The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 9: Drugs, Jews, and Viewer Questions!


The big Savage Hippie milestone! We got a sound guy! That means that David Cole, Ann Sterzinger, and I don’t sound like we’re in a locker room anymore! You have yours truly to thank! Although I’ve mentioned this before, it’s worth repeating. I was trolling a Facebook music group, or rather, I posited the question, “why do you have to have affirmative action quotas on your record collection?” Naturally, that got me called a WAAAAAYCIST!!! But, a couple of people messaged me saying that the person who was looking for more “people of color and women” in a sub-genre of music that is “far too white and male” are the stupid ones. One of ’em said, “hey, your podcast sounds like shit, but I can do your sound.” Except that, because he’s celebrating the resurrection of Jesus today, he couldn’t record us! But, hey, you get the old episodes again, so quit yer bitchin’! Listen to the three of us discuss Kevin MacDonald and his Culture of Critique, Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys, and of course vore porn.

Savage Hippie Episode 40 – Only Detonate in Case of Extreme Islamophobia


It seems this past week, people have been madly jerking off to their copies of Culture of Critique and then telling me that I HAVE to read Kevin MacDonald’s book because then I’ll be convinced by just how parasitic Jews really are. Sorry, not sorry, but you can suck my dick; send me a copy, and I’ll read it, but I’m in the middle of The Managerial Revolution by James Burnham, and I just spent thirty bones on the re-print of Jim Goad’s Answer Me! zine, so I really don’t give a shit about Jewish “survival strategies.” It’s not like I don’t already know the history of the diaspora, the Bolsheviks, the Frankfurt School, the Holodomor or Saul Alinski. I mean, holy fucking shit, you paranoid freaks . Yes, Jews own most of the media, and yes they’re pathologically leftist to the point of irritation, but the way some of you act, you would think it’s the 1950s, and you’re all the John Birch Society trying to quell the spread of Negro music to your white kinfolk. Sorry, ship has sailed, and America now has a beat.

And let’s not forget Hollywood, the TRUE bedrock of degeneracy; if a Hollywood studio releases some liberal movie about gay cowboys or gay black drug dealers, then of course they’re doing it to spread degeneracy to the honkies. But if a Hollywood studio releases The Searchers where John Wayne shoots Indians, then the Jew is STILL trying to subvert the goy by providing the entertainment he likes so much.

So, to the guy who asked the question and to the rest, if you want to now why WE think Jews did what they did to white societies, well, listen… and if you still don’t like the answer, once again, suck my dick.

For those not obsessed with Jews, we talk about Johnny Rotten liking Trump, Ann’s shithole town of Chicago, Tom Perez and his hilarious attempt to overhaul the DNC and the Shia LaBeouf flag debacle. On top of that, we answer questions, Ann tells probably the most nauseating joke she’s EVER told and I get pretty incapacitated with liquor in the second half, so sorry about that.

Band this week is the Scientists with their song “Set It on Fire.” It’s a live version from the early 80s. Recently the Numero label reissued the Aussie punk/post-punk band’s entire discography in a box set called A Place Called Bad. Listen to any of their fine selections here.

The song at the end is the unmistakable “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and David won’t divide us with his shitty artwork.