On Oxytocin & Stockholm Syndrome Of Context To What Is Problematic


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

Stockholm Syndrome is much more common with female nature. It’s basic. It’s elementary. Let us omit another typing of that. I also get sickening sensations in my chest occasionally when I think about sinister aspects of female psychology in conjunction to experiential learning do to some persona experiences which is much too impractical to type about, so I have to control it periodically. This is not what females & gynocentrists would call by deflection “emotional hysteria”, etc., to insinuate that I was too “incompetent” & that it was “my fault”. It’s actually physiological triggers – Conditioned Reflexes – Ivan Pavlov – standard psychology. There are misconceptions that I type from a complaining manner of how females desire success, (or displays of success) but that’s not actually what I do. In fact, without typing another whole long section of their hypergamy – greed & lack of integrity, that’s probably the only admirable trait about females, when it’s not a bad type of success, & their care for babies. The only occasional complaining in my philosophy & science is how females basically tainted me, such as giving me such conditioned reflexes, etc.. It’s become a very burdensome task for me to occupy, with only more ignominy from the gynocentric society & perpetual eluding, because females are mostly just observational, by females after they gave me these problems.
What is the purpose of typing the obvious of the following 2 paragraphs? It’s integral to the paragraphs afterwards. I repeat points because people tend to miss them.
Conventional scientists will politely call female psychology as “empathy”, but this is just amorality.
As a general rule, females are constantly waiting for the next better deal, as indicated in the literature pornography they masturbate to of ruthless psychopaths. They essentially weed, including when already involved with other males, to get to these positions inaccurately glamorized as an archetype of “elite” – “honorable”. It’s very unrealistic. Are they giving 6 children to “boring” accountants? Don’t believe in it when they state, it’s about opting for the best for the potential children. This is just an excuse for females to be greedy. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a better deal. It could just be some aggressive idiot implying sex.

Females don’t know how to socialize because of the very fact that they confine their mercurial interpretations to degrees of what they classify & waver as simplistically alternating back-&-forth of positive-or-negative expressions (possibly occasional neutral). The idea that you can discern how worthy a male is by his apparent confidence is not definite. It’s a very ad hominem way of interpreting. It’s like how people make their professional life personal, & because of that interpretation, believe that a job title always defines who they are as a person. Females’ claim of worth of being “emotionally stronger” & sexually stronger, implicitly, makes a mental codification of falsities & ad hominems of other males. They really are just the sex, mostly.

Either subconsciously or not, this euphoric, confidence-producing cocktail of oxytocin that most of society drives itself to is also what causes much vindication of feminine n.l.p. level of expression & collectivism. Essentially, a culture of immature-kids greedy for gold but not knowing how to manage it. I have heard from social psychologists a long time ago describe this aspect of feminine collectivism as the “gold fish in the bowl” principle; meaning: the brightest gold fish in the bowl attains sex from another female fish, then other female fish automatically want to have sex with that goldfish because of the fact that those other female gold fish see that he has attained sex. It’s astounding how this zoological axiom can describe the juvenile feminine level of n.l.p.. It happens frequently; females observe the newly acquired confidence a male gains when sexually involved, then desire that male or impinge themselves – more drama. It’s also in reverse when one or a few female peers don’t like a potential male partner, all or most of them won’t like him then. Taste replaces what they should do. I’ve had some strategies ruined this way due to what was likely jealousy when I’ve approached females, maintaining my focus on one female with no regard to feelings of exclusion. I’ve been involved with females simply for connections & nothing else & it was already well established that the association was purely for connections, then when I had an extremely attractive companion, they all of a sudden got jealous that she was getting attention from me, even though these other females had no sexual interest with me, then resorted to a passive aggressive maneuver of trying to embarrass me in front of that companion because the female associates felt excluded. They easily feel excluded & have very little respect for others’ stations; “So this guy at work today rubbed his elbow on my shoulder for 1.5 sec., so I’m going to gossip about it for 3 hrs..” “That’s cuz you aint alpha, bro.” I guess I’m not alpha because I don’t deal with the tasks of un-productivity.

Those who do not have true standards for quality imply something to the affect of: “Well, why aren’t you doing it like everyone else/you need to get laid”, etc.. The gynocentric communities is basically that. Many of them internalize frustration, rather than accepting the root of their frustration – gynocentrism & female nature, they internalize this & instead attack other males as “fags”, “virgins”, etc., especially to other males who aren’t amused or impressed, or other males who, yes, have a passionate sexuality, but still favors higher pursuits firstly, such as science & philosophy. The latter is a completely alien concept to them because they’re still functioning on the “libido”.

