The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 14 (Parts I and II): Another Day in Canuckistan with Kathy Shaidle


In this ultra-special edition of the Savage Hippie video podcast, David, Ann, and I are joined by esteemed Canadian conservative columnist and commentator Kathy Shaidle. If you’re looking for more reasons to hate America’s neighbor to the north, we give ’em to you! From the fagginess of Justin Trudeau to motion 103, the so called “anti-Islamophobia” bill, to the history of Canadian school shootings to the country’s overall capitulation regarding anything we in the U.S. consider a constitutional right. Because we enjoyed talking to Kathy so much, we had to break this dang thing up into two parts, the second of which has us answering all viewer and listener questions! Also, read Kathy’s solution to the school shooting problem in “Ban Schools Not Guns.”

Savage Hippie Vodcast #14: Kathy Shaidle, Part I

Join me, Ann, and David as we welcome writer, blogger, and columnist Kathy Shaidle! In honor of our special guest, this episode is dedicated to CANADA! As Wolfe said to Montcalm on that fateful day in 1759, “Too bad we’re both gonna die, eh, cuz now we’re gonna miss the Savage Hippie Vodcast featurin’ Kathy Shaidle, eh?”

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