Savage Hippie Episode 35 1/2 – The Time David Sent 200 Hippies to a Man’s House Without Telling Him


In this ultra-hyper, super special edition of the Savage Hippie podcast, David Cole a.k.a. David Stein tells the tragicomic and 100% true story of how he sent 200 hippies to a man’s house without telling him. And what a story it is; while most of David’s stories are full of long-winded details, in which he makes sure to not only tell you that the man he ran into was walking a dog, but that that dog had a puffy tail and emitted a curious smell, in this case, every single detail counts! And there are even some that do not count! But, oh, why spoil David’s mea culpa – SEE DAVID!!! I KNOW SMART SHIT THAT YOU BOOKLEARNED PEOPLE KNOW TOO!!! –  in the form of a drunkenly drafted paragraph of “copy”, when you can listen to it yourself?

“But, hawt damn, Cletus, his story is 80 minutes long? Are you trying to tell me it takes this here Jewish fella 80 minutes to tell some story about how he sent some hippies to a man’s house? Don’t tell me he does it in that old-timey, Shakespeare kinda talk!”

No, no… though the story IS rather long (winded?), we then spend another 30 minutes filling the air with other crap; we talk about Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, we propose an idea for a buddy comedy where Milo Yianoppoulos and Anthony Weiner go on a road trip and become unlikely buddies in their quest to retrieve their lovers from Slavic bad guys; and then, in answering a fan question, David tells ANOTHER interesting story, the one about how he was on the Morton Downey, Jr. show, which leads into some, ahem,rather inappropriate laughter surrounding the fates of people who worked with Downey, Jr.’s associate Robert Chickering.

So grab your popcorn, a stiff drink and a good enema, because you’re in for a helluvan early 90s time warp, back before your fandangled email, texting and smart phone allowed you to become to a mindless consumer, rather than active participant in the world you live in. That last sentence sounded INCREDIBLY preachy, didn’t it?

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and David did the brilliant artwork himself.

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