Savage Hippie Episode 41 – Did Trump Go Neocon, or Is He a Crackhead?


Oy vey, we recorded this episode the night before Trump sent 60 Tomahawks to Syria, ending up killing six people. And while you’d have to wonder how HARD one would have to chuck such primitive, Native American weaponry in order to have them ALL land in the Middle East, let alone with the precision to kill six—

How can I laugh at a time like this? This wasn’t part of the plan! Trump was supposed to be the peace guy! All the accusations of sexism, racism, Islamophobia and whatever else leftists threw at him would be rendered meaningless had he not gone and done the one thing that we said Clinton would do. Granted she would have done it on the first day of her Presidency had she won, but that’s beside the point.

Our little podcast seems a little antiquated now that David humorously dismissed the notion that Steve Bannon’s being removed from the security council was ANY indication that Trump was gearing up for some strategery. I made the point that it seemed just a little ominous that a publication like the National Review had published a pro-Donald Trump article. Ann pointed out that to say that it might make Trump a neocon if he’s being praised by National Review is the same logic that leftists used when they called Trump “literally Hitler” just because he was being praised by David Duke. And logically she is 100% correct.

HOWEVER, in spite not agreeing with David Duke’s paranoid, “Jew in my sandwich” and blatantly white supremacist world view, I otherwise agree with, well, the OTHER stuff that he advocates, like closed borders and being against affirmative action; and chances are that, if you’re a libertarian, paleoconservative or AltRighter, you do as well. But I DO NOT agree with neocons and their nation building and attempting to democratize the undemocratizable. So, if a rag like National Review is PRAISING Trump, there might be reason to believe that he’s doing something WRONG.


But, ya know what? I still agree with all the stuff he’s done domestically, and a couple of people have given relatively reasonable explanations for why he chucked tomahawks at Syria. So, I don’t have to drink myself to death yet.

David leaves after about 35 minutes, so if you only listen to the show for him, TOO FUCKING BAD. Ann and I talk about our high school bands, leftist punk rock indoctrination, shitty modern art, pay gaps, that Muslim kid who got into Stanford for writing #blacklivesmatter a hundred times on his application and that awesome Daily Stormer article that says women are your property and deserve no rights.

Oh, and of course we introduce our audience to BJ the Messenger and his classic “Crackhead”, which was performed on the cable access show Stairway to Stardom.

For Sounds of Marshabaloosh, we have the classic hardcore punk band the Nihilistics and their song “Drop Dead, Fuck Off, Leave Me Alone” from their 1992 album Fuck Guns & Roses, What About the Nihilistics. You can listen to this rippin’ jam here.

I created the art. It was inspired by David’s new career as a Hindenburg revisionist.

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