Savage Hippie Episode 40 – Only Detonate in Case of Extreme Islamophobia


It seems this past week, people have been madly jerking off to their copies of Culture of Critique and then telling me that I HAVE to read Kevin MacDonald’s book because then I’ll be convinced by just how parasitic Jews really are. Sorry, not sorry, but you can suck my dick; send me a copy, and I’ll read it, but I’m in the middle of The Managerial Revolution by James Burnham, and I just spent thirty bones on the re-print of Jim Goad’s Answer Me! zine, so I really don’t give a shit about Jewish “survival strategies.” It’s not like I don’t already know the history of the diaspora, the Bolsheviks, the Frankfurt School, the Holodomor or Saul Alinski. I mean, holy fucking shit, you paranoid freaks . Yes, Jews own most of the media, and yes they’re pathologically leftist to the point of irritation, but the way some of you act, you would think it’s the 1950s, and you’re all the John Birch Society trying to quell the spread of Negro music to your white kinfolk. Sorry, ship has sailed, and America now has a beat.

And let’s not forget Hollywood, the TRUE bedrock of degeneracy; if a Hollywood studio releases some liberal movie about gay cowboys or gay black drug dealers, then of course they’re doing it to spread degeneracy to the honkies. But if a Hollywood studio releases The Searchers where John Wayne shoots Indians, then the Jew is STILL trying to subvert the goy by providing the entertainment he likes so much.

So, to the guy who asked the question and to the rest, if you want to now why WE think Jews did what they did to white societies, well, listen… and if you still don’t like the answer, once again, suck my dick.

For those not obsessed with Jews, we talk about Johnny Rotten liking Trump, Ann’s shithole town of Chicago, Tom Perez and his hilarious attempt to overhaul the DNC and the Shia LaBeouf flag debacle. On top of that, we answer questions, Ann tells probably the most nauseating joke she’s EVER told and I get pretty incapacitated with liquor in the second half, so sorry about that.

Band this week is the Scientists with their song “Set It on Fire.” It’s a live version from the early 80s. Recently the Numero label reissued the Aussie punk/post-punk band’s entire discography in a box set called A Place Called Bad. Listen to any of their fine selections here.

The song at the end is the unmistakable “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and David won’t divide us with his shitty artwork.

Savage Hippie Episode 39 – Thot, Twot or Tsot?


First of all, we need to make a correction. On the show, one of our fans asked me and Ann Sterzinger what we thought about Tomi Lahren’s recent about face regarding abortion. I guess we didn’t actually know the whole story. HAD we known that she had gone on The View, we would have been A LOT more hostile towards her. Instead, since she pissed off Glenn Beck, we kinda hemmed and hawed around the issue and instead just talked about abortion in general.

Then, we have to make an apology. I think the Savage Hippie podcast might be the only podcast where one of the hosts leaves the show to walk his dog. But, indeed, David Cole left the show to walk his dog. So, if you’re hankerin’ for David Cole and that unmistakable voice of his, well, you get him in the first three minutes, a couple of minutes in between and the last 25 minutes. And I sample his voice saying “oy vey” every so often just to be annoying.

Aside from abortions, we talk about Trump, the wire tap and the Russkies; we use racial slurs, but DON’T weaponize them; we give better sex tips than Cosmo; Ann talks about her white trash upbringing; and David gets mad at me a few times… ya know, the normal shit.

These articles were mentioned in the episode.



For this week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh, we feature a song by White Zombie; yes, the same White Zombie who became popular on MTV’s Buzzbin in the 90s with hits like “Thunderkiss ’65” and “More Human than Human”, but not really! In the early part of their career, White Zombie was a sludgy, noise rock band, which some of our fans might describe by the cliche of “cats being strangled.” Well, to me it’s a good sort of cats being strangled. The Numero label reissued all of their early material from before they signed to a major label in a box set called It Came from NYC. The song we feature is called “Die Zombie Die”, and it’s from their album Soul-Crusher. You can listen to the song here.

The song at the end is, without a doubt, “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and Clayton V did the artwork months ago, and I’m finally using it because I forgot I had it saved on my computer.

