Playlist 10/4/2016

Mayhem – Grand Declaration of War
Celtic Frost – Vanity/Nemesis
King Crimson – The ConstruKtion of Light
King Crimson – The Power to Believe
Pentagram – Curious Volume
King Diamond and Black Rose – 20 Years Ago-A Night of Rehearsals
Speed, Glue & Shinki – Speed, Glue & Shinki
Greenslade – Greenslade
Metallica – Master of Puppets

3 thoughts on “Playlist 10/4/2016

  1. Grand Declaration of War and Marseille 2000 are my fave Mayhem albums. I actually dig Maniac on vocals tho Dead, Messiah and Attilla are cool too. Maniac is just the symfo version of Mayhem. Celtic Frost.. i love Into The Pandemonium its so avant and progressive with the synth stuff. Call me frenchy. Also my 2nd fave CF album is Cold Lake. Why do people hate that LP?? Fuck em. Speed Glue & Shinki.. have both CDs.. dont like em… too primitive low brow noise rock without direction.

    • Is Marsaille 2000 a live album? Yeah, the lineup with Maniac and Blasphemer are my favorites. Either Grand Declaration of War or Chimera is my favorite Mayhem album, not sure. I don’t think Celtic Frost is very avante garde; their “covers” of “Heroes” and “Mexican Radio” are just crushing power chords with Tom Warrior belting out the lyrics to those songs, but keeping nothing else about ’em. I dunno… I prefer Celtic Frost to just be a primitive thrash band. I’ve never heard Cold Lake, but I like all of the other ones along with the Hellhammer demoesand the two Triptykon albums as well. I LOVE Speed, Glue & Shinki – but I pretty much like anything that’s from the late 60s/early 70s and is heavy prog, psychedelia or heavy rock/proto-metal.

      • Into The Pandemoneum stuff like One in Their Pride (synth key thrash and beats) and Tristesses De Lune (symphonic synth stuff) …. also the lyrics… Jade Serpent and I Wont Dance.. like elders of the Orient.. Cold Lake has some great thrash like Downtown Hanoi and Dance Sleazy. I have the two Triptykon CDs and the CD EP.. not huge on those.. myself.

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