Punks for Trump is heeeeeere!!!

ann_punks_for_trumpI don’t need to give another lesson about how the 40 something year old punk rock genre/scene/movement/whatever has degenerated into a politically correct cesspool, where kids who want to rebel against mommy and daddy, dress weird, but uphold the principles of a society that they claim to reject.  I mean, haven’t these kids heard of Fear or the Meatmen?  Trump pisses everyone off.  Just ask some of my friends!  Their reactions when I told them I was voting for the Donald were priceless; something like, “WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY?! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!”  So, just to keep triggering these fucks, here is the Punks for Trump t-shirt.  It actually got me called a “Nazi” when I was hanging outside the Republican National Convention!

In true punk rock fashion, I’m doing this all makeshift and guerrilla style; I don’t even have a real store set up yet to sell the t-shirts.  But, who needs a store?  The damn things have been selling so well without one!  About a month and a half ago, I asked Clayton V, who designs the art for Bernard Chapin’s youtube channel, to design me a bad ass design and slap “Punks for Trump” on it.  He went above and beyond the call of duty.

I don’t think I need to explain who’s body the face of the Donald is superimposed onto  in this picture, but if you can’t suss out the significance of ol’ Trumpy giving the finger, then you’re either voting for Clinton or some cuck, who still believes that Kasich or Cruz could clinch the election.  Without further ado, here are a few kick ass supporters, who realize that, if we don’t want to see the country plunged into balkanized chaos, want to keep our freedom to spout off any whack job opinion we want without being charged with “hate speech”, want to keep our freedom to own guns, not have some of our industries regulated out of existence, renegotiate trade agreements so that they benefit Americans, clip some of our more useless bureaucracies and not continue making enemies in the Middle East by bombing it back to the stone age, maybe we should elect a New York billionaire who wasn’t all but indicted by the FBI.

Since we’re all into chivalry around here, we’ll show you the gurlz first…




…she got that attitude…


…back atcha, Ann!

And now the guyz…


…is it the shirt?


…now that’s just bad for your health…


…rock on, duuuude…


Get one now, and piss off the feminists at the local hipster joint!  Only $15 including shipping, and they come in S, M, L and XL.

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The ultimate pro-Trump, punk anthem: