The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 14 (Parts I and II): Another Day in Canuckistan with Kathy Shaidle


In this ultra-special edition of the Savage Hippie video podcast, David, Ann, and I are joined by esteemed Canadian conservative columnist and commentator Kathy Shaidle. If you’re looking for more reasons to hate America’s neighbor to the north, we give ’em to you! From the fagginess of Justin Trudeau to motion 103, the so called “anti-Islamophobia” bill, to the history of Canadian school shootings to the country’s overall capitulation regarding anything we in the U.S. consider a constitutional right. Because we enjoyed talking to Kathy so much, we had to break this dang thing up into two parts, the second of which has us answering all viewer and listener questions! Also, read Kathy’s solution to the school shooting problem in “Ban Schools Not Guns.”

The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 13 (Part II): Take THAT Hitler

Here is the audio to second part of the thirteenth episode of the Savage Hippie youtube show. I got way too drunk from Popov, but on the positive side, thanks to viewer questions, we got some good stuff in there; discussions about Marlon Brando, Bradley Smith, that time David got more attention from some hawt Aryan broad than the group of Nazi youth she allegedly associated with, why I’m not a fan of German industrial metal band Rammstein, and the sad and depressing fact that Ann and David never learned how to drive just because THEIR heroes Kingsley Amis and Norm MacDonald didn’t.

The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 13 (Part I): Is Ann a Jew or What?


I guess, because we went for like two hours, we broke this one up into two parts. Here is the audio for part 1 of the thirteenth installment of the Savage Hippie youtube show. Hawt damn, do David, Ann, and I get into some heavy stuff here; we give a crash course for the uninformed about the differences between Protestants, Catholics, and Baptists, along with bashing reformed Nazi skinheads, who spent half their lives cracking skulls and the second half making money repenting about how they spent half their lives cracking skulls; hey Arno, T.J., and Christian, I haven’t read your after school special memoirs, but I’m sure they offer plenty of “hope” in our crumbling multicultural cesspool! David also tells an amusing story about a black female funeral director, and I bash punk rockers in Grand Rapids for spending thousands of dollars to erect a billboard sign that reads “no Gods no masters” rather than giving the money they raised to poor people.

The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 12: Ann Shows Her Pussy


Here is the audio for the twelfth installment of the Savage Hippie youtube show. Isn’t the title hilarious and not juvenile at all? This is our longest youtube episode. That’s right; 98 depressing minutes that were once only available on youtube, but now are on soundcloud and itunes for your jogging, cycling, and dishwashing ass to enjoy. In this episode, we discuss Slavs, yarmulkes, the Holocaust denier running for Congress, Dave tells his favorite “this district be so black” jokes, Edwin fails to get a joke that even a small child would understand, and Ann discusses her book. A good time was had by none.

In other completely unrelated news, I found out that the 1930, phony gorilla documentary Ingagi is NOT lost. Three nitrate prints are held at The Library of Congress. Not the congress that the Holocaust denier from Chicago is running for though.

The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 11: Gut Ginsu


For the audio of the eleventh installment of the Savage Hippie youtube show, I took liberties and changed the title. David Cole lazily called it “Questions, Questions, Questions”, because, I guess, we spend more than half this rather long episode answering questions. But, I thought “Gut Ginsu” was a much better title, since Ann Sterzinger, David, and I spent at least five minutes trying to figure out the proper term for when Japs stick swords in their bellies. We also talk about the women’s march and my epic troll of an Ypsilanti, MI based “punk rock house” called the Playboy Mansion. Looks like their “like” page was taken down, but here’s a link via a different event page.…ion-ypsi/241345340. Pretty funny, eh?

Here’s David’s original and rather lackluster episode synopsis:

The Jew David Cole, the chick Ann Sterzinger, and the Slav that even other Slavs reject as being too dimwitted, Edwin Oslan, return to answer viewer questions, show no respect to the rainbow-colored Benetton ad that is the world, and gripe about Cole’s now-departed “Youthful Ward.” Please don’t forget to attack Cole in the comments for not being the denier your schizophrenia-addled brain dreamed he was during his absence from Holocaust revisionism!

The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 10: We Apologize in Advance……


I’m not exactly sure what we’re apologizing for… For bringing you, the joggers, cyclists, trapeze artists, jugglers, and tight-rope walkers, brilliant political entertainment? Why should David Cole, Ann Sterzinger, and I have to apologize for that?! Here is the audio for the tenth installment of the Savage Hippie youtube show. What BETTER picture to represent this episode than that of our lovely and goyyygeous (see what I did there?) Ann sporting one of my Punks for Trump t-shirt considering she was wearing one on the show along with her black motorcycle jacket? And is there anything hotter than a broad wearing a Punks for Trump t-shirt and a black motorcycle jacket? There are still a few available for purchase! Click on this link to get one!…mp-is-heeeeeere/

Oh yeah, we discuss some shit too; Slavs, Persian women, Hitler hair, Mussolini vs. Curly, and the Ward’s guitar. Join us or die!

The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 9: Drugs, Jews, and Viewer Questions!


The big Savage Hippie milestone! We got a sound guy! That means that David Cole, Ann Sterzinger, and I don’t sound like we’re in a locker room anymore! You have yours truly to thank! Although I’ve mentioned this before, it’s worth repeating. I was trolling a Facebook music group, or rather, I posited the question, “why do you have to have affirmative action quotas on your record collection?” Naturally, that got me called a WAAAAAYCIST!!! But, a couple of people messaged me saying that the person who was looking for more “people of color and women” in a sub-genre of music that is “far too white and male” are the stupid ones. One of ’em said, “hey, your podcast sounds like shit, but I can do your sound.” Except that, because he’s celebrating the resurrection of Jesus today, he couldn’t record us! But, hey, you get the old episodes again, so quit yer bitchin’! Listen to the three of us discuss Kevin MacDonald and his Culture of Critique, Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys, and of course vore porn.