SavageHippie Podcast Episode 13 A – Gaba Gaba Gool, A Love Letter To Goombah Romano

me_ann_david_gor Ann Sterzinger was reduced to the role of Gorean slave girl, and was thus unavailable to record, leaving Episode 13 A of the Savage Hippie podcast to be a sausage fest in which David Cole and I discuss such topics as:

– Our experiences getting blazed on marijuana

– How big of a coward former Friends of Abe member and contributor to David’s outing Goombah Romano is

– How Michael Shermer could have mainstreamed Holocaust revisionism and, in so doing, put an end to denialism

– And the many, lovely things David Cole would do to the former Friends of Abe buddies who were responsible for his outing.

This particular episode takes on a rather dark tone, which Ann and I plan to lighten up when we release Savage Hippie Episode 13 B this weekend.

Once again, the closing number is “The Diet Has Failed” by Yesticles.

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