I Trolled the L.A. Times Today.

I trolled the L.A. Times while I was at work today.  Apparently claiming that Dylann Roof should be set free so he can feel shame and guilt for what he did, rather than putting him behind bars where he will be turned into a martyr for the racist cause and have his views shaped by the penal system, is not a view very many people share whether they are left, right or center.







And finally, when the joke got old, I brought it home, realizing how my idea probably wouldn’t work.


One thought on “I Trolled the L.A. Times Today.

  1. “…Why? He’s not an arsonist.”
    classic trolling!
    & your addition of exquisite subtleties, like the part about Obama’s 3rd term, but you suppose Clinton’s “a solid choice as well.”
    bravo! in a just society, trolling would be a full time job. more trolling, please:)

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