White Trumps on Dope, an Open Letter to Jello Biafra

jello_biafra_trumpIf you were ever 14 and didn’t go through a Dead Kennedys phase, you are one sad kid.  The Dead Kennedys are a wicked, sick killer band.  Their songs are ferociously hooky, and the musicianship of guitarist East Bay Ray, bassist Klaus Flouride and drummers Ted (a.k.a. Bruce Slesinger) and D.H. Pelligro eschews the notion that “punk bands can’t play.”  On top of all that, you have liberal loudmouth yahoo, Eric “Jello Biafra” Bouchard’s quivering, clown like vibrato caustically waxing about a dystopic future dominated by corporate interests, where the average American is nothing more than a cog in a machine and enters the workforce only to be spit out the other end when his productivity has expired.

In addition to bashing corporations and Republicans, Biafra takes swipes at “jocks”, “goons”, “hicks”, “racists” and basically anybody who is white and male.  Before I even read The Redneck Manifesto, I found it strange that, for someone who allegedly cares about the “everyman”, Biafra sure likes to make low-ball attacks on the po’ white folk in songs like “Winnebago Warrior” or “Goons of Hazard.”  Hell the latest album by his current band, Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine (oh, ho ho!), is called White People and the Damage Done.  What’s with the formalities?  Why not just call it Kill All the White People?  Or maybe that’s so unsubtle that people would think it’s a joke.

But, I do respect the man and his band’s uphill struggle against censorship.  I also find it ironic that it’s someone on the left who tried to destroy his career after the Dead Kennedys inserted the H.R. Giger painting, Landscape XX, into the sleeve of the Frankencrhist LP.  I found it doubly ironic that he’s spent his career defending free speech in an era when it was people on his side that are trying to kill it with political correctness.

And then he pulls this shit.  “Nazi Trump Fuck Off”?!  Like are you fucking serious?  For those not in the know, the Dead Kennedys song “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”, a minute long blast of raging hardcore that attacked assholes on the scene who liked to start fights and beat people up in the pit, was originally released on their 1981 EP In God We Trust, Inc.  Later on, as Nazi Skinheads became a regular fixture in the punk, hardcore and metal scenes of the 80s and 90s, the song seemed actually kind of prescient and important.  By 2016, as occurrences of neo-Nazi gang beatings are practically non-existent in most punk scenes, the song has lost all relevance outside of being a fun blast of hardcore with a well meaning, but otherwise, completely safe message.

So, then I have to ask: is Biafra THAT stupid or is he so damn desperate to keep the pulse on the finger of the young “punx”, a subculture that’s nearing its fortieth year and has all but been turned into a leftist recruitment tool, that he’s willing to pull out Godwin’s law, internet-meme level, stupid tropes like “Trump’s a Nazi” in order to keep the spiky haired fan base tuned in?  And on top of that, are they so stupid that they actually believe him?

Don’t answer that question.

Anyone who pays attention to what Trump has said knows that that man is not only NOT a Nazi, he doesn’t even care about abortions, gay marriage, marijuana or transgender issues;  he literally answers questions about all of these topics with something along the lines of, “I will, but I won’t, but I care, but I don’t.”  Translation: “I just want close the border, end trade deals and not let Syrian refugees in the country.  Other than that, do whatever the heck you want.”  In fact, many strict, hard-liner evangelicals say he’s not conservative enough.

Trump’s contentious views regard illegal immigrants, most of whom are Mexican, and Syrian “refugees”, most of whom are male and Muslim.  No matter how Biafra wants to cut and slice it, most Americans feel the immigration system is broken; they don’t like sanctuary cities, immediate citizenship upon birth or how their cities are turning into Spanish speaking barrios; they wouldn’t like it if their cities were turning into Polish speaking ghettos either.  On top of that, many Americans don’t feel comfortable with letting 10,000 Syrian refugees, people who have values quite different from those of the West as evidenced by, oh, I dunno, incidents in Europe ranging from the raping of a bunch of women in Cologne to the blowing up of the Bataclan in Paris, into the United States.  It’s apparently “racist” now to want to keep your family safe.  Except that Islam isn’t a race; it’s a religion.  Wasn’t it Jello Biafra who wrote “Religious Vomit”?

