Sounds of Marshabaloosh Episode 2 – Robert Willis: Punk Rock Drill Sergeant


I actually have to thank Ann Sterzinger for hipping me to Robert Willis, who bills himself as “the original punk right-wing millennial” on his awesome website Even though, ahem, I AM the “punks for Trump” guy, so maybe we can have a little sparring match and see who’s the REAL original punk rock millennial. And of course by “sparring match”, I just mean an autistic, “who can name more old punk bands” pissing contest.

Anyway, I contacted Willis, and it turns out he sings for Lions Write History, sang for Signs of Hope, and runs his label, Detonate records. If you’ve got more than a cursory knowledge of punk rock, then you know that, as a general tag, it’s pretty broad. Willis’ punk rock “roots” are rather different from mine, with his being part of the “Youth Crew” revival of the early 00s – listen to interview if you want to know what that is, jackass – while I’m more into the old timey, spikey haired, leather jacket wearing bands – ya know, like the Pork Dukes and Joe Cool and Killers.

I must give Robert an ENORMOUS thank you for putting up with me. We basically recorded this interview twice, but the first time Robert came in all echo-y, so we did it again; only this time I was moving onto my fourth cup of vodka, and well, I fancied myself a comedian and asked some REALLY stupid questions. Thankfully Robert had a sense of humor about all of this – I mean, after all, it’s the left that have forgotten how to laugh – and I got some good quality stuff out of the interview.

We of course discuss Signs of Hope, Lions Write History and Detonate Records, along with our political views in general and how they relate to the “scene” as a whole (what scene?), and Robert tells probably one of the creepiest tour stories EVER.

Check out Robert’s Blog for political stuff.

Check out Detonate Records to hear some brutal tunes.

Songs played on the podcast:

“No More Talk” by Lions Write History

“Better Ways” by Signs of Hope

“Anchors” by Lions Write History

“In a World of Assholes” by Heavy Hearted

“Reproduction of Rage” by Human Slaughter

Sounds of Marshabaloosh theme by John Shade Vick

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