SavageHippie Episode 16 – Richard Wolstencroft and the Rebels of the Alt-Right


I swear, if I had a time machine, I’d have Ann Sterzinger and David Cole take me back to the mid-90s, so I can hang with Ann in some attic where she puts together zines and then goes and buys issues of Jim Goad’s Answer Me! when it was just coming out, and then hang out with David as he records a revisionist Holocaust video onto a used video tape, stuffs it into an old, plastic video box that was discarded by some mom and pop video rental shop and sends it to bumfuck wherever USA.  Ah, sweet, sweet, slacker, 90s nostalgia…

Anyway, in this podcast, we interview Richard Wolstencroft, the independent filmmaker and head of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.  Actually, before that even happens, we talk for about 35 minutes about a variety of topics, which somehow pertain to how my old high school literature teacher, Mr. Walsh, blocked me after I called Islam an alien death cult.  You see, he was a 60s hippie whose mantra was “never trust anyone over 30”, but now he’s part of the establishment, yet he doesn’t think so, and his “question everything” attitude has turned into, “YOU’RE A BIGOT, ARRRGHGH!!!”  On top of that we discuss Ann’s work translating Archeofuturism by Guillaume Faye, a work that Walsh would enjoy, and then balk at after finding out what Faye’s political views are.  Then David tells another hilarious story from the revisionist days about a kidnapping plot gone awry before we get Wolstencroft on the horn.

For the next hour we discuss a variety of topics; Fascist intellectuals, our political views, the Trump/Clinton debate, the racial situation in the U.S., the contradictions within the Alt-Right and of course Wolstencroft’s attempt to show a David Irving documentary at the Melbourne Underground film festival.  David, Ann and I all took turns picking Wolstencroft’s brain – with me asking stupid questions about Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo and Lloyd Kaufman of Troma films and he and Cole talking almost nonstop for about 20 minutes about the purpose of Holocaust revisionism.

All in all, it was a mighty success, and it would be a pleasure and an honor to have Wolstencroft on again.

Closing song is “The Diet Has Failed” by Yesticles, and the art was done by master Clayton V.

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