I understand the biological probabilism, but both nature-&-nurture are a part of realism. We’ve been influenced & bombarded by the masses that we should necessarily seek these archetypal super-model types who are ego driven to make themselves believe the delusion that they are exceptional, yet they’re really not accomplishing anything. We’ve been raised to a large extant by the narcissistic culture, proclaiming that their way is the best & main way. After experimenting, I’ve concluded that the extra effeminate type is ideally much more controllable with myself. It’s a problem when the culture has “molested” us into thinking that what we don’t actually want is what we want – the “alpha-bitch”, for a lack of a better description, with tons of opinions & excessive acts. Hyper effeminate females can display these traits as well unfortunately because females are more prone to trends. Could it be that these more masculine “alpha-bitches” have, because they take more precedents of a larger portion of society, inculcated excessive notions – competing with her extra nonsense – of what it is to be an “alpha” male? I think most males, alpha or not, would much rather opt for a hyper effeminate female with “no personality”, for a lack of a better description.
I’m not trying to type to you that you should pursue serious relationships with females per se. Although I’d like it, with what is true about female nature & the way the system truly is, there’s just so many “land-mines”. I am not in agreement of what deflective people, especially females, would try to emphasize that it’s always “you’re fault/ “you deserve to be ruined if you’re worthless” as a tactic to oppress the science & philosophy. What I am typing is that you can apply knowledge to your control in the “chess-game” & minimize how you would normally have to alter yourself to the point of savage vernacularity or high-strung lunacy.
I will admit, as much as this reads as a dick-measuring-contest, no, I’m typing about science, & excluding for this particular article the neuroscientific axioms in regards to sex, I’m not a super, hyper masculine male in biological terms, such as very thick & boxy lower jaw, etc.. I’m pretty masculine, but not hyper-masculine. Therefore, with that realization in conjunction to knowledge, I know that, referential of hormones, I would not want a female who is more masculine or equal to what I am. I know that extra effeminate females – females that are ~4.8 ft., etc., tall, timid, & are mesmerized by males that give them attention – are a much better option. These types of females also tend to have tighter vaginas. This is a better strategy for hyper masculine males as well because such females are just easier to associate with. Why conquer a “giraffe” when you can get a “bunny”  that is less combative? This is not every female. It’s a specific type. However, since this fact of extra effeminate females is a generality, if you happen to encounter a masculine female who also has such personality traits, you could possibly use that to your control.

Much too proud females, for example, who would do something like mediocre blogging on the internet are the exact type to stay away from. They give males false hope with their agreement of some objectivism, mediocre literary usage, & mixed with latency & scatterings. You think that you would want one like that, but you really wouldn’t. These super-model types pathetically glorify themselves because they, essentially, have an aspect of themselves that is not whole of feminine. The super-model types are the ones who are much more prone to predominate over your life & even ruin it – predominating by over inflating talent/inflated acts for a lack of real importance. Any one & everyone has talent. What is the validity of this talent nearly everyone over-fetishizes?

This is not pick-up-artist, etc., persuasion. This is more associated with Mark Rudolf’s: ‘How to Handle Women’.
The fact of Stockholm Syndrome more common with females is disgusting, however, you can use this aspect of female nature. Employ scientific experimentation. It works. It’s not difficult, only tedious. The more to poll, the greater the probability. It’s just mostly basic hormonal science. It’s, simplistically, an immediate demonstrable rote of her tiny height, lessened gossipy influence, really high pitch of voice, some extra passive receptivity – extra amount of oestrogen making them cooperate much more, but you must be alert 100% of the time & prescribe her by a ration-approach type of routine in a setting with much to chose from – malls, etc., of making her prove herself to you if she’s ready to randomly receive you without delay, she has reduced competition & suggestions from others, she’s mesmerized by you just coming to her, she doesn’t have fustian opinions, she’s receptive to your anecdotes, & she has no desire for her friends to estimate you. Try it for yourself if you doubt me. You’ll be able to verify it. You have to be sexual on a central level though because they’re mindlessness needs direction & they long to just be desired, & once you’ve given them amazing sex or pleasure, it’s easier to control them. If she’s not willing to try you, you don’t want to experiment with her anyway. Recurrently, I will reiterate: If you don’t believe, you will have the proof for yourself after a practice of an average of, depending on other occupations, 3 – 4 days, then you’ll be able to confirm. It requires rife approaching though with the wary psychology that if she’s not willing to quickly give to you or is too rigid, that’s a swift indication that you need to weed her away anyway. Males have a tendency to have more commitment – integrity, which unfortunately ruins male planning because females don’t have the same decency, so males should employ a different process. It’s all a process of you weeding swiftly & collecting rather than trying for longer weeks(+), & with bad parties of other males contending for females & other female peers opining what she should do. The procedure is that the male cultivates constant alertness & genius mind. She humbly cultivates sex appeal. It reads as immature, but it’s just rational. The other unavailing ways would be of you equal to her, &, of course, the typical traps. be Inovative or repeat like the others & perish.
In the beginning period, ignore her futile narrative by methodically “agreeing” to get what you what you want, then after you’ve gotten what you find is efficient, & she starts to interject her dictates or pronounced opinions, that is an indication that you might want to switch to other plans. You don’t owe her a trial. You can simply state: “for the sake of business, I have to dis-band from you”, or something like that. It’s all about being as in control as possible without letting her emotions, & especially your own, persuade you.
Don’t ever, ever entertain them. Once you do that, you’ve lowered your defenses. You must weed away to those that will perform for you. I know it reads as mythical, but the latter does exist. It only requires time.
Yes, females have a tendency to “suck” males into bad influences, which is why males have to be stern always. Knowledge first, then living.

They owe to us because we are naturally better than them in essentially all ways. There is no equality. Once she “breaks”, malfunctions, & her wildness starts even more so, rid her & switch.

As an intelligent male, always be 100% alert with what you do.

& Get your fucking disgusting gynocentrism out of my society that I fucking created. ♂

Search for article: (Yes, the more petite ones tend to be more passive aggressive, but it’s really easy to manage) ‘Tallness In Women Correlates With Masculine Ambitions’ from futurepundit-dot-com.

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