Savage Hippie Episode 47 – If You Love Frogs so Much, Why Do You Wanna Drain the Swamp?


Sorry this episode took so long to come out, but I was preoccupied with watching every episode of The Young Ones.

In other news, I’ve been staying in a house similar to the one I lived in when I was living in Grand Rapids; just your typical house fulla basic bitch liberals, who in ANY other time in history would have already been married and had kids by now. These are the kind of people who claim they hate gentrification even though they’re contributing to it by living in an area where the brown population views them as a curiosity; the kind of people who say “it’s chill” and feign laughter at the latest hamfisted attempt to bash Trump on Saturday Night Live. Actually one of the girls that stays here is moving to my former home state to go to University of Michigan and get a degree in “policy” or some shit so she can attempt to screw up the country even more.

But, as far as L.A. goes? Eh, it’s okay. If there are supposed to be all these hot women that have moved here from other states and are attempting to get into the film industry, then I sure as hell haven’t seen them. On top of that, L.A. has nothing here that I couldn’t find in any other relatively big city’s hipster districts; ya know, the art theaters, record shops, tattoo parlors, phony dive bars and small rock venues. But on the plus side, I’ve already made friends with people who share a, shall we say, similar mindset as me; so this place isn’t ALL leftist dipshits.

Anyway, in this latest episode, Ann Sterzinger, David Cole and I discuss a wide variety of topics, among which include Detroit’s possibly legalizing the barbaric Islamic practice of female genital mutilation, David being forced to install carbon monoxide detectors in his home, how middle of the road liberals are more annoying than far left SJWs, Trump’s selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, the photograph of Trump with the Saudi King and Egyptian President around the glowing orb, Trump’s hiring of Joseph Lieberman, the Islamic attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, my love and David’s hate for Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Ann’s traumatic experience listening to Depeche Mode on acid at a science fiction convention and David’s love for Norm MacDonald.

The band for this week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh segment is Hell Night, who were suggested to us by a new fan of ours that asked to remain unnamed. Hell Night were indeed named after the 1981 slasher flick, hail from Saint Louis, MO, play loud ass noise rock and have gory imagery on their releases, the latest of which is the “Skinless Summer” EP. We feature their song “Boiling Head”, which you can listen to here.

This time David did the masterful artwork, and the song at the end is none other than “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.