Savage Hippie Episode 48 – You Can’t Keep a Good Covfefe Down


Other names I thought of for this episode are “Never Look a Gift Covfefe in the Mouth” and “You Can Take a Horse to Water, but You Can’t Make Him Covfefe.”

Hey, look; I know that tweet went out two weeks ago and that the mainstream media has pretty much forgotten about it, but it makes sense in light of the fact that this recording was ALSO done two weeks ago. So think of this entire episode as a time capsule. Don’t yell at me for taking so long! My living situation is really weird, and it was a struggle to get it edited. Trump had just left the Paris Climate Accords to the utter horror of the left, and Kathy Griffin had just done her performance piece with the prop of Trump’s severed head.

Among these, at the time, very topical items, David Cole, Ann Sterzinger and I discuss a bunch of other crap, such as David’s youthful ward’s new monster truck, Orson Welles’ later career choices and the band Giuda, since Ann and I both went to the Giuda gig in our respective towns and wanted to compare notes. Do you people ever really read the episode descriptions anyway, or do you just play ’em?

Oh yeah, I’m supposed give you the link to this video of Chris Derpin doing a double take on the Red Carpet premier of Twin Peaks to see if any Paparazzi are snapping photos of him:

For Sounds of Marshabaloosh this week, we have a first time pick from David Cole, who presents a song by James “Bino” Lewis, an early guitarist for Ike and Tina Turner. The song featured is called “All the Above”, a pretty gnarly piece of soul rock. I looked far and wide for a link to it online or for any other information on Bino, but I couldn’t find anything so if you like the song, I guess you should contact one of the Savage Hippies, and we’ll try to get you a copy of the CD.

David Cole did the amazingly intricate, yet outdated artwork, and the song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.

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