Savage Hippie Episode 37 – I’m Disabled, and I’m a Republican


Why do I even bother writing this shit? Does anyone ever read it anyway? Do you, the reader, even care? Or do you just push the play button and whatever happens happens? It’s been two weeks since Ann Sterzinger, David Cole and I got together for a chat. The story is that Ann and I recorded two hours of material, half of which is usable, half of which turned out echo-ey, none of which was with David. The hour which Ann and I recorded will be used later; possibly tacked onto a followup episode this week since David has more free time and is desperately trying to waste it with me. This new material was recorded after I came back from New Orleans, the disappointment of which I briefly discuss in the episode.

In addition to that, we talk about Gavin McInnes’ reaction to his trip to Israel, old horror movies, David buying elevator shoes, about the future of Israel, our plan to become the crusaders for the disabled in Hollywood, Henry Winkler’s original catch word before he switched to “eyyy!!!, and, of course, Ann peeing. I’m sure there are other things we talk about, but I care not to go back and list them.

Okay FINE, we also talk about how I ACTUALLY, 100% NOT JOKINGLY mistook Steven King, the Congressman, with Stephen King, the writer, if only because I refuse to believe that people can exist who pronounce the “ph” in “Stephen” with a “v” sound. So, YEAH, LAFF IT UP, ASSHOLES!!! I DO THIS ALL FOR YOU!!!

This week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh features the song “Secret Agent Rat” by the band Crystal Fairy, a collaboration between guitarist/singer/songwriter King Buzzo, drummer Dale Crover (both from the Melvins), bassist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (from At the Drive-In) and the super cute Teri Gender Bender, who wears sexy crimson all the time and is from Guadalajara, on vocals (she sings for Le Butcherettes).  They sound like a 90s riot grrrl band with King Buzzo supplying the heavy riffs. Listen to “Secret Agent Rat” here.

The song at the end is predictably “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles. The Photoshop art was done by Clayton V, but I added all the movie stuff since I’ve been watching a lot of fantasy adventure movies with oiled down men in sandals.

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