, fringe artists – ya know, like Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Simon & Garfunkle, Talking Heads, Lionel Ritchie, Kiss, John Mellencamp and Earth, Wind & Fire – and he was a leading activist against the Parent’s Music Resource Center (PMRC), those no-fun having Senators’ wives lead by (cough cough) Democrat Tipper Gore, who were afraid little Bobby and little Jimmy were turning into sex maniacs after listening to a Judas Priest and AC/DC records.

But our main topic for THIS evening’s discussion is everybody’s favorite Religion of Peace™, which he discusses at length in his upcoming book, The Muhammad Code: How a Desert Prophet Brought You ISIS, al Qaeda and Boko Haram, soon to be released through Feral House.

Eventually the conversation drifts into a variety topics from the future of the United States under Donald Trump  (spoiler: Bloom is NOT a Trump supporter), the development of musical subcultures and some other interesting insider tidbits… ALTHOUGH…

WE NEVER GOT TO THE STORY ABOUT CALIGULA AND BOB GUCCIONE (not Bob Guccione, Jr. who started Spin magazine and we DO talk about a little bit)

Just a note to longtime listeners:

If you’re expecting our typical “Ann and David pile on Edwin to make everyone laugh and then make a bunch of offensive, crude and SPLC-list level statements about minorities”, we eschew the insults, poo poo jokes, menstrual references and ethnic stereotyping for something that is actually INFORMATVE.  So, you dirty miscreants might actually LEARN something rather than laugh in a drunken stupor!

Well, except for the completely tasteless artwork, whose concept was created by me and dictated (Muslim style) to Vittoria Brooke Shaw, who is one of my 72 non-virgins.  The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and per the direction of the episode, there is no Sounds of Marshabaloosh this week.

Savage Hippie Episode 29 – California Uber Assholes


Sorry it’s been a while since you’ve heard from the Savage Hippies. We did actually fly out to the land of sunshine to meet up with David Cole, but instead we ended up meeting militia leader Ronald David Cole… juuust kidding. That’s a teaser for one of David’s many hilarious anecdotes, in which a moron at one of the clickbait sites attempted to be a journalist and confused our loveable Holocaust revisionist with an imprisoned militia leader in Montana.

Anyway Ann and I flew out to Los Angeles, met up with David and plotted further world domination – which according to a prominent Alt-Righter is exactly what David is up to. In all unseriousness, if I were to put me, David and Ann Sterzinger into categories, I would call us Derbshire conservatives – skeptical of the cult of diversity, strongly against immigration at least from certain countries, pro-Western Christian values of hard work and self-sufficiency without necessarily being religious, being more metropolitan than part of flyover country – and while I WAS ready to call myself a metrocon, a term that Derb coined, I realize that I got a total boner when my Injun ex-girlfriend’s dad showed me the enormous arsenal he had stashed away in the underground compound in a dinky, quaint and primarily… ahem… Caucasian town, and I’ve got Midwestern naivety, which is why I’m always getting swindled by hooknosed street peddlers in the big city – and more concerned with fiscal, rather than social issues… anyway, where was I?


During this episode, we completely eschew talking about black thugs who torture autistic white kids for much weightier topics like Rastafarians who rent U-Haul trucks out the back of hookah shops, the best way to get back at unrequited-lovers who screw you over and our new target group for marginalizing and “othering” – the differently abled.

On top of recording a podcast, we also recorded a video episode centered around a gift our longtime listener David McPheeters sent us. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is; you’re going to have to watch the video and look at my ugly, fat ass to find out what it is (I don’t actually show you my ass, which I’ve been told is one of my BEST, rather than worst, features).

Our sponsor is Aaron Clarey who does financial consulting at and entertains with his blog and podcast at, along with writing many fine books, which you should read.

Our featured band on Sounds of Marshabaloosh is a personal favorite of mine, the sludge punk noise rock band Kilslug with their song “Zoom Zoom Zoom”, which you can listen to at

And the song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.

SavageHippie Episode 28.75 –A Non – Episode Episode Featuring John Steele


In about five hours, I’m going to jump on a plane headed to Los Angeles. In the meantime, I leave you this thrown together recording which hardly qualifies as an episode. In case you were wondering, like four or five months ago, John Steele interviewed me and Ann for his channel to clarify our positions on sex, romance, the libertine lifestyle and some other shit. Then he forgot about it or lost interest, and said, “eh, I have this lying around. Do you want it?” So, I of course chopped it up and put in a bunch music and sounds and made it nearly unlistenable.

Then I had Vittoria do the art of my and Ann’s head impaled on spikes because why not have heads impaled on spikes? The song at end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.

