The Other Explanation For Hybristophilia/Stockholm Syndrome, etc.


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

GG Allin was a punkrock artist (scam artist, whichever you prefer) who was huge in the underground scenes from ~80s-90s. His antics & his violence were consistently excused by the usual pre-dominantly female whores because, in their eyes, his violence, rather, the symbolic violence of the vanguard party, were a ‘righteous’ violence in that his exhibitionism had some kind of purpose, albeit shock.
I’ve typed before of this stupid hippy culture, which is basically adoption of feminine traits.

I think this interesting theme that “masculinists” are exploring in the female whore psychology tends to oversimplify that behind the violence that female whores are attracted to, even among the so called anti-establishment anarchic punk-rock whores, is the fact that it may just signal power and dominance, but even much more so than that, I believe it is a major craving for novelty. I believe that the protection-provision factor is really the “beta”, if you will, interpretation, but the “alpha”, interpretation is just resonating megalomania, which we know females are. A cultural anthropologist, which I’m not promoting because she’s not that revolutionary or anything, Hellen Fisher, (Must I really search for citation in my collection. You should put faith to rational types instead of celebrity losers.) also expert on dating, has stated, from the typical humoring/indifferent point, that dating is not about honesty & rationalizing. It’s about novelty, excitement, &, of course, disgustingly, danger which can boost dopamine levels in the brain. You can give plenty of citations, & the feminists & related will still try to deflect & humor. Males know how abstractions work though. Citations are important to make reports stronger, however, you don’t need that “crutch” to validate every single thing. You can derive more truths from a given presentation; if one thing means this, then that also means such-&-such – making the connections. It’s called thinking. I read it a long time ago from an on-line article on dating with the tag Hellen Fisher. This explains exactly what the modern man has been pressured into. The importance of more abstract, philosophical thinking, & I will claim I’m more of a philosopher than an actual scientist, & philosophy comes before the science – you can’t have science without it “sparking” the science, I knew already before ’50 Shades Of Greed’ was a vastly popular series that that was the way females are. It’s actually a very unrealistic fantasy of the female mind & even a projection of how they actually are. The majority of males aren’t purely like that – bipolar, cunning mind-set, & histrionic. It’s females who are “macho,” often hidden. It’s only until after that series became extremely popular that scientists decided to do more research on study groups, but, again, from the philosophical, with maybe some shoddy, Platonic additives, abstract reasoning – connecting the axioms, I already knew that.

What originally triggered my anxiety disorder from teen to early 20s; I was struggling with this vague idea, then thought: “No, that can’t be true.” Afterwards I just gained depression & coped with it wrongly – bad chemical prescriptions, which is too impractical to type the whole process, which only made my anxiety disorder worse. The observers have mistaken the effect for causality, but the causality was actually such realizations & how I could steer/alienate myself from all the bad influences.

You have to understand it by the context of what violence means of it’s totality. Words have multiple definitions. Of course, not all of them are like that, so it doesn’t concern them, but the point is is that MOST of them are of some percentage from subtle, moderate, to extreme. Search for documentaries of G.G. Allin. That guy got females instantly. & I know directly by learning-from-experience because I was raised in stupid “Mtv.” loser culture. Many females are drawn to the phenomena of Stockholm syndrome, etc., simply for the cocaine-high. In fact, many women actually leave productive, logical males because they DON’T cause commotion.

There’s a reason why intelligent males are cautious of you dumb animals, & it’s because you keep perpetuating various versions of this ’50 Shades of Greed’ garbage. But how could you understand that if you’re not actually siding with intelligent ones? Just because you’re with a female who gives the surface-level notion that she’s cooperative with a more functional male, that does not mean that she isn’t waiting for Mr.-ex-convict to replace you.

So when I had my anxiety disorder due to many complications all influenced by the gynocentrism, in my teen years, I tried getting rid of it by fronting a music project. It was purely for psychiatric reasons, & once I had fixed my problem, I was going to do more important plans. The problem was I was actually trying to fix the problem the wrong way because putting myself in the disgusting “hippy”, whatever you want to call it, culture, which comprises of ~75% of people from age ~12-~40 of different versions, including “rap-ghetto-thug”, only contaminates because females basically own that. They call it “confidence”, but it’s really just obliviousness. The complete way of fixing the problem would’ve been if I had this knowledge when I was ~8 years old, then I could’ve saved myself a lot of trouble & what traitors claim to be learning-by-experience, which is really just an excuse to be like a woman – a nihilist going-with-the-flow. When you really think about it, who’s really the first one to promote & introduce to you these dumb, unproductive ideas of “Want to smoke pot”, etc.? A lot of times, it’s females, & they’ll also ostracize you if you don’t. I’ll even type majority.