All religions make me wanna throw up
All religions make me sick
All religions make me wanna throw up
All religions suck
They all claim that they have the truth
That’ll set you free
Just give ’em all your money and they’ll set you free
Free for a fee

They all claim that they have ‘the Answer’
When they don’t even know the Question
They’re just a bunch of liars
They just want your money
They just want your consciousness

All religions suck
All religions make me wanna throw up
All religions suck
All religions make me wanna BLEAH

They really make me sick
They really make me sick
They really make me sick
They really make me sick
They really make me sick
They really make me ILL

ALL religions, Jello.  I get it; in your estimation, ALL religions just means “Christianity and ALL of its derivations.”  But to us, Jello, that is, the people who aren’t brainwashed by cultural Marxism, “ALL religions” means you can’t play favorites.  As far as we’re concerned, there’s ONE religion that we need to watch out for.  Here, let me give you a hint there, buddy:


See that guy?  If you’re a gay person or a woman, that guy is not on your side.  If you’re a Jew, Christian or atheist, that guy is especially not on your side.  Trump wants to ban 10,000 people who believe in that guy from entering the United States, and he’s the Nazi?

I really love the Dead Kennedys.  In fact I think the rest of the band are a bunch of buffoons for hiring scabs like Brandon Cruz, Jeff Penalty and that one guy from that one band to take your spot.  I really love the records you made with Mojo Nixon, Tumor Circus, Nomeansno, D.O.A., the Melvins and even your latest band with the really stupid name.  Hell, I saw you guys twice, and Andrew Weiss killed it!  Jello, if you read this, I’m the guy who was at the show at Small’s in 2010, whose mouth you stuffed one of your rubber gloves into and then rudely shoved a mic in my face asking if I had anything “intelligent” to say.  Well, I didn’t at the time, but I do now.

You’re a coward.  Your buddies in Conflict, who wrote that great, anti-Muslim song “An Option”, on the other hand, might share your retarded, anti-Capitalist sentiment, but they at least understand that letting more Muslims into their country will increase the risk of getting killed.

The Eagles of Death Metal were performing at the Bataclan and watched people get blown up.  Gavin McInnes interviewed vocalist Jesse Hughes, who some publications have banned because of his contentious views towards Muslims.  HE WATCHED PEOPLE DIE, and now people are calling him racist.  He’s pro-Trump and he’s anti-Muslim, which means, in this day and age, he’s anti-death and pro-survival.  He’s got balls, and you don’t.

I know you’ve got a career to maintain, but, if you’re going to take on the easiest, wussiest, least edgy political stance of all time in order to keep fourteen year old kids coming to your shows, can you at least not insult my intelligence with your bullshit?



Neuro-science & Psychology Discloses Female Amorality Is Actually A Psychopathy, & More Frequent Than We Might’ve Believed


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

Researchers have discovered a better understanding on the disorder of psychopathy, finding that male psychopaths have a different processing of moral judgement than female ones.

“This is just extremism”. No, it is one case of a spectrum.

The specialization of the researches of the following do not offer other factors, For instance, correlations of M.G.M, which can be read in my other article: ‘Some Origins Of Sadomasochism‘, as a major influence on defilements in society & how there’s more infuriated males, likely because it would be deemed too “woo-woo”. They’re missing links because they are not avant garde enough, or likely because they want to look extra professional among peers. True: more male psychopaths than females due to males being more prominent in society, but what is interesting about the following is that it explains a hidden aspect of it. Females showed uniquely less activity in their right temporoparietal junction, an area associated with classification of purpose & justice. In other words: Male psychopaths are more likely to have some feelings of guilt when criminal or they tend to have a motive for committing crimes. Female ones are less likely to have guilt or have motive – just done by spur-of-the-moment.
The inconclusive, spur-of-the-moment & n.l.p. intuition of females is the general axiom. Sure,an extreme form of it, but it is just one out of many versions. Females are quite poor planners because they have different brains than males.

Even though many psychopaths are established to be unable or to process human emotions normally, researchers have found variations of the latter in sexes. In the journal: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, they used neuroimaging technology to ascertain brain inactivity in male & female psychopathic brains to have sub-sets of differentiation.

