The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 6: The Mugabe Miracle!


You lucky joggers, cyclists, and pool boys, you, here is the audio for the sixth episode of the Savage Hippie youtube show!!! I’m guessing this came out around the time of the anti-Mugabe coup, since I was obsessed with Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe that week. I think we might be the only show that compares him to that lovable Communist who mainstream neocons love to call a Republican Martin Luther King, Jr. And by “we”, I have course mean me and David. I think Ann was on a plane to the Islamic colony of France, so she, once again, couldn’t be on the show. Also, something about Jim Fetzer, Neil Young, Vietnam, and the Domino Theory, which states that if one country starts playing dominoes, they all will.

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