It’s a combination of both a symbol of protection & provision, but also a major fundamental point is novelty. Sometimes the novelty is the only reason.
These acts themselves trigger some sort of recognition of power, dominance, hierarchy, yes, the very elements that these scene queens claim to stand against.
Think about it this way, when I was young and got a peek into the idiocy GG was doing on stage, would that have an equal significance among the punk-rock girls if the same obscene antics were being carried on by a seemingly less intimidating person with less muscle mass and bone density, or no status, less “exotic”symbols? Would the “purposeful,” “righteous” violence of a socially inept, un-stylish, as well as crippled individual in the scene render the same kind of attention and significance? It wouldn’t. It’d be dismissed or hold much less significance compared to GG. And that’s the point. Behind the violence & acting, it’s the females’ biological attraction to megalomania, no matter the social and political dogma, mainstream or otherwise.

I have been saying that for many years, which was only received by those types of idiots I used to associate with: “I disagree because it makes me feel bad for you”, “I’m going to interject for attention because it’s a vanity contest,” “I think you’re using a lot of words because you’re jealous of my ego,” etc.. & the same typical bully interpretation of “That’s a nice little critique/get a life” because they’re so fucking naive & traitorous. Same as the suburban hip-hop loser; “This fool coughs like a little bitch.” It’s really just the fact that they want to be naive.One person has stated to me when I gave him this info.: “I really don’t understand how you and others can divorce your emotions from all these rather troubling revelations.” To which I responded: you know, what I do is I just work it out by getting a tan, etc., & like get drunk at bars to speak at a woman’s level. No, but, jokes aside, I’ve actually treated these troubling revelations by trying to use freedom of speech in public, which is a really bad idea. If no oblivious males come to her rescue, she usually transfers that schooling as “flirting”, or thinks you’re just trying to be funny. We have to make sure that “masculinists” schools mostly males because they are the oblivious tools which females use. Females need male obliviousness for power. You eventually overcome the depression. You just get desensitized to it.

I’ve actually even been treated as a “threat” before & made to look like a bad-guy because I WASN’T participating in the contest.

To give a little history on the whole punk-rock/”Mtv” loser/poser culture who basically missappropriate an identity mark that doesn’t belong to them – being the archetypal “loner nerds”, etc., who get harassed by “bros”. Most of then are actually those “frat/jocks” in just a different uniform. G.G. Allin wasn’t anarcho. If you follow through this silly history lesson, there’s a pattern. He was punk-rock-`n-roll & some hardcore. Anarcho is another sub-genre of pseudo intellectual bands that claim a lot of politics – the type that a lot of these females claim to “believe” in, then when given the choice, they suck the cocks of G.G. Allin types.
I have seen & experienced this pattern so many fucking times; females have been following this trendy phase of entertaining the archetypal different Ian-Curtis/Joy Division & Nick Blinco of Rudimentary Peni interest, but the truth is is that they’d take ‘The Meatmen’. In fact, when I used to be unfortunately involved, I had my own different approach, & all those “jock”/”frat” idiots exploiting the identity that isn’t for them retaliated against me. The problem was that when I was infected by all that “poison”, I couldn’t articulate it well enough because the truth was all suppressed, & we all know who’s responsible for that, & I just became a clown.

So there’s the quick-fix someone would try to sell you – “Just earn a good amount of money & she’ll follow your lead”. You do that & you’ll likely get stabbed-in-the-back. Even if there isn’t a ~65%-~75% chance, there’s still ~50%. & after learning female psyche. for what it is, why would you want to be a servant to that & promote that way? This disgusting story needs to be given, even if it is isolated: This guy saved all this energy, time, planning, & money for cross-state meeting. She then cheated on him because “he put her on a pedestal.” & this was also another one of these “Mtv.” retards. She claimed to be a “mystic”, or something stupid because she heard a couple of rap songs about the illuminati, the mafia, whatever, & had some green hair. You get the idea. He obviously showed that he was capable of devising organizational skills, & all that – ruined. It’s really because his obviousness made him appear “weak” to her. “Oh, but that can’t be true because the new Aphex Twin song that they’re playing on the hot-dog shop.” Last I checked, she was actually with a guy who did put-her-on-a-pedestal, but I know she’s waiting for Mr. ’50 Shades Of Greed’ to replace him. It’s just their fluctuating identities & the fact that most of what females say isn’t even anything real. This fucking dumb whore thought that she had some kind of authority just because she had some tattoos, smoked marijuana, & belonged to the pathetic, bored, “yuppie” losers in “weirdo” costumes.

One thing I’ve learned from studying linguistics is that there’s a lot of patterns & versions of the same things, & you have to realize that all these smug, lame people confined to a related lifestyle, activity, or something particular, they really don’t have the-big-picture, & they frequently ruin the actual big-picture.