Psychopathy is of a cruel & impulsive nature. According to the study, little study on female psychopaths have been done. It’s probable because of a ratio of male to female psychopaths being 20:1. Let’s be neutral. This study is not specifically regarding that ratio, but a different brain of male & females, & if you had read the introductory part, these scientists specialized in a given field – missing other factors. The disorder features a reduction to activity in the zones of the brain that dictate emotion & reduced responses to emotional stimuli.

When examining the activity of these brains, they discovered male ones to have less response in their ventromedial prefrontal cortex & amygdala – both zones in the brain aiding in the judgement of morality. Prior to, zones of such areas in females were relatively inconclusive.

The Mind Research Network of Albuquerque brought more comparative studies of females & males. With functional magnetic resonance imaging, the team of researches had 157 reported female criminals detained in a medium-security correctional facility compared to 46 without the disorder. Researchers examined brain activity while test subjects watched moral, non-emotional, & emotional images, along with rating individuals based on the severity of their conduct disorder. Researchers found that what was similar was when these females were tested, they had less activity in the amygdala & the anterior cingulate cortex. What was different was that females showed noticeable less activity in their right temporoparietal junction, an area for attribution of intentions & justice.

The researchers claimed that results gives evidence of aberrant neural responses to morally-salient stimuli different with female psychopaths, revealing newer discoveries  on a previously unexplored study, of emotional processing of male to female psychopathy.

Meaning: female psychopaths process morality differently than male counterparts. A female psychopath is a completely different type.

Extreme divisions are necessary. They are subsections. What does sub-sections have to do with the lives you or I live? Well, I’ll type with what it is like to gamble with female psychological types; case: The “different” female:

How do I – a bookish one – type from anecdotal, which seems to be contrived with an agenda, to empirical data. Because I’m not defeatist. I employ my own experiments for my personal desires, as well as study empirical data, so I’ve had more encounters with females than one would think.

I was recently reported to authorities as “harassing” for approaching a female in plain, robotic manner. She was a goth/punk, etc., advertising to the world: “I’m different, I’m unique. You can just be free-spirited, humble with me.” But often the case is that these types are just bored yuppies who want to make themselves believe they’re extra special. They might have like some green hair & some tattoos, but true individuality – thinking differently, the “borg” can not tolerate. They can’t even handle the burden of the independent option of just saying “no thanks”, or something like that because they’re not truly individuals. They just want to hog more attention is all, but without having to earn those badges of actually being different. I believe this case of manipulation is linked to their verbosity. I was then harassed by a police officer who liked to call himself “the executioner”.

All these situations that they conflated as crimes were really only matters of their self indulgent addictions altered for a brief instance. Having their casual mindsets altered is a problem for females, & that’s also why females think that if a male approaches plainly & honestly, he must be “shy” & “lame” in the bedroom, & the reason that is is because females can not foresee the future well because of their bad planning – living in the moment, same as the misleading cultural idea that if a male has his own set of preferences & would rather do pussy-worship, or ass-worship, etc., with his mouth than hard penetration, that “must mean fem.-dom.”, or something like that.

On another occasion, because I dared to be myself, another female made a false accusation that I was “trying to steal” after she had the nerve to say “maybe” during my approach, & then also saying “Wait here, I’ll be back.”

Debating with the not-all-women-are-like-that types, which is just making more lazy assumptions because most of “masculinists” never claimed all, but most, becomes them trivializing you as just anecdotal because they’re conflicting claim is that they know some who aren’t like that – anecdotal. ~75% of them are like that, but even if I’m deluded & only 50%(-) are like that, why does the good times they’ve had excuse the badness of some?

I’m still informed with data of “weird” styles. Feminism has grown in the “weird” style communities. I have seen a feminist blogger stating that “She’s tired of receiving death-threats from metal-heads” for being a female creator, but there’s no way this is true, or it’s an exaggeration, because I was raised in these scenes as a teenager; punk/metal/goth/electronics, etc., & the people – 95% males – who made those escapist avenues, most of them, made them for the specific reason to get away from the issues & pettiness of normal society. It’s mostly fantasy-land for them. The interesting thing though that I noticed is, which I was still, then in a confused teenage state, struggling with: “no, that can’t be true”, is that you do occasionally get bullies in such scenes, & the ones who tend to gravitate towards them are, you guessed it, the females, or they gravitate towards some other idiots.

