SavageHippie Episode 24 – Righteous Eugenics And Forced Miscegenation


Although we already get millions of listeners, in order to get a few million more, the Savage Hippie podcast is having its first contest.  That’s right; because we appreciate our listeners so much and aren’t just trying to bribe people to listen to us, Ann Sterzinger and David Cole are both giving away one copy each (generous, ain’t they?) of their books.  I don’t mean books that they just pulled off their book shelves; I’m talking books that THEY WROTE THEMSELVES by toiling for hours, tapping away on keys and creating sentences with words and punctuation marks!

Ann’s book is NVSQVAM (nowhere), a book that’s so damn commercial that she gave it a Latin name nobody can pronounce.  It’s also really depressing, so if you’re all about the lost dreams and pathos, and you want another reason to hate women, this one is for you!  In fact I review it here!  David’s book, Republican Party Animal, is his autobiography, in which he details his early career in Holocaust revisionism to his days of anonymously selling Holocaust documentaries to his “second life” as David Stein the GOP operative to his outing which, in some way, shape or form, has brought him to the Savage Hippie podcast, and will guarantee that he continues drinking.  I review his book as well!

Listen to the podcast to hear how you can win!

Hey, by the way, where the fuck WAS David?  You won’t find him on this episode!  Nooope, he just sorta went up in a puff of smoke like the drummer at the end of This Is Spinal Tap.  Thankfully he resurfaced the next day, and he and I recorded ANOTHER episode.

So, even though you don’t get David on this episode – and subsequently don’t get Ann on the NEXT one – you get TWO Savage Hippie episodes in about the same amount of days.  Happy?  You better be, asshole.

What’s really exciting is that Ann and I pretty much spend this entire episode answering questions.  In other words, the fans dictated the content.  We talk about Pizzagate; we give advice to young novelists; we compare Richard Spencer with Robert Spencer; I talk about my most nauseating sexual experience; and Ann reveals her eugenics and forced miscegenation agenda in thorough detail.

For the music lovers in da house, the song “T.F.U.M.” is by my friend Todd’s band Auslander, who take it back to the early 80s with some good ol’ fashioned Oi! punk.  You can listen to them at their bandcamp page.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by Yesticles, and I had Vittoria Brooke Shaw do the art because it’s cute when women attempt to do things.