Do I TOO Suffer from a High IQ or How I Screwed Myself All of These Years


I recently read how conservatives and liberal/leftists’ brains might actually be shaped differently.  And I thought, “could that really be the reason why common sense and logic doesn’t pass the proverbial emotional chasm for people on the left?”

I shall demonstrate my point using two examples.

For the first one, I made the foolish mistake of letting my friend and coworker read my blog.  His response was something along the lines of, “well, buddy, I don’t agree with most of what you say, but I wish you luck.”  I asked him what he didn’t agree with and he said he didn’t agree with my “racist”, pro-Trump article.  According to him, it was “racist” to suggest that, in order to prevent future terrorist attacks, we allow airport security to more closely scrutinize Muslims, or to profile them.

I asked him how it was “racist” in any way, and he said, “well, you advocate profiling a group of people based upon their appearance.”  In true liberal fashion, he refused to let me explain, instead saying, “I don’t want to debate it”, and therefore condemned me, at least in that instance, as a “racist.”

Of course, we all know this is bullshit.  Islam isn’t a race, and therefore, if a person stops practicing Islam, he or she is no longer a Muslim.  But, let’s say his point is that it’s just mean or bigoted.  Well, for one, I make it clear that, if someone is dressed like a Sikh, that person most likely poses no threat, since the roughly 30,000 terrorist acts since 9/11 have not been committed by Sikhs, but by worshipers of Muhammad.  Therefore it’s not that hard to fathom why people would want to scrutinize a Muslim closer than say a Sikh, Christian, Jew or Buddhist.

For my second example, I made the equally foolish mistake of debating Syrian immigration with another one of my friend/coworkers.  The conclusion I unsurprisingly drew was the same one drawn by Donald Trump; for the sake of safety, I’m against it.

I further expanded by explaining how immigration from Muslim countries and their rather intolerant culture have helped turn Sweden into the rape capital of the Western world and led to the Muslim rape spree that occurred in Cologne on New Years Eve.  I continued by saying that I pretty much refuse to go into Dearborn, MI, the Detroit suburb with the highest concentration of Muslims, because I just don’t feel safe there.  This may seem extreme, but it partly has to do with the fact that I just don’t want to give money to a single Muslim business in case the owner might funnel money to Hamas or Hezbollah, something that has been known to happen from time to time.

He responded by asking me if I felt safer in Detroit.  So, I said that I certainly felt safer at various bars in the Midtown or Corktown areas.  His response was, “I’m not talking about your hipster places, I’m talking real Detroit.”  So, of course I said, “oh, in that case, yeah, I feel safer in Dearborn, than in bombed out ‘hoods’ where blacks shoot at each other.”  Following a big ol’ grunt, he responds with, “ugh, I meant the downtown Comerica Park area where people see concerts and sports games.”

So, in other words, he a.) didn’t like how I didn’t feel safe among Muslims, b.) didn’t like how I felt even less safe in the abandoned, bombed out shoot ’em up areas of Detroit and therefore c.) moved his goal post to compare Dearborn with a place that’s heavily policed and families go to for sports events?!  So, when I told him that comparing Dearborn with a heavily policed area of Detroit that families go to for sports events makes no sense and undermines his entire argument, he naturally changed the subject.  Liberal logic ain’t no logic at all.

In both cases, you’re probably reading this and thinking, “who are these idiots you associate with?”  Well, they’re not stupid.  With one guy, I spend too much time at work shooting the shit about bands and records and, with the other guy, I chat about films.  But the question remains; why do they so pathologically cling to the left?

I have no idea, but one thing it must mean is that my ability to divorce emotion from logic and come up with those conclusions, at very least, indicates I have a higher IQ than my two chums; sorry Kevin and Ian if you guys read this! 😉

So why, if I have such a high IQ, am I stuck in lower middle class office land, sitting at a computer and not using my mega brain power to change the world?

Jello Biafra (I reference him a lot, don’t I?) said in one of his later compositions that he doesn’t comprehend how “geeks can be so damn mean.”  Like a typical leftist, Biafra derided jocks and hillbillies, scapegoating them for America’s so called problems in many a Dead Kennedys song, alleging that they would become America’s future leaders.  What a lack of insight!  America’s leaders weren’t going to be the jocks, goons, hillbillies, rednecks and white trash, you fool!  While Jello influenced his fans to “find themselves” and become “cool” by being “outsiders”, there were true outsiders who didn’t fit into any cliques, who today would be diagnosed with Asperger’s, that were busy learning marketable skills, rather than trying to impress chicks with dreadlocks and tattoos by memorizing Howard Zinn texts.  Years later, they’re rich, antisocial and call the shots.

If only I was that geek.  I often joke about how I’m a sperg, but I clearly wanted to fit in with the punk crowd to get some of that slutty punk pussy, and I can’t say I’ve done too bad for myself.  But, boy did I hang out with a bunch of dumb people; seriously, punks are NOT smart.  They have no knowledge of politics or history and mostly talk about booze, bands and what is and isn’t “punk.”

For years, I had my priorities all over the place, and my college grades and subsequently potentially money-making career suffered for it; I was a straight A math student in calculus classes in high school and I was an intellectual reader of literature (Dostoevsky, Balzac, Hemingway, Faulkner, Joyce, you name it), but I wanted attention from the skanks and I wanted to go to punk shows and to drink beer and run around in a circle with idiots.  My girlfriend from ’03-’04 even called me her “bookworm” because I liked to read, because she thought it was cute or hot; not that she had any actual interesting in what I was reading, mind you.

Unfortunately, I can’t go back.  I’m too far gone down this path; I’ve got tattoos, I wear a leather jacket, I’m totally obsessed with music, films and weird ephemera and I’m entrenched in an underground scene full of morons who can’t comprehend why I would vote for Trump no matter how many times I try to explain it.  But, somewhere, I wish I had banked on my IQ just a little bit more and that I had spent less time guzzling cans of PBR, trying to impress idiots and trying to shack up with HPV afflicted hoes.