This fucking bitch that I used to work with who called the police on me, same as the “different” type, was always harassing me at the job that I had with her because I requested for the counselor policy that this old job offered. She thought that my “weakness” was disgusting, even though I wanted to have absolutely nothing personal to do with her, & she thought too highly of herself because she probably had some pathetic 40~50 year olds getting sex from her due to desperation. Other females gossiped as well to lesser degrees. The reason why she treated me the way she did is because females are basically bullies that don’t actually bully. I’ll type exactly what I mean: I’m a pretty good looking male, not bragging, just making a point; I’m fit, I’m tall, I have a sculpted, boxy jaw & face, & when a male is this, he’s communicating to a female’s presumptions that he too would like to just sign himself to do a little song-&-dance & introduce himself in the implied male peer rating. With their entitlement, they think that you want to be a contestant. They want to see you struggle, & get your “hands dirty”, & see you even get aggressive among other males & in front of them, etc., & that’s why females have a tendency to hate it – “is this just sex to you”, etc., or call it “creepy,” “immature,” “inferior” when males just want a friendship with benefits or for her to be more “motherly” (not of incest). Males who confidently – usually obliviousness – participate in it don’t even realize it. It’s an implied contest. & what do you win? You get to “run around in circles” with the ambiguous, fake loyalty as she continues to evaluate the game. So this fucking cunt would try to provoke me to lash out at work, she’d gossip, & she started politics with the main boss. I approached her much later when I didn’t work there just to give her a little bit of my philosophy – freedom of speech. She then called the police & made lies. They have no respect for a male’s person-hood. We’re the “creepy” ones for not playing the contest, being literal, non aggressive, & rational. They’ll try to make claims that such males are “creepy” because there’s often the reflection that subtly implies they’re creepy.
Women are completely excused to make it personal in the work force, start drama & politics from petty matters or some tiny accidents, but if you – as a male – try the same, you could get arrested because they have the power to abuse freedom of speech in my country & make false claims. It’s happened to me a few times. The police listen to whatever the females say instantly because the chivalry is so attached to traditional society. They don’t know what’s really happening.
Do not make the philosophy public. Not to condemn m.r.a.s, do not make the same mistake they made. Remember what they did to Paul Elam when he tried to do an interview with the mainstream? Make all documents on other formats.
I spent 24 hours in jail – shuffled in holding cells while petty paper-work was processed. Long story condensed: a woman lied to police after I got philosophical with her, claimed that I threatened & damaged property. But that’s not the most interesting part. The most interesting part is that I heard 5 other men explain similar situations of which they were arrested after trying to debate peacefully with their partners, & that one of them, after trying to restrain his girlfriend threatening him with a knife, he – not she – got arrested instead.
That was some important info. I gained from experiential living, like a documentary film.

I have also heard of this same thing, not to exact frequency, in the “geek”/comic-book/anime, etc., demographics of these females advertising that they’re different & that you could have some cozy conversation about simple stuff reduced of the sports-tournaments, but, really, these females are usually misplacing themselves because they have some kind of complex, like daddy-issues, so they want the extra attention & comfort.The “different” female is generally the type who goes to such avenues because she can’t get what she wants & she is transitively waiting for what she does want to come to her. She is just an “Mtv.” loser.
I’m not trying to type that they should be obliged to just start sucking penises of everyone, but what I am typing is that these females are often a deadly trap. They will, quite possibly, ruin your life, or  some amount of time, because you, as a weird or different/individual male, dared to approach a “princess”; “Should we call security”, “creep”, “get away from us”, “we don’t owe you anything”, “this guy tried raping me”, etc. – all implied because she was slightly bothered for ~30 seconds – “squash that “pathetic” fly for daring to be himself”. “It made me traumatized that I had to be uncomfortable for a little while.” This sort of thing happens quite frequently, actually.
Of this sub-section, it was these types of females who dared to use an identification mark that isn’t really theirs’ to use. They have had essentially no involvement in contributing to such groups, other than standing as props, & often bring into those groups what the ones who constructed such avenues specifically tried to get away from. So the little warrior-that-could is so unique that she can make it to get coffee 2 miles from her house to show her pink hair, but, partly because as our modern society is now easier, if something as slight as a male being himself happens to her, she’s going to conflate that.