The Alt-Right, Punk Rock and Fake Boobs: An Analysis


The worst thing about people who are full of shit is when they become fans of things that you both enjoy and are a much, much greater expert on. I think I’m in some position of authority to state that most punk rockers don’t know as much as I do about the Alternative Right or the general umbrella of the new right. And similarly I think it’s safe to say that most people on the Alternative Right have only a cursory knowledge of punk rock. So, as someone who is a damn near expert on both of these topics – not saying I was ever on the vanguard of either of these movements – I think I’m at least qualified to call bullshit on a recent article published by Playboy magazine.

But before I even analyze the recent Playboy piece “5 Punk Rockers Explain Why the Alt-Right’s ‘Punk Movement’ is Garbage“, let’s ALL put on our bullshit detectors.

Is Playboy not the magazine that 13 year old boys jerked off to for the first time? Is it not the “classy” boobie mag that was started by a pipe smoking, middle aged-cum (no pun intended)-dirty old pervert, who would feature pictorials of attractive women with their beach blonde hair and big, fake boobs? Wasn’t Hugh himself the subject of the wrath of second wave feminists?

Yeah, I know… Playboy has articles too; and there are people who actually read the articles, rather make their fathers question why all the pages in his books are stuck together. And, from my understanding, there was even an era when Playboy actually had good articles from “legit” writers like Woody Allen – who, liberal as he might be, bless his soul, never became a feminist or stopped being a pussy chasing dog – and Gore Vidal. But that was the 60s, and you had to feign intellectualism in those days.

Regardless of its praising of certain liberal causes, Playboy has long since been just a porn mag-lite (no beaver shots), known for launching the careers of airheads like Jenny McArthy and Pamela Anderson.

So why, all of a sudden, do they fancy themselves the authority on punk rock and feel that they can decide that “the Alt-Right’s ‘Punk Movement’ is Garbage”?

First of all, there IS no AltRight punk movement, because if there was, then my name would be in the article. Not only am I the guy who printed the first ever Punks for Trump t-shirts (only 50 left as of this writing; BUY BUY BUY!!!), but that’s Matt Forney, one of the definitive AltRighters, in the picture below wearing one.


But, even if the article’s writer, Michael Tedder, was aware of this fact, he still misses the point entirely:

Members of the alt-right have of late made the argument that “conservatism is the new punk” and that gadflies like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos are the modern day truth-telling equivalents of the Sex Pistols and the Clash, pushing back against social justice warriors and political correctness culture. In their eyes, their old, retrograde ideas—which inevitably manifest as fear and outrage at attempts to curb white male privilege—have suddenly become avant-garde because of…safe spaces or something.

Neither Alex Jones nor Milo Yiannopoulos are “AltRight.” They’re libertarians. They’ve adopted some of the less extreme views of the AltRight – that cultural Marxism sucks, that SJWs of all stripes and shades are stupid and that Islam is a threat to Western civilization – but they were never considered part of the movement; to call them AltRight would be like calling the Cars a punk band. Sure the Venn diagrams overlap, but they’re not one and the same. To be honest, I’m not considered “AltRight” by some of the more radical elements either because I’m not a White Nationalist, I don’t believe that all ethnic groups need to be separated at all costs and I don’t fit the proper genetic stock. The AltRight actually has quite a bit of diversity of thought under its umbrella, but a person on the left will never take the time to investigate any of this.

But I digress. As far as the “new right” (which includes the AltRight) being considered “the new punk rock”, well… I suppose that depends on how you define “punk rock.” And that’s where we get to the meat, spikes, leather and chains of the article; unless, of course, you’re a modern day vegan-feminist-hippie-crust-punk, who dodges showers the way the hippies dodged the draft. Then you probably think the original punks were fascists for wearing and eating dead cow.

Most AltRighters don’t know that much about punk and all of the bands it produced or its various sub-genres and their spin-offs. If ANYTHING, while AltRighters might espouse the general, “offend the easily offended” attitude of the Sex Pistols, and while I think Trump is pissing off all the right people, AltRighters specifically probably have more in common with the Oi! band 4Skins, who wrote this wonderful anti-immigrant slam “One Law for Them”, in which they quote the “rivers of blood” speech by Enoch Powell, or the Canadian punk band Forgotten Rebels, who have the hilarious “Bomb the Boat and Feed the Fish”, in which they advocate a rather more, um, violent solution to the problem of mass immigration from third world countries. Hell, I’d even say they have more in common with hardcore punk bands like Agnostic Front, who have the anti-welfare screed “Public Assistance”, which got them in a heap of shit with the PC brigade, or Minor Threat, who mince no words in “Guilty of Being White”, or Black Flag, who sing about the changing ethnic demographic in Southern California in “White Minority” (oh, but they’re being ironic, cantcha tell?!).

