SavageHippie Episode 28 –The Protocols of the Elders of Olestra


Originally I was going to title this episode “Multiculturalism for Thee, but Not When I Take a Pee”, but I figured that would too sophisticated of a title, and the Savage Hippie podcast is geared towards the man in the streets, the kind of guy who doesn’t look to read high brow philosophical statements and humor only understood by handful of university studied elites, but enjoys the football and the can of beer of after work.

Of course this is the type of man that Donald Trump appealed to, the type of man who isn’t thinking about overseas conflicts which the United States might or not have a vested interest in.  However it struck the Savage Hippies as profoundly funny when the so called White Nationalist contingent of Trump’s voting bloc were shocked when Trump took such pro-Israel stance in spite the fact that his very daughter is married to an Orthodox Jew, and that Trump has never once said a nasty thing about Jews.  As such the so called “JQ” has been on a lot of people’s minds lately; or more likely it hasn’t, and I just happen to notice a certain “contingent” for whom the JQ is ALWAYS on their minds.  Might OR might not have something to do with this David Cole Stein guy, I dunno…

Well, for THOSE people, hopefully David and I provided a few reasonable JA’s for some of your JQ’s because we spend a good portion of the show discussing this whole business with Obama giving the proverbial middle finger to Israel and what that means in the grand scheme of things; in the words of some guy sitting in a trailer park in the middle of flyover country, “Alex Jones and Pat Buchanan are ALSO part of the Zionist conspiracy? Fuck man!”  Ann doesn’t really have much to say on the matter other than advocating for joint Israeli/Japanese tentacle porn.

Elsewhere we discuss Thomas Sowell, the Robocop trilogy – and just so I don’t forget and get yelled at by David, click here for the most mind blowing thing you’ve ever seen ever (no, you’re going to have to click on it) – and my and David’s awesome movie/TV ideas.  For the viewers, which one do YOU think is the better idea: Fruit Cop or Gay Rocky?

Oh, and for the win, we discuss our religious views, which leads to Ann telling a really personal and traumatic story, which we exploit for your entertainment.  You’re welcome!

For this week’s Sounds of Marshabaloosh, we feature the space rock/psyche rock act Ruckzuck and their song “Sound Proof” (which is anything BUT!).  You can check that out at

Our sponsor is Aaron Clarey, for whom we spend lots of time talking about, but are not quite sure if we really delivered the message.  If you’re not satisfied with our long and stupid section about you, Aaron, I’ll personally send you a check for $5!  Get his books at and check his HILARIOUS podcast/blog at and get real, no bullshit financial advice at

Song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed”, and the art was done by lovely Vittoria Brooke Shaw at my male dictation, which she took without payment because patriarchy.

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