The truth is is that females tend to despise true individuality.

The P.U.A. likes to entertain the notion that they’re of a masculine individuality, but really they’re just feminine emulators. Some of the most famous ones are not even so smart. They can barely even form a decent paragraph live without a computer & access to urban-dictionary-dot-com, or something like that. Although I will state that the most honorable thing the p.u.a. Roosh V did was go on mainstream tv. & state that overweight females (although I personally do enjoy chubby females, in addition to other types.) are inexcusable because it reclaimed standards for masculinity. The p.u.a. types though are just feminine. Feminine collectivism transcends female nature. P.U.A.s act like women while proclaiming the “real-man” thing. It is in a female’s nature to use tactics, theatricals, be anti-science & prioritize greed over ideals, & be concerned with fashion. So, because it’s a sub-set of males adopting female behavior, what results is a sort of hybrid freak act that makes it a bit indistinguishable that these males are acting like females. They understand, whether subconsciously or full, the nature of females, rather than abiding to the greater good, they take advantage, like traitors, to only waste time, which they could use to point the major problems, such as one fact that females are automatically collectivist, so because of that, the p.u.a. adopts feminine tactics to be approved by female herd mentality.
I have some respect for people like Mark Rudov because his approach is just weeding by remaining completely masculine & not an actor. The average p.u.a. though is just an effeminate sleaze.

So they say:”stand up for yourself”/Don’t put women on a pedestal”, etc.. Then when you do that & say anything real, you get bad treatment. It doesn’t make sense.

To borrow a quote from Esther Vilar: “As absurd as it may sound: today’s men need feminists more than their wives do. Feminists are the last ones who still describe men the way they like to see themselves: as egocentric, power-obsessed, ruthless, and without inhibitions when it comes to satisfying their animalistic instincts. Therefore… Women’s Libbers find themselves in the strange predicament of doing more to maintain the status quo than anyone else. Without their arrogant accusations the macho man would no longer exist, except perhaps in the movies. If the press didn’t stylize men as rapacious wolves, the actual sacrificial lambs of this ‘men’s society’, men themselves, would no longer flock to the factories so obediently.”

Dubiously, It’s actually most females who fit this misrepresentative “macho” description explained by Vilar. This “macho” definition applied to males & assented by males is a false meme originally surmised in pandemic by females’ circumscribed personal extraction of presumptuous vaunting of just some of the opposite sex, often endorsed to gain acceptance, which has a magnetic like resonance on their own vanity, hence the male hero rescuing the poor damsel in distress who was bothered for ~30 seconds – not a real crime, just a matter of opinion, or different philosophy.

This self-indulgence is actually a form of psychopathy. What we have known about varying degrees of psychopathy has been incomplete.

Women are more frequently excused from antisocial or aggressive behaviors because they have a different way of executing those behaviours. What these females did to me was, by definition, different styles of crimes. The lies they used against me were used by covert violence.

A psychologist named Seth Meyers, Psy.D stated that he attends trainings regularly & hears experts talk about how the number of female psychopaths is actually much higher than currently reported.  Verbal craft & manipulation are charecteristics of such disorders with females, along with jealousy & harm.

Covert or relational aggression has been researched on females with relational aggression, disclosing females’ display of aggression is much different than males – harm is caused by damaging someone’s relationships or social status, as well as using proxy violence. Gossiping & suggesting among each other about a male that other female peers don’t like that a female in that group involved in is quite common. Female aggression is nuanced & prettier. The documents of male psychopaths or maladjusted males were evaluated because their actions were obvious & physical. The females brand of it is much less documented because this is an observationally casual society. Think an old & seemingly kind older female nurse. This women could be a psychopath but her appearance as an extra gentle female in a caring profession makes others’ minds stuck.

