The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 5: Sober Dave, Political Dave, Drunken Edwin


Here is the audio for the fifth episode of the Savage Hippie Youtube show. If the BRILLIANT artwork looks familiar, it’s because I recycled it from an earlier episode. Hey, don’t yell at me; I’m putting these out one per day. This is probably our most political episode and also one of my personal favorites. Not that the others aren’t political, but we got exceptionally topical with what was going on at the time; David and I talk about the transgender heavy metal singer that won the delegate election in Virginia, our midterm predictions, the Louis C.K. scandal, the Roy Moore scandal, Laurence Olivier, and Schindler’s List. Also, if you didn’t watch the episode, I smoke a bunch of weed on camera. Sadly Ann couldn’t be with us this time.

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