Joshua Lozano from Fashion Week Is Apparently Very Sensitive

I thought the noise rock scene was the one place (well next to metal, I guess) that was free of whiny, politically correct crybabies; I mean, for fuck’s sake, you’ve got gun loving ex-Marine libertarian Tom Hazelmyer running Amphetamine Reptile, and of course Steve Austin from Today Is the Day, who is anything but PC. But, I guess I be mistaken. Incidentally I got into a little “spat” with a couple of people on a noise rock group on FB. Joshua Lozano is the singer/guitarist for Fashion Week, a band that I honestly enjoyed when I saw ’em open for Unsane at the Union night club in Los Angeles a few months ago. But, sadly, he’s another easily offended, pearl clutching, modern day church lady, as you soon shall see.

It started when some guy with a white guilt complex complained that the noise rock scene is just too damn white and male, so he asked for some recommendations of bands that had non-whites and non-males in them. Curiously, he didn’t ask if there were any bands with trannies or fags in them.

Well, what happens when you fill up your record/CD/MP3 collection with albums based upon the skin color and genitalia of the people in the band, rather than, ya know, the quality of the music? I think you know the answer. Anyway, why let a good troll go to waste? Joshua Lozano comes in later in the thread, and boooy does he come off like someone’s easily offended grandmother. Have fun…





Pretty funny, eh?

2 thoughts on “Joshua Lozano from Fashion Week Is Apparently Very Sensitive

  1. So, the name that was redacted was mine. I’m a person of color, as well. As I told Edwin in the post, all he’s doing is shining a light on himself, but I’m sure he already knows that. Also, if you’re going to post Joshua’s name on here, why not mine?
    Whatever point your trying to prove by posting .002% of a thread on Facebook unlikely to be made, but hey… whatever gets you through the night, sir.
    JB of Tyranny Is Tyranny

    • He’s in the public sphere, trying to get a name for his band, and you are not, so I was TRYING to be nice. If you notice, I fucked up, and forgot to blank out your name next to the “Racial Slur database” link. But, if you wanna out yourself, by all means, mang. Cheers!

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