According to professional psychologists, the hallmarks of such disorders are glibness, lack of conscience, & comfort & arrogance, & disregard for others’ stations.
There’s quite literally many psychopaths unnoticed at work, the gym, etc..

So the psychologist Seth Meyers concluded – straight from the professional field – that the female psychopath is just as dangerous, & even more so because she is less detectable, as male ones, but each just looks different with different styles. If an expert on such minds & behavior knows what society is lacking, this means that the judicial system is still inadaquate in documenting crimes, & even explains why there are some documented male psychopaths – false allegations. The police come from traditional societies, with that, they are collectivists for females, & therefore, anti-science or a-science. The science reported by the psychologist conflicts with what the police believe, or more often don’t believe/think – they’re just there to do their job, not think.
Remember: Female collectivism – “The Borg” from ‘Star Trek’ – transcends the biological female. Masculinity/individuality is not allowed to flourish or it is limited. We still get feminine collectivism in “masculinist” communites by males who are more ready to deflect males & superficially critique this fake thing called feminism instead of discerning female nature. So this is not a problem of me having bad luck. What this is really about is that if one tries to show his honest masculinity, he’s going to receive conflict as a minority. We males who think for ourselves have very little outlets to have the truth leak out because in public our harmless commentary is “criminal”, & then on the typed or recorded format, we’re “liars trying to make money on the internet,” or “just pathetic losers who can’t get a life, so we’re seeking attention to compensate.”

Feminists have started a slanderous piece that “intellectual males enjoy being cuckolded in front of their cheating companions.” This was a recent retaliation to the recent memes of the correlations of political female sexuality when enjoying or tolerating rape-themes incorporated with sex. I’s obvious what these feminists would do in a live situation considering they resort to such tactics.

Sources: Harenski C, Edwards B, Kiehl K, et al. Neural correlates of moral and non-moral emotion in female psychopathy. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 2014.
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience is an open-access journal.

Seth Meyers Psy.D., Aug. 10, 2015. Your Field Guide To The Female Psychopath ( & why we rarely see her coming.)


No Good Music, My Ass! Albums of 2016 I’ve Been Enjoying the Heck Out Of


It’s Friday night and the first night of a four day weekend for me.  I didn’t feel like heading out tonight, so instead, I decided to mix me a vodka/soda cocktail and, rather than get into weighty philosophical or political topics, talk about my favorite albums of 2016 so far.  If you’re a music fan, you have no business complaining that you have nothing to listen to.  Here is a list of some fine albums I’ve listened to and/or purchased so far this year.


I already did a lengthy review of this album, but to recap, UXO, which is military lingo for unexploded material that could soon blow, is also a pairing of two of noise rocks best and longest enduring guitarists; Steve Austin from Today Is the Day and Chris Spencer from Unsane, The Cutthroats 9 and Celan.  My only complaint about the album is that it’s too short; it’s supposed to be an LP, but it only has seven songs on it, and they aren’t long songs.  Last time I checked 26 minutes does not an LP make.  This, however, is a very minor complaint.  Spencer lays down the crushing, low end riffs, while Austin plays whirling, noisy Frippian melodies atop.  Scorchin’!  Buy here at Reptilian!

Värähtelijä – Oranssi Pazuzu

Black metal in space!  Hawkwind crossed with Mayhem!  Or something along those lines.  I’m not even going to try to pronounce the title for the fourth album by this wicked Finish band.  I like ’em A LOT!  I have their other three albums as well, and this one is no disappointment.  Are you in space? Are you in Hell?  Who knows?  Just take this 70+ minute journey; I dare you!

Post Society EP – Voivod

No need to be objective about one of my favorite bands.  Voivod have been rockin’ and rollin’ since the early 80s.  And while they’ve gone through a number of styles, their key approach, the one loved by most fans, is their mix of King Crimson style prog and thrash metal.  Current guitarist Danny “Chewie” Mongrain, who replaced Dennis “Piggy” D’Amour, who passed away from colon cancer in 2005, shows that he’s up for the job of playing those odd, spacey, dissonant chords and weird melodies that made Voivod one of the most unique metal bands.  Also Dominique “Rocky” Laroche takes the place vacated by Jean-Yves “Blacky” Thériault nearly two years ago.  Singer Dennis “Snake” Bellinger and drummer Michel “Away” Langevin remain intact.  Group covers “Silver Machine” by Hawkwind, but why only five songs?

