SavageHippie Podcast Episode 8 – We Are Doomed! Exterminate!

In my eighth attempt at turning the Republican party into a mondo film, fellow alcoholics Ann Sterzinger and David Cole join me in mindlessly meandering from topic to topic with the hope that comedy or anything that makes sense at all will come out of it.  At some point, Ann’s skype started screwing up, and, since I’m a master editor and don’t want my listeners to get bored, I cut out some stuff.  If you notice, at about the hour and twenty mark, that the edits seem a little abrupt, that is why.

Look, if you want professional work, you better start paying professional dough!  This doesn’t happen for FREE, ya know?  In fact, we’re LOSING money because nobody’s buying the booze for us!  This is totally a “do it yourself” operation!  We’re not funded by the Koch Bros. the way the lefties are all funded by Soros!

Anyway, in this installment of the greatest podcast on the planet, you will hear David, Ann and I discuss Gandhi’s lack of sex drive, the author Kingsley Amis (google him, you philistine!), John Kasich’s mad crusade to get Fargo banned from his local video store, the great Holocaust revisionist bar fight, David dissing Dinesh D’souza during his Friends of Abe days, how Alternative Right figures should try to get their work published in India and my experience hanging outside the RNC.  I also learn a bit about Korean culture, and Ann spouts off like a Dalek.

“Sober me would not find this very funny.”  – Ann Sterzinger

Opening song: “Blood of the Kings” – Manowar
Closing song: “21st Century Schizoid Man” – King Crimson

Also please purchase a Punks for Trump shirt!  Only $15 including shipping.  Email me at edoslan(at)gmail(dot)com.

Ann got one!


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