Playlist 8/29/2016

Carnivore – Retaliation
The Murder City Devils – The Murder City Devils
The Murder City Devils – Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts
Godflesh – Pure
Samhain – Final Descent (box set version)
Carnivore – Carnivore
Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses
Pigs – You Ruin Everything
Spirit Caravan – The Last Embrace (two disc anthology)
Mott the Hoople – The Hoople
Metallica – Master of Puppets

Playlist 8/18/2016

Darkthrone – Goatlord
Iowaska – Vine of Souls
Metallica – Death Magnetic
Black Sabbath – Master of Reality
The Rolling Stones – Aftermath (U.S. version)
Marillion – Misplaced Childhood
Ozric Tentacles – Erpsongs
The Replacements – Let It Be
The Replacements – Hootenanny
The Sisters of Mercy  – First and Last and Always
Danzig – Danzig 4
Danzig – Danzig
Kyuss – Blues for the Red Sun