SavageHippie Podcast Episode 10 – Where’s the Money, Milo?

It started off like a normal episode of the SavageHippie podcast, where every one is drunk and barely coherent, except with Ann and I now using the Blue Yeti microphone, which resembles a giant, metal phallus.  So, even though we’re still not saying anything of value, you can at least hear us better.

But THEN, Ann stumbled upon a conspiracy when she admitted to giving $50 to the Milo fund that was supposed to go to help poor, white males go to college.  You see, Milo Yiannopoulos is the gay right winger who says, “I take NOTHING but black dicks up the ass, but I’m voting for Trump because he’s keeping the Muzzies out!”  Well, okay fine, except for the fact that, when people give you money that is supposed to be used to help other people, you’re actually supposed to use it to help other people.  At first we were concerned if talking about this was going to get us in trouble, but then we saw it here, and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Ann still wants her money, so if you want to send her $50, feel free to do so.

The rest of the podcast is a mish-mash of the crap we usually talk about.

Cole shows no love for Spike Lee, John Singleton or that new black director with the movie Kill Whitey, He Evil, which would have been used as an apology for last year’s Academy Awards debacle of not giving any awards to films with black people, had the director not gone and raped a woman in college – and not a white woman, so it can’t be considered social justice.

We talk about how Mitchell Boone, the script writer for Black Devil Doll was a bit cavalier with me in our original exchange (note: he responded with a follow up message and was much more congenial), David answers some question about Treblinka, I ask Ann if she’s the poor man’s Kathy Schaidle, we talk about the punk rawk and how it used to not be gay… oh and the three of us talk about starting our band, Sterzy and the Pussycucks!

Closing song is once again “The Diet Has Failed” by my friend Jay Best’s band, Yesticles.

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