Savage Hippie Podcast Episode 62 – More Like WacKKKlansman if You Ask Me!


The title for this episode has a double meaning. Firstly, that the KKK is totally WACK, yo! And secondly, that Spike Lee’s latest film, BlacKkKlansman (why is the middle “k” in lowercase?), which I trash in the first 25 or so minutes, totally sucks balls, and for my money was a pretty cynical attempt at getting an academy award. I mean, why ELSE would he have a sympathetic Jewish character in his movie? He hates Jews! Or, at very least, isn’t very fond of them. And, furthermore, is he NOT aware that David Duke is no longer a fan of Donald Trump, thinking him a Zionist shill, and instead now backs Ilhan Omar, someone who Spike Lee most likely ALSO backs? I believe his REAL attitude about Jews is reflected in the Philip Seymour Hoffman character in 25th Hour.

But, I digress. In the rest of the episode, Rachel and I talk about… oh just listen to it! Elya wasn’t available this time around. In the second half, we answer listener questions, one of which is about the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sex tape.

Our featured band for Sounds of Marshabaloosh this week is legendary proto-metal, heavy prog legends URIAH FUCKIN’ HEEP!!! Not caring one wink that they’re a club act, who play in dinky ass bars like the Token Lounge, where I saw ’em last year (!!!), they have a new album called Living the Dream, which shows that legacy acts can still bring it. I play the track “Take My Soul Away.” Listen to the song and check out the nifty music video here.

The wonderful artwork, in which Rachel and Elya gawk as the KKK lynch me, was done by Shannon Bowman. The song at the end is, as usual, the Yesticles classic “The Diet Has Failed.”

SavageHippie Episode 21 – KILLING IT!!!


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Ann Sterzinger asked me to call the latest episode of the Savage Hippie podcast “Guilty by Association”, which is a perfectly good title, but I felt that the short and simple title that we used is so much funnier since it represents the delusion or, at very least, projection some of our Alt-Right buddies seem to put on anybody who “says what’s on his mind” without any sense of etiquette or taste.

Of course you think we’re talking about Donald Trump.  However, Trump’s performance in the first two debates – I never saw the third one because we were recording the podcast while it was on – seems downright professional and totally “killing it” when compared with the performance of David Duke at the recent Louisiana senate debates.  I mean, holy shit, it’s gotta be seen to be believed.  Among shouting matches with the moderator, he blatantly says that Hillary Clinton should get the electric chair for treason.  This made me laugh out loud.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  David (Cole, not Duke) isn’t even in the podcast in the first half.  So I apologize if you were expecting to hear that weird, gravelly voice, and instead, you get Ann masturbating to my description of the Trump rally in Detroit this past Monday only to have her climax cut short by the mental image of Lena Dunham or Ann talking about the Halloween party she went to where she dressed like a melting smurf or us talking about how much we hate gambling or my talking about the brief time I dated the Injun girl.

Then, in the second half, David (my revisionist co-host, not the former Grand Dragon of the KKK) makes his grand appearance to discuss the aforementioned bilking of the David Duke crowd, what David perceives to be the failure of the Trump campaign,  losing the Lion’s Club contest to a black Catholic boy, pining after the Irish girl in an a majority black school and new regulations in pornography.

Also, Ann and I do our “killing it” bit, which seemed way funnier when I was drunk.

In this week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh, we feature a track by the band Hashshashin.  We play their song “Immolation”, which you can check out at  They sound like Secret Chiefs 3, which means they play progressive rock with lots of cool Middle Eastern scales.  Let’s hope that the cultural apparatchiks don’t guilt them out of culturally appropriating their sound.

And, in a few days, join us for our extra special election day stream at our youtube page!

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.  Art was done by David Cole this time.