Savage Hippie Episode 34 – The Swastika Killed the Comedy Star


I was thinking of calling the latest episode of the Savage Hippie podcast “Brokedick Mountain” based upon one of this episode’s conversation pieces, in which I tell Ann about the horrific possibility of a man snapping his boner during sexual intercourse – it’s not THAT common, but it’s certainly possible if a girl is riding you cowboy style, your dick falls out and she lands on it wrong, so there’s more incentive to avoid having sloppy, drunk sex – but then I realized that I just made a JOKE out of something that we VERY BLATANTLY say ISN’T funny.

And bless Ann’s sweet, man loving/anti-misandrist soul, she AGREED that it’s not funny – unlike, say Sharon Osbourne, who laughed uproariously on The Talk at a man getting castrated and have his penis go down the garbage disposal. But doesn’t that make me a hypocrite? I JUST said that broken dicks aren’t funny, and then I go and make a joke about a broken dick utilizing the title from that stupid movie about the fag cowboys, that was directed by some Chink or something? Hint: my use of coarse, insensitive racial language is a teaser for us talking about how the left gets a pass to use this same kind of language because they don’t “mean it”, while people like us allegedly really do. See, you have to know what a comedian, musician or author stands for BEFORE you can enjoy his/her/its work because God forbid you enjoy something by someone who stands for something that you don’t.

Where the fuck was going with this? Oh yeah… while the first half of this episode is about sex, depravity, the godawful Yvette Felarca and broken dicks, the second half revolves around how the left is destroying their flimsy house of cards that they call the entertainment industry by refusing to focus on, ya know, actually entertaining people. Whether it’s Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Patton Oswald or the cast of SNL, these once funny – yes, Amy Schumer had a few zingers under that wide belt of hers – comedians are so paranoid about Trump’s presidency, and in the case of Silverman, actually see swastikas in their sandwiches, that they simply refuse to do anything that doesn’t push their agenda.

The bottom line is that comedy cuts across all lines. I mean, look at us; we’ve had everyone from leftist liberals to Jew-hating neo-Nazis tell us that they find us to be a hoot. Now, what’s more of an accomplishment: playing to your own echo chamber or getting fandom from people who normally would hate yer guts? After all, we all bleed red, right David?

This week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh features Big Business, the two piece, heavy rock combo consisting of bassist/singer Jared Warren and drummer Cody Willis with their song “Father’s Day” from their latest album, Command Your Weather. At one point, both members joined the Melvins for several albums and tours and then later added a guitarist to their lineup, but now they’re back as a power duo, and boy do they rock! Listen to the song here!

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.

SavageHippie Episode 26 –Michael Walsh and Amy Schumer Meet Manboobs


After spending a week in Facebook jail, I began to appreciate the freedom I have to spout hate speech.  Of course, now I will have to be sly and clever about it, so, when I say, “I believe in low taxes and no affirmative action since everyone should be judged by their merits, and not be put in positions they might not be qualified for in order to fill arbitrary quotas”, what I’m really saying is, “slavery, the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide and oppression in general are cool, and we need to bring those things back, and anyone who disagrees with this should be shot on sight, and this is not said with any irony at all, nor is it satire in any way.”

Anyway, after calling David Cole out for the hypocrisy of his saying “we all bleed yellow and piss red”, I forgot to mention that, if a person were to drink various flavors of convenience store slushy drinks, that person certainly couldn’t say that we all shit brown.  After that, we discuss our time being spent in Facebook jail, how the left are being sore losers, David’s new piece on the SJW Manboobs and the new Barbie movie starring Amy Schumer.  Although Ann and David are generally correct that producers are out to make money, I’m still not convinced that the leftists in Hollywood aren’t willing to cut off their noses to spite our collective faces with their bizarre casting decision.  After all, they can’t be THAT stupid to think this stupid Barbie movie won’t be a total bomb, can they?  But an even more important question this raises is: WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY MAKING A FILM ABOUT A 57 YEAR OLD LINE OF FIGURINES THAT DON’T DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN PLAY HOUSE IN THE FIRST PLACE??!!!  Who is that going to appeal to other than five year old XX’s and their budding homosexual male friends?  And if THAT’s the case, then casting Schumer in the starring role can either be the stupidest decision ever made OR they really are a bunch of cynical bastards who don’t care if they lose money.

In the final stretch, we discuss the difference between maliciously and non-maliciously pissing on someone’s grave.  Then David rants about what he’d like to do to Michael Walsh of the National Review, or as some of our Alt-Right friends would like to call it, the (((National Review))), and there is some other shit about books, TV and monkeys.

For Sounds of Marshabaloosh, we play “Watch Your Back” by Cock Sparrer, who Ann is still wet over seeing this past Friday.  You can read her raving review of their gig here.

As expected, the closing track is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and the art was done by Photoshop guru Clayton V.