The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 9: Drugs, Jews, and Viewer Questions!


The big Savage Hippie milestone! We got a sound guy! That means that David Cole, Ann Sterzinger, and I don’t sound like we’re in a locker room anymore! You have yours truly to thank! Although I’ve mentioned this before, it’s worth repeating. I was trolling a Facebook music group, or rather, I posited the question, “why do you have to have affirmative action quotas on your record collection?” Naturally, that got me called a WAAAAAYCIST!!! But, a couple of people messaged me saying that the person who was looking for more “people of color and women” in a sub-genre of music that is “far too white and male” are the stupid ones. One of ’em said, “hey, your podcast sounds like shit, but I can do your sound.” Except that, because he’s celebrating the resurrection of Jesus today, he couldn’t record us! But, hey, you get the old episodes again, so quit yer bitchin’! Listen to the three of us discuss Kevin MacDonald and his Culture of Critique, Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys, and of course vore porn.

The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 8: SPECIAL EDITION!!! Ann is in FRANCE!!!


Here is the audio to the eighth installment of the Savage Hippie podcast. Again, this is one I’m super proud of in spite the fact that, if there is one episode you would choose to call our “racist” episode, it might be this one. I mean, I personally don’t think it’s racist, just irreverent as some have said, but some might not appreciate our off-color “Allah-Akbars” and “Buggita-buggitas.” Ann Sterzinger is broadcasting live from the Muslim colony of France if you can believe it! Just walking around, talking about the culture and politics of France in the wee hours of the morning, while David Cole and I make jokes about people who throw spears and worship rocks. Yep, we are a classy bunch, all right! Also, one of the people in the comment section said Ann reminds him of the pop singer Ladyhawke, agree?

The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 7: No Happy Ending for Doodles


Happy Easter and Passover joggers, cyclists, plumbers, and living carpenters! In the words of the guy at the beginning of that Madness music video, “don’t listen to dat, listen to dees!” And by “dees”, I mean the audio for the seventh installment of the Savage Hippie youtube show. Doodles Weaver, conspiracies, Jewish questions, the Republican tax cut, and less are discussed by me, David Cole, and Ann Sterzinger. Also, it may shock some who hate me to see this, but indeed one of our fans said in the comment section, “I love to hear David’s stories. But the show is better when Edwin is helming the show. Sorry David.” In response David said, “Oh, you’ll pay for that. Much as Edwin obviously paid for that comment.”