SavageHippie Episode 23 – Ann’s Cat Gets the Shits


The Savage Hippie podcast is now the most successful radio show ever. Check out what some of our critics are saying about us!

“WOW!” – Larry David

“Ya know, it’s one of those things where it’s like you overhear a conversation between a group of drunk bigots in a bar, and you want to go over to their table, and tell them how what they’re saying is totally wrong and ignorant, but then you kinda giggle at some of the stuff they say, and then you feel REALLY bad about it!” – Jon Stewart

“Who ARE these sideshow Republicans? I’ll tell you what: that Ann girl they got on there… I don’t know if I’d want a woman like that marrying my son, but I’d be damned if I didn’t let her do my taxes!” – Rush Limbaugh

“The Savage Hippie podcast isn’t for everyone, but nothing in life really is.  Some people will definitely find it offensive, but you have to ask yourself ‘what’s more offensive: all of the violence and horror in this world or that three witty, young people are making fun of it?’ I give the two guys and gal my full approval and would gladly have them over for dinner any time!” – our one black listener

“How about a sprinkle of whimsy with your fascism souffle?  People also used to think black face was funny.” – some guy at The New Yorker or New York Times.

Anyway, David is back, and because he said that the one thing Julius Streicher has on me is that he’s an artist, well, I did the art, asshole.  Ann‘s cat was literally having a shitfit, and her internet kept going out, making her sound like a flickering hologram and I get all self righteous about how the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame will be a complete joke at least until they induct Hawkwind, the greatest band of all time.

The band featured in the Sounds of Marshabaloosh is called UXO, whose self-titled album, that was released on Reptilian records, is probably my favorite record this year.  Steve Austin and Chris Spencer, my two favorite guitarists from the last 25 years, teamed up and released an album of heavy, noisy sludge that most of our listeners will hate.  We play their song “Redlegs.”  Listen to it at

The closing song is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles.  I did the amazing artwork, assholes.

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