I Was Interviewed by John Steele for His Channel

I was interviewed by John Steel for his channel.  No, that is not him in the picture with me; that is Mark “Barney” Greenway of Napalm Death.  If he happens to stumble upon this, he might not be too happy to be talking to such a staunch… well, whatever it is that I am.

Towards the end of the slideshow is me with former friend Nick, who, in spite his shaved head and Doc Martins, is no more of a “skinhead” than, I dunno, Trigglypuff?  That guy mooched off of me for years – whether it was for beers or rides to gigs – so I’m not exactly upset about not having him in my life.  Like your typical, easily triggered SJW, his reaction to my support for the Donald was similar to how a guy reacts when his girlfriend tells him she’s been knocked up.  Good riddance!

Anyway, this was a fun interview.  John Steele and I discuss a whole bunch of stuff; the effects of feminism on modern society, multiculturalism, my time hanging out at the RNC, meeting Milo, the brazen dishonesty of the mainstream media and of course what it means to be a Savage Hippie.

Please listen!

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