This is the basic pattern of various ways of terms to the arguments: “You’re boring, you’re a pussy”. Logic & the morality derived from it is “extremism”. “That’s just generalizing.” People haven’t learned this branch of mathematics called generalizing because they’re too preoccuppied (bad spelling) with the stuff I’ve repeated. They continue cycles. The ever desperately running out of deflections: “You copied-&-pasted”/”It’s fake.” It’s “fake” to them because they don’t even really do this learning-by-experience that they claim to do. It’s actually deflection by distraction. “Hysterical” – deflection by shaming – if you’re a male, “it’s always your fault.” “You got to learn to train women”. If you don’t do that, you’ll be a “whimp.” If you do do that, you’ll be a bad-guy, & that’s how they call authority for defending, which only proves a various version of the hybristophilia. From the outside-looking-in of those oblivious males, they think they’re being “heroes” because they’ve all been chasing this “confidence” thing – obliviousness. They have no idea, or close to no idea, of what’s really happening. The police who defend them when a male uses gives them real logic & morality are the biggest naive, little-kids there are. Most of what they know is paper work, the n.b.a finals, & taxes, etc..

To paraphrase Warren Farell: Even among rebels, artists, & punks, it’s the “alpha” (as much as I hate that concept because, like the word “hipster”, it barely has cohesion.) who gain acceptance.

This is just the tip-of-the-ice-berg.

Science gave birth to civilization. Philosophy gave birth to science. Art gave birth to philosophy, at least sometimes. They’re still stuck on that primordial pre-birth, if you will. There’s so much science hasn’t even popularized yet.

Of course, female sexuality is anti-intellectual. She wants you to be that “police officer who alarms her on 3:00 p.m. & uses excessive force on her for resisting arrest.”

I wouldn’t even be surprised that if this were to become more obvious, the “Mtv.” idiots, as I like to call them, would switch to saying “naaw really.” because of the feeling that it’s a challenge to their vanity. It doesn’t even really matter what you’re saying because they’ll incline to not like you for saying pretty much anything because it takes the focus away from them.
It’s all just an issue of them being addicted to entertainment. They argue, but not because they care about what’s right or wrong. The real motive is that they don’t want the good time to be ruined. Last time I made enemies because of all this, they pretended that it was about philosophy, but it was really just motivated by a territorial attitude. You couldn’t even make points because it was a “dick measuring contest” of what you’ve done because they’re still stuck & “contaminated” by femininity.

“No, it’s all fake because porn is too entertaining for this to be true.” No, it’s the reverse; Disney-Land & Mario-carts is fake.

Some might give you some elaborate or sophisticated sounding philosophy, like Sartre, or something like that, or they might give you some political points, but what does that directly have to do with natural psychology, sexology, science, etc.? You wouldn’t even be able of uttering the word sexology without them thinking you just contrived it.

You know exactly what I mean, you people with a lack of integrity. You’re the first ones to claim what I do is a “veil of semantics”, yet I’ve just made all these metaphors simplified for your level.

“You just can’t get laid.” No, there’s serious problems that have to be fixed, so I’m not just going to forget by seeking pleasure.

True, scientists are not conducting elaborate studies on the macro so that it could be taught in elementary school – the period it should be taught, but there is accumulating anecdotes that it’s obvious now of many versions. They’re not willing to accept anecdotes though because being an obvious & rational male makes you look “weak.” “You’re supposed to be an actor & competitor in the sports-tournament.”

People are not going to take me seriously because “It’s my fault” that females have a good way of masking – “that’s generalizing” (what partly caused evolution was the capability of noticing patterns & making general rules) – that they want, which they often don’t even realize themselves, an ex-convict Mafia-member & making noble males servants to their ill-integrity, infantile ways, & bad logic, etc.. They might claim: “that’s just some of the bad women”, but the truth is, whatever they claim, if they’re given the offer, they’d take the “ex mafia member who’s willing to go back.”

What really worries me though is that if there was a mass schooling for females, would be if they just changed-shape because that wouldn’t be good enough; it wouldn’t historically record enough.

Search: What Fifty Shades of Grey Readers Have In Common – Stefan Molyneux

2 thoughts on “The Other Explanation For Hybristophilia/Stockholm Syndrome, etc.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with hierarchy per se. I should’ve typed instead: These acts themselves trigger some sort of recognition of ruthlessness, anti-intellectual hierarchy, & even belligerent dominance. Yes, the very elements that these scene queens claim to stand against.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with hierarchy per se. I should’ve typed instead: These acts themselves trigger some sort of recognition of ruthlessness, , anti-intellectuall hierarchy, & even belligerent dominance. Yes, the very elements that these scene queens claim to stand against.

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