SavageHippie Podcast Episode 5 – David Cole: Zombi Holocaust Revisionist

In my most epic podcast yet,  I had the pleasure of interviewing David Cole (a.k.a. David Stein), one of the weekly columnists at Takimag.  For those who don’t know who Cole/Stein is, he was the “infamous” Jewish Holocaust revisionist, who posited the notion that maybe two of the six identified death camps (did YOU know that there were six?) might not have actually been death camps, but work camps.  Sure, people were killed in those camps, but his theory, based upon physical evidence, is that two of the camps weren’t designed for the explicit purpose of killing people.

For his curiosity, Cole was derided as an evil, self hating Jew, when he is actually none of those things.  In fact he’s a self-admitted, pro-Israel Zionist.  After six years of revisionism, Irv Rubin, the head of the Jewish Defense League put a $25,000 hit on his life.  Cole recanted (or pretended to recant) his views in order to stay alive and went underground for a few years, selling both mainstream and revisionist Holocaust videos.

Then, when a few of his mainstream videos started getting popular, he emerged like the mighty groundhog under the new name of David Stein and was given reigns over the Friends of Abe, a Hollywood Republican fraternity, that was started by Gary Sinise. He hosted parties and hobnobbed with the who’s who of Republican celebrities – Clint Eastwood, Ann Coulter, Greg Gutfeld, you name ’em – until that fateful evening when his awful, cold-blooded, red head ex-girlfriend did him in.  Thanks to a little invention called youtube, she exposed Cole/Stein’s dirty, little secret, and, within 24 hours, his life, as he knew it, was over.  Nearly every one of his employment opportunities as a writer had dried up (save for Takimag, of course), and he became persona nongrata among the so called “respectable” conservative outlets like National Review, who talk a good game about freedom of speech, only to fire, ostracize and attempt to destroy writers who don’t tow the line.

He documents of all of this in his informative and entertaining autobiography, Republican Party Animal – you can read my review here.

We spent two awesome hours talking about the who/what/why of Holocaust revisionism, the Friends of Abe, some of his former Republican party peeps, how he converted from neoconservative to Alternative Right and, of course, ZOMBIE FILMS – and no, not The Walking Dead.  At very least, skip to the very end for a life affirming message.

You might hear something pouring; it’s me pouring a rum and diet Dr. Pepper drink.  I had such a blast doing this interview.  Thanks David, and hopefully we’ll get to speak again!

Opening song: “Death or Glory” by Holocaust
Closing song : “The Usurper” by Celtic Frost

Playlist 7/13/2016

Iggy and the Stooges – Raw Power
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Your Funeral… My Trial
Status Quo – Spare Parts
Status Quo – Hello!
Led Zeppelin – Presence
Funkadelic – America Eats Its Young
Whitesnake – Ready an’ Willing
Om – Pilgrimage
Karp – Self Titled LP
Converge – Jane Doe
Suicidal Tendencies – How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today
Faith No More – Sol Invictus
Darkthrone – Panzerfaust