Savage Hippie Episode 31 – So Far, So Good… So DRUMPF!


We almost got it right this time. We almost did a proper Savage Hippie episode. All of the ingredients were there; the humor, the commentary, the insults, the hosts, the Sounds of Marshabaloosh segment, but there was one small, tiny, dinklage little factor… WE DID IT IN SHIFTS!!!

Sure, I COULD tell the fans that, during the first hour, David didn’t say a thing, but that would be LYING.  And I could just as easily say that, during the second hour, Ann kept her trap shut as well (not that I’d ever want her too, so don’t get any ideas, you sexist pig!), but that TOO would be a lying. Nope, in the first half of the episode, David simply wasn’t there, and in the second half, Ann wasn’t there either.  So what gives, eh? Why did you guys do it in shifts. After all, it’s EDWIN you can’t stand, not each other…

What is going on indeed? Is there trouble in paradise? Does Ann owe David for the blow they did off of the Karl Rove book? Does David owe Ann a better explanation for what happened during the Irish famine? Look, in the words of one of the members of Spinal Tap, it’s best to leave this one unsolved.

Speaking of Spinal Tap, FUCK YOU Rob Reiner.

In this episode, Ann and I spend the first half riffing on leftist lunacy and the NQ – “is it okay to punch a Nazi?”  Before you yell at me, we are NOT calling Richard Spencer a Nazi.  Also, we spend a good amount of time answering Jim Goad’s JQ’s from his Takimag article from years ago.  In the second half, David and I mainly talk about movies before shifting it to Trump and his feverishly writing executive order after executive order.

The band this week is Child Bite from Detroit with their song “Vermin Mentality”! Heavy ass noise sludge, with a singer who vaguely sounds like Jello Biafra and is signed to Phil Anselmo’s mighty Housecore label!  Check ’em out here!

Our sponsor this week is Aaron Clarey the mighty economist and asshole consultant whose consulting work you can check out at and his funny economics/politics blog and podcast can be found at Also check out many of his fine books including Bachelor Pad Economics, The Curse of the High IQ, Reconnaissance Man and Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major.

The closing song is of course “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and the artwork is by Clayton V.

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