The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 14 (Parts I and II): Another Day in Canuckistan with Kathy Shaidle


In this ultra-special edition of the Savage Hippie video podcast, David, Ann, and I are joined by esteemed Canadian conservative columnist and commentator Kathy Shaidle. If you’re looking for more reasons to hate America’s neighbor to the north, we give ’em to you! From the fagginess of Justin Trudeau to motion 103, the so called “anti-Islamophobia” bill, to the history of Canadian school shootings to the country’s overall capitulation regarding anything we in the U.S. consider a constitutional right. Because we enjoyed talking to Kathy so much, we had to break this dang thing up into two parts, the second of which has us answering all viewer and listener questions! Also, read Kathy’s solution to the school shooting problem in “Ban Schools Not Guns.”

Savage Hippie Vodcast #14: Kathy Shaidle, Part I

Join me, Ann, and David as we welcome writer, blogger, and columnist Kathy Shaidle! In honor of our special guest, this episode is dedicated to CANADA! As Wolfe said to Montcalm on that fateful day in 1759, “Too bad we’re both gonna die, eh, cuz now we’re gonna miss the Savage Hippie Vodcast featurin’ Kathy Shaidle, eh?”

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Savage Hippie Episode 33 – Kathy Shaidle: Get Off the Stage, Hippie!

savage hippie 33 cover.png

This week the Savage Hippie podcast gets even more tokeny (or is it tokenish?) by having Takimag columnist and punk rocker-turned-right wing-political-commentator Kathy Shaidle appear on our show; she’s also a freelancer for other news media outlets and has her own blog, Five Feet of Fury, which she updates regularly. Shaidle is another defector from butthead, average or lower IQ thinking of the punk rock world that ruined scores of thousands of kids worldwide by convincing them that poverty is cool, getting a job sucks and that Western civilization needs to die for no other reason than white people started it, and they like totally suck, man!

Okay, okay, I see your AltRight eyes glazing over – FINE, I should have said (((white))) or huwhite – but, if you’ve been with the Savage Hippies long enough, then you know where we stand on the issues… and YES, Shaidle is a self admitted philo-semite, so don’t expect any JQs. Expect lots of Muslim bashing though.

In addition to all of that, Ann, David, Kathy and I attempt to sound coherent as we discuss the following topics:

– Justin Trudeau’s stupidity
– Trump’s potential (though, I think unlikely) effect on the first amendment
– how bad of an idea going to war with China would be
– some Canadian actors nobody’s ever heard of
– Kathy’s punk rock background
– and, of course, who is the REAL token punk rock right wing gurl; Ann or Kathy.
– a bunch of other shit I forgot
– spitting or swallowing (alcohol and tobacco spittle, you perv!)

Oh, and I do my best to help Kathy Shaidle end up on the Southern Poverty Law Center website, a goal she’s been trying to accomplish since the start of her career.

The band for this week’s installment of Sounds of Marshabaloosh is Premonition 13, the latest band from Scott Weinrich, known to more in the metal and underground rock world as Wino, an ace guitarist who’s been jamming since the late 70s in many a fine bands including the Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, the Hidden Hand, his own solo band Wino and the stoner/doom/sludge super group Shrinebuilder; though the Obsessed are currently working on a new one. In Premonition 13, he continues with his fine Sabbath, 70s heavy rock riffing and characteristic melodic shouting on the song “Hard to say”, which you can listen to here!

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and I did the godawful Dead Kennedys/Crass inspired art.