SavageHippie Podcast Episode 4 – Porn Star Lives Matter

With Lucy leaving me because she was appalled by the awful things that Matt Forney and I were talking about, I’m now left to host this show by my lonesome. Fortunately, I cajoled the artist Clayton V, who does the neato opening segments and other artwork for Bernard Chapin’s channel,to sit down and talk about a variety of topics, among which include:

The Punks for Trump t-shirts… want one? Email me at edoslanatgmaildotcom

How Grand Rapids is the Bible Belt, but it’s not totally horrible.

His time living in San Francisco and its culture of segregation, experiences with different groups of people, soft muggings, the reality of race relations, cops shooting black guys and the media involvement.

Straight Outta Compton and gangsta culture

And at 30 minutes, we talk about PORN; the porn industry, the laws, rules and regulations involved, different levels of censorship in different countries, how porn actors and actresses use porn as a form of promotion for their escort services, and cover pretty much every angle of the industry.

Then, around the hour mark, we get back to politics and talk about deficit spending, open borders and Donald Trumps presidency and how it will affect the national deficit and social security.

And, in the last 20 or so minutes, we talk about Orlando, FL and gays buying guns, how gays and trannies shouldn’t try to be “acceptable” and, of course, John Waters.

GOP recalibrating because of the AltRight, and outsiders disrupting the Republican party.

How Clayton is actually an altruistic, good-hearted Freemason who volunteers his time for the needy.

Opening song: “In the Time of Our Lives” by Iron Butterfly
Closing song: “Black Machine” by Cirith Ungol