But, instead Playboy claims they found the TRUE representatives of punk rock, and these people, who quite obviously have next to no knowledge of the AltRight, explain why someone on the AltRight can’t be punk.

First they get a quote from Victoria Ruiz from some band called the Downtown Boys. (And if you leftist fags say, “uh, what a POSER, you’ve never heard of the Downtown Boys?”, I’ll say, “go fuck yourself, you’ve never heard of Aryan Disgrace, Metal Urbain or the Mentally Ill.”)

Alice Bag, who has actually done the work of being a punk rock star, recently said via Facebook: “Punk has been portrayed as music by and for angry white males, but in its inception, it was a rebellion against all rock cliches. Gender, ethnic, sexual and class taboos were all challenged by our early punk community and that is a story which is not very often told. People of color, queer folk, women—all were present from the very beginning of Punk.”

Yeah, fine, Alice Bag and the Bags are actually really good – how can they not be? They had Geza X on guitar! – but Republican Johnny Ramone has done WAY more work of being a punk rock star. Not to mention Lee Ving of Fear, who wrote the classic “The Mouth Don’t Stop (the Trouble with Women).” And so has leftist clown Jello Biafra. So what? Okay, fine, Darby Crash, the singer of the Germs, was a fag. And their guitarist Pat Smear is black. And Ivan Julian, the rhythm guitarist for Richard Hell and the Voidoids, is also black. And the Bad Brains are all black and were known for their queer-bashing because they “be Rasta, mon, and Rasta don’ like no bloodclot faggots!” Again, so what? That changes precisely what again? The answer is coming; wait for it:

I think that this is exactly why it is nonsense when the alt-right strings together vapid words to try and incite a playground fight with those of us who put blood, sweat and tears into creating an expression that is the antithesis of everything that these alt-right meatheads represent. They are simply a distraction to the women, femmes, queers and people of color filling the columns of Spin, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, the New York Times and numerous other publications that report on culture. I don’t see actual alt-right bands headlining Coachella, I see Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar—two of the most punk in terms of crystallizing dissent about the status quo —artists taking the stage. Real punk is and will always be a total threat to the alt-right and their culture, which is based on white supremacy. Otherwise it isn’t real punk. The alt-right’s tactics are FAKE PUNK. The alt-white (I mean right) want us to sip tea, but we are drinking fresh water from a firehose.

In other words, according to this person, the AltRight DOESN’T represent the punk rock ethos because they AREN’T represented in corporate mainstream media and DON’T perform at corporately sponsored music festivals. I think even the old timey leftists at Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll would raise an eyebrow at that. But more specifically, AltRighters and anyone who espouses views that are heretical to the PC establishment need to be purged from all mainstream discourse. Also probably the main reason no “AltRight bands” have ever performed at Coachella is because THERE ARE NO ALT-RIGHT BANDS to speak of. And even if there were, they wouldn’t be invited to play these festivals. In fact corporately sponsored festivals like the Scion Rock Fest has dumped bands when they were suspected of having “nefarious” connections. But apparently Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar are totally punk as fuck, man.

Next we have Chris Freeman of Pansy Division, the only name on the list I recognize. Feel free to read his lengthy, bitchy diatribe yourself. The only thing that stuck with me was this:

Punk rock for me was about free-thinking more than free speech, and I say that not to minimize free speech but to point out how robotic life had become in the 1970s.

Uh, oookay…. moving right along then…

Well, what do we have here? Erika M. Anderson seems to be the only person of the bunch with a brain!

I think if you define punk as simply being a group of angry young men wanting to say “fuck you” to dominant societal norms and current values, then the roots of the alt-right are definitely one of the most punk things going on right now.

AGREED… but:

But that’s like narrowing your definition of punk down to the Sex Pistols—which was basically a boy band put together by a pair of London clothing designers who wanted to use shock tactics to promote their fashion line. I much prefer Crass (who were anarchists, feminists, environmentalists and better songwriters!), X-Ray Spex or even Pansy Division. But my guess is that if you are truly invested in the theory of alt-right as new punk, then facts about the diversity of the movement aren’t really going to appeal to you.

