SavageHippie Podcast Episode 6 -Ann S.S.: She-Wolf of the AltRight

In my sixth podcast, I interview Ann Sterzinger, writer of books such as Girl Detectives, The Talkative Corpse and NVSQVAM (Nowhere), former writer and editor for websites such as Alternative Right and Takimag and current writer/editor of Right-On.  She’s currently working on a book for Feral House publishing, which, if you didn’t know, lands her on the plateau of transgressive hipster coolness, and she may look and dress like the Social Justice Warriors and feminists that gave us shit at the RNC for being Trump supporters because their small amygdalas caused them to be easily triggered, but Sterzinger is one bad ass, hard right broad.

I know what you’re thinking; but no, she is not the punk rock version of Ann Coulter.  Nah, she’s wittier, funnier and much more pleasant to listen to, coming off more like a female Jim Goad, having transferred from the snarky Generation X world of xeroxed zines and punk rock gigs to discover her soul lies on the right side of the isle; either that or, like most sane people, loathes welfare recipients, remembers a time when the kidz weren’t so damn sensitive and realizes Islam is an alien cult that has little in common with the values of the West.

We spend two hours discussing punk rock, Human Biodiversity, more punk rock, why people don’t read fiction anymore, even more punk rock, the hypocrisy of feminism and leftists and, of course, why Ann doesn’t own a “video playing machine.”

Also, word on the street is that she might become a regular contributor to my podcast.

Opening song: “Gimme Back My Bullets” by Weedeater
Closing song: “Lost and Found” by the Saints

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