SavageHippie Episode 28 –The Protocols of the Elders of Olestra


Originally I was going to title this episode “Multiculturalism for Thee, but Not When I Take a Pee”, but I figured that would too sophisticated of a title, and the Savage Hippie podcast is geared towards the man in the streets, the kind of guy who doesn’t look to read high brow philosophical statements and humor only understood by handful of university studied elites, but enjoys the football and the can of beer of after work.

Of course this is the type of man that Donald Trump appealed to, the type of man who isn’t thinking about overseas conflicts which the United States might or not have a vested interest in.  However it struck the Savage Hippies as profoundly funny when the so called White Nationalist contingent of Trump’s voting bloc were shocked when Trump took such pro-Israel stance in spite the fact that his very daughter is married to an Orthodox Jew, and that Trump has never once said a nasty thing about Jews.  As such the so called “JQ” has been on a lot of people’s minds lately; or more likely it hasn’t, and I just happen to notice a certain “contingent” for whom the JQ is ALWAYS on their minds.  Might OR might not have something to do with this David Cole Stein guy, I dunno…

Well, for THOSE people, hopefully David and I provided a few reasonable JA’s for some of your JQ’s because we spend a good portion of the show discussing this whole business with Obama giving the proverbial middle finger to Israel and what that means in the grand scheme of things; in the words of some guy sitting in a trailer park in the middle of flyover country, “Alex Jones and Pat Buchanan are ALSO part of the Zionist conspiracy? Fuck man!”  Ann doesn’t really have much to say on the matter other than advocating for joint Israeli/Japanese tentacle porn.

Elsewhere we discuss Thomas Sowell, the Robocop trilogy – and just so I don’t forget and get yelled at by David, click here for the most mind blowing thing you’ve ever seen ever (no, you’re going to have to click on it) – and my and David’s awesome movie/TV ideas.  For the viewers, which one do YOU think is the better idea: Fruit Cop or Gay Rocky?

Oh, and for the win, we discuss our religious views, which leads to Ann telling a really personal and traumatic story, which we exploit for your entertainment.  You’re welcome!

For this week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh, we feature the space rock/psyche rock act Ruckzuck and their song “Sound Proof” (which is anything BUT!).  You can check that out at

Our sponsor is Aaron Clarey, for whom we spend lots of time talking about, but are not quite sure if we really delivered the message.  If you’re not satisfied with our long and stupid section about you, Aaron, I’ll personally send you a check for $5!  Get his books at and check his HILARIOUS podcast/blog at and get real, no bullshit financial advice at

Song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed”, and the art was done by lovely Vittoria Brooke Shaw at my male dictation, which she took without payment because patriarchy.

Sounds of Marshabaloosh Episode 1 – Manilla Road: A Metal Invasion


First of all, Marshabaloosh is the evil deity that makes you stub your toe, step on a nail, makes your wife divorce you, starts world wars and makes it snow heavily on the day of your important job interview.  Indeed he’s quit the nogoodnik, yet we worship him.

Sounds of Marshabaloosh is the music and entertainment spin off of the Savage Hippie retardo propaganda machine, and for the first installment, I was granted the privilege of interviewing Mark “the Shark” Shelton and Bryan “Hellroadie” Patrick, guitarist/singer/songwriter and singer/roadie for legendary cult metal band Manilla Road.  If you don’t know ’em, you better wise up, sucker!  They’ve been together in some way, shape or form since 1977 and have released a large and diverse body of work that ranges from heavy, progressive space rock, melodic epic metal, thrash, doom and even 12-string acoustic folky music, whose one uniting factor is Shelton and his penchant for fantasy, science fiction, horror and the occasional philosophical lyrics.

Shelton, Patrick and I spend an hour talking about everything from Manilla Road’s music (whoda thunk we’d talk about that?!), their various albums, encounters with other bands, potential label deals, the literature of Robert E. Howard, Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft and the time Manilla Road incited a brawl between Stryper’s Christian fan base and their biker one… guess who won…

I wish I had asked Shelton to elaborate on the Riddle Master project and about the legendary Herman Hill riots, but oh well… maybe next time?

Here’s a list of all of their albums if you want to check out their stuff, which you should, asshole.

Invasion (1980)
Metal (1982)
Crystal Logic (1983)
Open the Gates (1985)
The Deluge (1986)
Mystification (1987)
Live Roadkill (1988)
Out of the Abyss (1988)
The Courts of Chaos (1990)
The Circus Maximus (1992)
Atlantis Rising (2001)
Mark of the Beast (2002) (recorded 1981)
Spiral Castle (2002)
Gates of Fire (2005)
Voyager (2008)
After Midnight Live (2010) (recorded 1979)
Playground of the Damned (2011)
Mysterium (2013)
The Blessed Curse (2015)
Dreams of Eschaton (2016) (recorded 1981, remaster of Mark of the Beast)

And Mark, if you’re reading this, I downloaded all three Heavy Load albums!  Thanks for the recommendation!