Oo, calling the Sex Pistols a boy band… them’s fightin’ words! Julian Temple’s 2000 documentary The Filth and the Fury puts that myth to rest. Plus, even if it were true, that doesn’t change the fact that “No Feelings” is one of the best songs ever. To be fair, Crass makes some pretty righteous noise even if they’re views are stupid, and X-Ray Spex tear it up with their noisy, bleating sax and Poly Styrene’s caterwauling; I don’t think I’ve ever heard Pansy Division. Regardless, I AM invested in parts of the alt-right, but as proven above, I’m aware that there were black, gay and gurl punks. Her rant concludes with this:

Indeed, it’s all keks and lulz until a con man takes office and fills his cabinet with incompetent billionaires who don’t actually care about free speech, poverty, or really anything but themselves. Turns out there is a thin line between being punk and getting punk’d.

Oo, she’s clever!

Some guy named Andy Nelson at least gets one thing right:

It is no great secret that for all its posturing and incremental progress over the years, underground punk is still, regrettably, a culture dominated by straight whites males.

I wouldn’t say “regrettably”, but:

The notion that expressing all the hateful bigotry that the entirety of American society has been reinforcing forever would resemble the anti-establishment in any form is a premise so asinine and feeble-minded it is nearly beyond comprehension. Insofar as “Alt-Right Punk” is a real thing, I remind you that we’ve seen this type of thing before, and we’ve seen how it ends: Just ask Dave Smalley and Michael Graves what kind of traffic that moronic website ConservativePunk.com is getting these days.

Hey, if you don’t like it in the United States, you’re free to live in such tolerant countries as Iran and Saudi Arabia. As for Dave Smalley and Michael Graves, I’m not sure what kind of traffic they get on their moronic website these days, and I’m too lazy to check.

And finally Patrick Stickles of some band called Titus Andronicus (isn’t Shakespeare racist or something?) begins with:

In determining if conservatism/“alt-right” is the “new punk” or “political punk rock” or whatever they are saying, we must first address the distinction between “punk,” the ideology, “punks,” who practice said ideology, and “punk rock,” the musical genre/fashion template with which we associate acts like the Sex Pistols or Ramones or Black Flag and “punk rockers,” those who adhere to those templates.

No, we mustn’t. Well,you can if ya want, but I’m going to listen to this here Dictators song and have myself a vodka/diet coke mixer.

Sounds of Marshabaloosh Episode 2 – Robert Willis: Punk Rock Drill Sergeant


I actually have to thank Ann Sterzinger for hipping me to Robert Willis, who bills himself as “the original punk right-wing millennial” on his awesome website bloodyrubbish.com. Even though, ahem, I AM the “punks for Trump” guy, so maybe we can have a little sparring match and see who’s the REAL original punk rock millennial. And of course by “sparring match”, I just mean an autistic, “who can name more old punk bands” pissing contest.

Anyway, I contacted Willis, and it turns out he sings for Lions Write History, sang for Signs of Hope, and runs his label, Detonate records. If you’ve got more than a cursory knowledge of punk rock, then you know that, as a general tag, it’s pretty broad. Willis’ punk rock “roots” are rather different from mine, with his being part of the “Youth Crew” revival of the early 00s – listen to interview if you want to know what that is, jackass – while I’m more into the old timey, spikey haired, leather jacket wearing bands – ya know, like the Pork Dukes and Joe Cool and Killers.

I must give Robert an ENORMOUS thank you for putting up with me. We basically recorded this interview twice, but the first time Robert came in all echo-y, so we did it again; only this time I was moving onto my fourth cup of vodka, and well, I fancied myself a comedian and asked some REALLY stupid questions. Thankfully Robert had a sense of humor about all of this – I mean, after all, it’s the left that have forgotten how to laugh – and I got some good quality stuff out of the interview.

We of course discuss Signs of Hope, Lions Write History and Detonate Records, along with our political views in general and how they relate to the “scene” as a whole (what scene?), and Robert tells probably one of the creepiest tour stories EVER.

Check out Robert’s Blog www.bloodyrubbish.com for political stuff.

Check out Detonate Records to hear some brutal tunes.