Terminal Redux – Vektor

Third and latest album by this Arizona based band and first released on Earache.  Voivod inspired, sci-fi metal overkill, but with black metal vocals and blast beats; just a lot of great ‘n’ weird melodies, complicated time changes and dissonant chords for 70+, relentless minutes.  Saw these dudes at Berserker Fest and they totally destroyed.

Revengeance – Conan

I still wonder if the ridiculous name for the fourth Conan album was inspired by  the unintentionally funny title for the latest Slayer album, Repentless.  Either way I’m enjoying this British sludge metal power trio more and more.  With a name like Conan, for some reason I thought they would be way more technical and melodic, maybe like Cirith Ungol or something, but it turns out they just play really heavy and slow.  Their first couples albums are a bit, “eh.”  But they finally hit their stride with some killer riffs on their third Blood Eagle and this here fourth album Revengeance, going all High on Fire style; The Art of Self Defense/Surrounded by Thieves High on Fire, that is.

Three Men and a Baby – Mike & the Melvins 

If someone were to tell you that the music on Three Men and a Baby was recorded in 1998, would you believe it?  Aside from disrupting the flow of the Melvins discography by naming the band Mike & the Melvins, it’s pretty darn safe to consider  Three Men and a Baby a Melvins record; also their first to be released on Sub Pop.  If I’m not mistaken, the Melvins’ lineup at the time of this recording was King Buzzo, Dale Crover and former Cows bassist at the time was Kevin Rutmanis.  But, for this release, the group teamed up with Mike Kunka, who played bass for GodHeadSilo.  Album has plenty of hot ‘n’ heavy King Buzzo licks and killer Dale Crover drumming, as you would expect with the Melvins.  They also cover “Annalisa” by Public Image Ltd.  And make sure to guffaw at the song title “A Friend in Need Is a Friend You Don’t Need.”  The Melvins have another album coming out shortly, but don’t they always have another album coming out?

Negative Noise – Child Bite

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of this dope album for free because they were giving them out at the show in Detroit, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I would have easily bought a copy.  Released through Housecore and produced by none other than Phil Anselmo, Negative Noise, although a tad more accessible than their previous few efforts, is still full of their weird, Jesus Lizard/Killdozer inspired punk-prog-sludge.

The Machine Stops – Hawkwind

Long time reigning gods of space rock are back with their first official studio album in four years.  If you’re familiar with Hawkwind, then you know their discography is huge, and you also know that their members have a ton of side projects, in effect creating a whole mini-musical universe.  Hawkwind fans get just as excited by side projects, such as Hawklords (the new Hawklords that is, not the old Hawklords, which was really just Hawkwind with a different name) or solo albums by former bassist Alan Davey, as they do with the group’s official releases.  I would say Nik Turner, but, if you’re familiar with Hawkwind, you know there’s acrimony between the Brock and Turner camps.  I don’t get into these petty debates and, since I’ve seen Nik Turner twice, well, ya know… but, man oh man, what a great album!  Epic space rock, ambient electronic, a song with Middle Eastern influences, and the entire thing is based on the EM Forster sci fi classic.  What can I say other than, “when will Hawkwind finally come to the United States?”

Dystopia – Megadeth

Megadeth have now released fifteen studio albums, and yet have one of the patchiest discographies.  Part of that has to do with Dave Mustaine’s desire to try new stuff all the time.  Dystopia hearkens back to Rust in Peace era melodic thrash.  Also, hot damn, they do a Fear cover!

It Came from N.Y.C. – White Zombie 

It Came from N.Y.C. is a box set containing long-awaited reissues of the group’s pre-La Sexorcisto, independent releases, when they were an underground, New York based, noise rock band.  The box set contains an LP with the Gods on Voodoo Moon EP on side 1 and the “Pig Heaven”/”Slaughter the Grey” single on side 2 along with full reissues of Psycho-Head Blowout, Soul-Crusher, Make Them Die Slowly and the God of Thunder EP.  It also comes with a killer coffee table book.  I do a more thorough review of the box set here.