SavageHippie Podcast Episode 13 B – Get To The F@&#ing POINT!!!


Without a doubt, Episode 13 B is our most annoying podcast for both participants and listener alike.  What was intended to be a fun afterthought to the rather dour Episode 13 A, in which David talks about former Friends of Abe member Goombah Romano and what effects his outing had on his family before making some, shall we say, dark statements about what he would like to see happen to him along with the other people who outed him, Ann and I had intended to record about a half hour’s worth of fun material.

Instead we got to yackin’ and things turned serious again, but then our stupid recording technology stopped working prematurely, and we only caught 20 or so minutes of us talking about (what else) Nazi films and Thomas Sowell.  So, we agreed to try recording again the following Saturday.  It just so happens that, in that time, Matt Forney of The Matt Forney Show PUT US ON THE FUCKING MAP when he said my attack on the Common Filth podcast/channel was dishonest.

So, we decided to switch our approach, respond to his claim and talk about what we see as people from the Pick Up Artist community fiercely swinging the pendulum of their “dump ‘n’ dump” lifestyle in what we see as the puritanical Common Filth direction.

Of course, by the time we ACTUALLY get to the topic about 45 minutes in, we interrupt ourselves and each other about fifty times beforehand to talk about a whole bunch of other stuff, including how we needed to hurry up so I could go see Slayer with Anthrax and Death Angel (I missed Death Angel), how much we love the Replacements, how Ann’s former roommate, who bought heroin in order to have the courage to hang himself, left behind a Death (not Death Angel) t-shirt as a consolation prize and the Alfred Hitchcock film Vertigo.  On top of that, the call kept dropping.  I’m sure if you’re smart, you’ll figure out where.  Also, in some spots the editing is a little rough.  Deal with it or pay us for professionalism!

Overall we feel this episode should leave people with a good feeling since we drop the “shtick”, and Ann delivers a heartfelt and life affirming message at the end, but we also feel that some might see our sappy, pro-romance message of moderation as going against their long held beliefs about the genders.  Sorry, but we refuse to be ideologues.

And, of course, the song at the end is “The Diet Has Failed” by Yesticles.

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