Savage Hippie Episode 45 – Two Jews, a Shiksa and a Cripple


Real creative title, eh? I bet you’re also wondering who “the cripple” is. Well, in a move that could possibly sabotage any chance he might have in working in the movie industry, my longtime friend and aspiring actor Scott Rosendall makes a guest appearance on the Savage Hippie podcast. And in case you’re wondering, he really DOES use a wheelchair to get around. It’s not some sort of artistic statement or Social Justice message, symbolizing his place of privilege in society as a straight, white, oppressive male.



In other news, remember how Ann Sterzinger and I came to the conclusion that universal suffrage doesn’t work and how people should be tested to see if they qualify to vote because too many low IQ people on welfare only vote for their own benefit rather than on the “best ideas in the market place of ideas” or how too many people vote with their feels, rather than the facts? Also, remember how we said we could remedy this to a degree by giving more votes to people who pay more in taxes and own property, while taking the vote away from people who are on welfare? Well apparently David Cole considers this an “indefensible position.” He ACTUALLY believes in one man/one vote.

In other news, remember how Ann Sterzinger and I believe that deporting millions of illegal immigrants to desaturate the labor pool would turn low paying jobs that “only Mexicans will do” into high paying jobs that anyone would do? Well, I guess David doesn’t feel that way either.

Tune in to hear us argue about it!

Also, tune in to hear Ann discuss the French election in which Le Pen has to win in order for France to not be eaten alive by Muslims, the May Day riots in France, the police officer that was immolated and the skewed way with which the leftist French media covers it.

Oh, and Scott does his best David Irving impression even though he still has no idea who he is.


For Sounds of Marshabaloosh this week we feature one of my all time favorite bands, Unsane, and their song “Alleged” from their 1995 album Scattered, Smothered & Covered. It was released on one of my favorite labels, Amphetamine Reptile, and was recently reissued on vinyl. It’s heavy and angry sounding and guitarist/singer Chris Spencer shouts at you. It also has a cool music video.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and some asshole took all the photos.

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