Songs played on the podcast:

“No More Talk” by Lions Write History

“Better Ways” by Signs of Hope

“Anchors” by Lions Write History

“In a World of Assholes” by Heavy Hearted

“Reproduction of Rage” by Human Slaughter

Sounds of Marshabaloosh theme by John Shade Vick

Savage Hippie Episode 38 – We Could All Use a Good Purging Every Now and Then


Pffft… I just don’t know… I shouldn’t talk about it, but I guess I’m gonna because I don’t have anything else to write here. I guess the rule of thumb is that, when someone says, “I’m comfortable with MY manhood”, that’s probably a good sign that this person is not comfortable with his manhood. And it’s a trip that this person, who wants to call you a basement dwelling loser that can’t get laid, realizes that you and he have stuck your penises inside the same gurl; not at the same time of course.

He, of course, did it more often than I did because he was in a dedicated relationship with her. But apparently, after their relationship ended, she married a woman. Ya know, went lesbo. Here’s the crazy thing though; whereas most lesbians look like overweight lumberjacks or effeminate businessmen, she actually LOOKS like a porn lesbian! I mean, an attractive female who swaps pussy juice with another lady; one who might or might not also be a porn lesbian. This essentially means that this marriage will end, and she’ll eventually be taking the dick again.

But my main point is that this guy, who called me a basement dwelling loser, told me that the Savage Hippies suck! How does he know? He’s never listened to us! He’s never listened to Ann Sterzinger and her antisocial musings or David Cole and his long winded, yet hilarious stories or me and my meandering drunken rants! Is it intuition?

This episode can be divided into three parts.

The first part was recorded last Saturday and features only me and David. In it we talk about the block on the Trump travel ban, the all American cuisine known as poi, how much Michael Showalter sucks, the death of comedy due to political correctness and how John Waters and Louis Armstrong are the uncle Toms for their respective groups.

The second part is the Sounds of Marshabaloosh segment, in which I interview Robert Willis, the owner of Detonate Records and singer for the fine hardcore/heavy rock band Lions Write History. We showcase their song “No More Talk”, which you can listen to here.

And, wrapping it up is a two week old recording in which Ann and I constantly make references to the “deep state” and talk about how Ann developed her hatred for welfare recipients. Or as one of our listeners said several month ago, we talk about some gay punk rock bands.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and David Cole actually did the art this time; inspired by a still from Samuel Fuller’s 1949 classic I Shot Jesse James.

Savage Hippie Episode 37 – I’m Disabled, and I’m a Republican


Why do I even bother writing this shit? Does anyone ever read it anyway? Do you, the reader, even care? Or do you just push the play button and whatever happens happens? It’s been two weeks since Ann Sterzinger, David Cole and I got together for a chat. The story is that Ann and I recorded two hours of material, half of which is usable, half of which turned out echo-ey, none of which was with David. The hour which Ann and I recorded will be used later; possibly tacked onto a followup episode this week since David has more free time and is desperately trying to waste it with me. This new material was recorded after I came back from New Orleans, the disappointment of which I briefly discuss in the episode.

In addition to that, we talk about Gavin McInnes’ reaction to his trip to Israel, old horror movies, David buying elevator shoes, about the future of Israel, our plan to become the crusaders for the disabled in Hollywood, Henry Winkler’s original catch word before he switched to “eyyy!!!, and, of course, Ann peeing. I’m sure there are other things we talk about, but I care not to go back and list them.

Okay FINE, we also talk about how I ACTUALLY, 100% NOT JOKINGLY mistook Steven King, the Congressman, with Stephen King, the writer, if only because I refuse to believe that people can exist who pronounce the “ph” in “Stephen” with a “v” sound. So, YEAH, LAFF IT UP, ASSHOLES!!! I DO THIS ALL FOR YOU!!!

This week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh features the song “Secret Agent Rat” by the band Crystal Fairy, a collaboration between guitarist/singer/songwriter King Buzzo, drummer Dale Crover (both from the Melvins), bassist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (from At the Drive-In) and the super cute Teri Gender Bender, who wears sexy crimson all the time and is from Guadalajara, on vocals (she sings for Le Butcherettes).  They sound like a 90s riot grrrl band with King Buzzo supplying the heavy riffs. Listen to “Secret Agent Rat” here.

The song at the end is predictably “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles. The Photoshop art was done by Clayton V, but I added all the movie stuff since I’ve been watching a lot of fantasy adventure movies with oiled down men in sandals.