Savage Hippie Episode 38 – We Could All Use a Good Purging Every Now and Then


Pffft… I just don’t know… I shouldn’t talk about it, but I guess I’m gonna because I don’t have anything else to write here. I guess the rule of thumb is that, when someone says, “I’m comfortable with MY manhood”, that’s probably a good sign that this person is not comfortable with his manhood. And it’s a trip that this person, who wants to call you a basement dwelling loser that can’t get laid, realizes that you and he have stuck your penises inside the same gurl; not at the same time of course.

He, of course, did it more often than I did because he was in a dedicated relationship with her. But apparently, after their relationship ended, she married a woman. Ya know, went lesbo. Here’s the crazy thing though; whereas most lesbians look like overweight lumberjacks or effeminate businessmen, she actually LOOKS like a porn lesbian! I mean, an attractive female who swaps pussy juice with another lady; one who might or might not also be a porn lesbian. This essentially means that this marriage will end, and she’ll eventually be taking the dick again.

But my main point is that this guy, who called me a basement dwelling loser, told me that the Savage Hippies suck! How does he know? He’s never listened to us! He’s never listened to Ann Sterzinger and her antisocial musings or David Cole and his long winded, yet hilarious stories or me and my meandering drunken rants! Is it intuition?

This episode can be divided into three parts.

The first part was recorded last Saturday and features only me and David. In it we talk about the block on the Trump travel ban, the all American cuisine known as poi, how much Michael Showalter sucks, the death of comedy due to political correctness and how John Waters and Louis Armstrong are the uncle Toms for their respective groups.

The second part is the Sounds of Marshabaloosh segment, in which I interview Robert Willis, the owner of Detonate Records and singer for the fine hardcore/heavy rock band Lions Write History. We showcase their song “No More Talk”, which you can listen to here.

And, wrapping it up is a two week old recording in which Ann and I constantly make references to the “deep state” and talk about how Ann developed her hatred for welfare recipients. Or as one of our listeners said several month ago, we talk about some gay punk rock bands.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and David Cole actually did the art this time; inspired by a still from Samuel Fuller’s 1949 classic I Shot Jesse James.

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