The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 6: The Mugabe Miracle!

I have to admit; we are pretty darn original. We are literally the only piece of media brave enough to ask who, between Martin Luther King, Jr. or Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s president for the last 37 years, is the better civil rights leader. BUT TALK ABOUT SERENDIPITY!!! 24 hours after this gosh darn ‘pisode was recorded, Mugabe was deposed by a military coup! He’s 93, and he may be dead soon, but he will always live on in our hearts!¬†JE SUIS MUGABE!!!

David Cole and I also talk about the communist leanings of Martin Luther King Jr., as revealed by the Kennedy document drop, Neil Young’s Transsexual¬†album, and Jim Fetzer, schizo. Enjoy our “minisode” (because it’s about 15 minutes shorter than usual). Sadly, instead of Ann Serzinger’s lovely face, you get that painting again. Next week her face will be flashing on a TV screen that’s placed between us.