SavageHippie Podcast Episode 14 A – A Conspiracy of Cummies


First things first, last night I discovered that I had won a small victory against David Cole by knowing of the 1978 French zombie film, The Grapes of Death, which he had not known about.  If you think this is trivial, then you do not know David and his hardcore obsession with old, cult zombie films.  I win this round in the great pissing contest between the two Jews.

Secondly, if you notice something odd about our podcast, that it’s taken on a stronger, puritanical approach, this is because we had been listening to Common Filth, and decided that we had been going about life all wrong.  Ann Sterzinger found a more extreme solution for her salacious lifestyle.

Okay, we start making fun of Common Filth – take a listen for a minute to any one of his podcasts and you’ll know what he’s all about – and then, as per usual, I kick, beat, flog and torture the bones of a dead horse for 30 painful (HILARIOUS) minutes before we leave the cul-de-sac of stupidity and to heavier topics.

In fact, I name drop Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath AND Deep Purple—

We actually get into some heavy stuff here, especially considering Ann’s recent loss of a friend, as we discuss why people seem to ALWAYS be into their shtick, and can’t act like goddamn human beings.  We also discuss conspiracy theories in general and drop references to Adam Parfrey and Chip Smith and their dedication to free speech absolutism, before Ann goes on an angry, racist tirade against… the British!!!  I had to calm her down and remind her that British lives matter.  And, to be perfectly honest, I still go by the American mantra that French people suck.

We had the mics running extra long, and we were extra drunk, so, in typical fashion we got carried away and, if you had any questions that you sent us, sorry!!!  Seriously, sorry!!! We’re not dicks!!! We WILL answer your questions in the part b segment, and I’m sure your questions aren’t SOOO important that they can’t wait a FEW more days.

Also, just so you know, we record every Tuesday at 6 PM Pacific, 8 PM Central and 9 PM Eastern.  For those who were born with an extra chromosome, what that means is that we record from three different time zones on a Tuesday, so, if you have a question you’re dying to ask, and you want it answered when I release the podcast a couple days later, figure out what time that is in YOUR time zone.  See, in spite being right wingers, we DO believe that the Earth is round, and as a result of the Earth’s position relative to the sun, there are DIFFERENT time zones.  So, if you’re like, “duh, how can they record from three different times?!  That’s like some science fiction shit!”, Ann is a Dr. Who fan, so ask her.

The song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by Yesticles.  Thanks, listeners, you’re the best!

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