SavageHippie Episode 17 A – October Surprise! You Got Punked!


I was too lazy to write a caption for this week’s artwork, but I think it speaks for itself.  Not only is David surrounded by lovely ladies, one of whom is Ann, who decided to pose in a bikini because she understands that women get more attention when they’re wearing less, but my severed head is on a plate.  Of course, I still technically win this round since I had Clayton V put David’s likeness onto a Troma poster, bahahahahaha!!!

Anyway, if you thought this podcast  couldn’t get any more annoying, you’re dead wrong, bucko!  Well no, actually, we talk about how Julian Assange punked the Alt-Right, Trump supporters and shitlords of all type by claiming he had a “surprise” that would immediately end Clinton’s chances of becoming President.  What was the surprise?  A two hour long infomercial.  I was fortunate enough to complete miss said announcement, and even if I hadn’t, I’d have been a little suspicious of it being TWO FUCKING HOURS long.  I mean, if Assange had dirt on Clinton, I would assume he would have said, “and now for footage of Clinton plotting the Benghazi attack!”  I guess the trolls got trolled.

Then, after about 27 minutes of what could actually be called political discussion, in which we compare the Slavic immigration from a hundred years ago to the Latino one of today, we let the alcohol get the best of us, and the show devolves into the usual nonsense.  We discuss our sexual fetish for Guys and Dolls; I attempt to defend Penny Marshal, who I actually did find quite cute in her younger years; we make a bunch of tasteless Holocaust jokes;  we talk about how the liver is the strongest part of the body and could pretty much be used as a substitute for any organ; David goes on a rant about his poor book sales; I discuss the bands Warhorse and Captain Beyond in Rain Man-like detail as if anyone actualy gives a shit; and we introduce a NEW SEGMENT!!! It’s so exciting it warrants its own paragraph.

That’s right; the Savage Hippie Podcast has a new segment called “The Sounds of Marshabaloosh.”  What the fuck is Marshabaloosh?  It’s the evil deity that we made up a few podcasts ago that most certainly reminds you that your life and the universe has a guiding force… and it’s REALLY mean spirited and responsible for all of the pain in the world.  It’s also the name of our new musical promotion segment, where we play a song by a band to promote them.  This week’s song is “Know It All” by Chicago based punk-lite band, the Safes.

If you have a band you want to showcase, send us an MP3, and chances are we’ll play it, because we’re not very picky, and we have no taste.

As usual, the closing song is “The Diet Has Failed” by the Yesticles, and the artwork was done by master Photoshop auteur Clayton V.

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