SavageHippie Podcast Episode 15 A – Lena Dunham, Proud Boys and Gay Nazis


Well, the election is less than two months away; David Cole isn’t so confident that Trump is going to win, and his being a citizen of California, his vote REALLY won’t count.  Since I’m in the Midwest, my vote will, and if you think it’s going to anyone but Donald Trump, you’re on crack senior!  I mean, I’m the “Punks for Trump” guy, after all.  Ann Sterzinger, as far as I can tell, would rather have Trump than Clinton, but is too principled to vote for either, which is strange since women typically don’t have principles.

Before you go crying “sexist asshole!”, we actually have a whole discussion about this in the podcast, about how men ultimately have more intellectually stimulating conversations than women, and how the smart women, that is the women that don’t like other women, would rather hang out with the men.  Indeed, I mention how I joined Gavin McInnes’ Proudboys club, a men’s only, pro-West club for people who are Western Chauvinists, but not necessarily White Nationalists – I do have black friends and am :::ding ding ding::: not racist after all.  I also have to give up jerking off for a month, which is tough.  I can exercise, give up certain types of food and drinks, but when I see a 5’3″ Korean babe with wide hips and a big ass, well… I should be trying to have sex with this girl, rather than thinking about her while trying to fill my hand–

Anyway, enough about me and my jerking habits.  We discuss a WHOLE lot of stuff; the concerts Ann and I went to this weekend, the purpose of makeup, how much Ann hates Lena Dunham, our views about libertarians, some of my nauseating and tasteless humor and then the last part is just the most amazing story from David’s revisionist past, in which he went with Ernst Zundel to a supposed Nazi bunker only to discover… I’M NOT TELLING!!!

This is part A.  Part B has more of the same, but the really crazy thing about this episode is neither Ann nor David are DRUNK!!! Coupla tea-totaling pussies is what they are!  Oh sure Ann and David have alcohol related health problems and I should be discouraging them from drinking, but killing your liver and brain cells is FUN!!!

The closing track is “The Diet Has Failed” by Yesticles once again from Jay Best.  And, once again, thanks to Clayton V for his wonderful artwork… just kidding that picture is really us at our first meetup.

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