The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 2: Yes, I Talk About the F*@king Holocaust


This is the audio for the second episode of the youtube Savage Hippie show. David told me that I shouldn’t give these out piecemeal, but fuck that; I’ve been in front of a computer all day, and if I put out one a day, then that will take us right up to when the newest one should could come out. Technically, you lazy asses could have just downloaded the MP3 from youtube, and it’s not like we paywall our shit. But, hey! David talks about that thing that people won’t stop asking him about. And he talks about the Holocaust as well. I think I talk about my Brujeria t-shirt with the picture of Donald Trump with a machete through his head. Sadly, once again, Ann isn’t on this one because we didn’t get the bright idea to hook up the computer to David’s TV with an HDMI cable. Correction: Ann IS on this one; the TV was just out of frame.

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